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Avanti tells that Virat has to buy the Saree..Avanti tells that she cannot pay As she is poor..Virat asks how much is the money,,Avanti tells only 12 thousand..Virat tells his secretery to give..Virat secretery gives the money..Mahajan tells no need..But Virat says no need..Virat takes the Saree and gives to Avanti tells that to keep as gift..Avanti gets shocked..Virat goes..Mahajan tells Avanti to fold Saree..Avnati shouts and tells that its enough and she is tired of folding Saree’s ..Mahajan tells He will call Avanti’s mother..Avanti tells no need..And goes and Fold the saree..
Avanti tells that she is feeling hungry…Avanti talk to Vicky..and tells she is feeling hungry..Vicky tells that Avnati will not get food As mishra ate..Avanti tells she dont know anything about..Avanti tells that atleast If they put in matrimonial’s site then atleast money could be saved..Vicky shouts..Avanti asks what happened to vicky..Vicky tells nothing..Avanti tells she have some important work..Avanti asks everyone on the road If she saw any foreigner..Avanti asks a monk sitting where is that girl The monk gives the address to Avanti,,Avanti goes to the girl Scarlett’s house..
Avanti brings tobacco for Scarlett….Scarlett gets happy and eats..Avanti tells its her speciality..Avanti tells for tobacco she have to shift somewhere else..Scarlett asks where??Avanti tells she will know in sometime..Rajat tells his mother to bring food..His mother brings..Rajat tells that it is not tasty..She tells to keep a cook..Virat comes and listens..Virat tells Rajat that they will eat food dhabba,,Rajat goes..Virat tells to Rajat’s mother but she ignores..
Rajat and Virat eats at dhabba..Virat tells what Rajat that he remebered the days when they play cricket..Rajat says yes there were memorable days..Rajat and Virat laughs and eats the food…Virat tells one minute and goes..
Virat sees a boy Rahul..and Avanti…Virat goes and checks its tobacco..The boy Rahul tells sorry to Virat..Virat tells that he will tells to his father..Rahul runs..Virat tells Avanti that what she is doing??Virat tells that Avanti has become soo cheap For quick money doing anything.Selling Tobacco to this underage people..Virat tells Avanti type of girls are not good..Tj also standing..Virat says that TJ also act good But doing this type of things..Avanti shouts stop it..Avanti says that Virat know girls very much how come??Avanti tells why Virat become a silent hero.. Virat is quiet and thinks Something..Avanti pushes Virat..Virat tells Avanti never to do that..
Avanti shouts and tells Virat people do various things and earn money and she is poor she will do anything..Avanti she will do whatever she want..Virat tells that Avanti has to pay for it…Virat goes..Tj says that Virat has become a monster in Avanti’s life..And everytime he comes..Avanti tells Exactly..
Song goes on “Khudaaya ve”…Virat takes out a photograph from his Almirah and burns it…Avanti along with Scarlett comes to home…Avanti tells Simple to knod head whatever she tell..Avanti and Sacrlett goes inside the house..Tayaajii and Tayjii are sitting doing dinner..Avn=anti brings Scarlett..Avanti tells “Hello family” Avanti tells that she brought her new friend Saclett..Tayajii tells from where she brought??Avanti tells that Scarlett is studying in University and need home..Avanti tells Tayaaji not to take tension as she will suffer and face will be effected..Taayaji is quiet..Tayaaji sees Scarlett and feels shy..Avanti tells her mother that Scarlett dont have home and was staying in a hotel..Soo she brought here..Avanti tells her mother to see Scarlett’s face..Tayaaji tells to take Scarlett away as they will not let her stay..Tayaaji comes wearing a suit Everyone gets shocked..Tayaaji tells Scarlet not to feel shy and can stay here..Scarlett tells she know hindi Everyone is laughed..Avanti an
Next day at shop Avanti and Sacrlett are sitting at shop..Sacrlett teaches Avanti to fold the Saree..Mahajan asks who is she???Avanti goes and tells that Mahajan that scarlett is writing book on Banarsi sarees..Avanti tells that Mahajan’s shop name will come in the book also..Mahajan also will become popular as it is international magazine..Mahajan listens and get shappy..As customer’s comes Avanti shows Saree..Avanti tells to understand buisness Have to calculate properly..Avanti tells Mahajan that too much sale happened today..Mahajan tells that it is normal sale..Avanti about to take the register Mahajan tells noo..tells it off her work..Mahajan tells that Avanti is Sales girl and she have to remeber that..Avanti goes..Avanti tells herself that she will take registor anyhow..

precap::Mahajan tells Avanti’s mother that there was soo much loss in his shop and yestarday avanti was in his shop..Virat tells Mahajan that he will Assure that Avanti will not get any job

Update Credit to: Ansari

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