Million Dollar Girl 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti goes to a shop ..Mahajan(shopkeeper) tells that he is Bhansal’s daughter..Avanti tells yes..Mahajan tells that Avanti’s mother said that Avanti need a job.Avanti goes and sits..Mahajan tells to fold Saree Avanti tells that She can fold 4 sarees in one minute..Avanti tries to fold but fails..Mahajan tells that in one hour Avanti cannot fold four Saree..Two or three girl’s come and sees Saree and tells that they are not enjoying..Avanti tells not to enjoy and just buy Saree and go..The girls gets Angry tells that she has came for buying saree for her marriage..Mahajan tells to wait but she goes..Mahajan tells he will call Avanti’s mother and tells..Mahajan call But Avanti comes and cuts the call tells that she will not repeat the mistake..Kavya comes..Avanti’s mother tells kavya that may be mishra called..As he was telling about a guy name Rajiv who is good and well settled..Avanti gives Saree to the Shopkeeper..He shows the Saree to a women..The women tells there is no price tag..Women tells that she want reasonable rate..Shopkeeper tells it is real banarsi Saree and if they got any Saree like this type will give this saree free in the market,,,The women takes the Saree His husband tells that he is getting late..Avanti tells she will take the bill and pack..
Mishra ji comes and sits..Avanti’s mother tells that what jaiswal family said..Mishraji tells that jaiswal family agreed and as it is modern world Rajiv wanted to see kavya..After seeing engagement and marriage..Avanti’s mother tells that that Avanti’s father died before 6 months how can she agree for marriage..Mishraji says that this matrimonial is very good..
A girl takes pictures of all banaras…That girl looks like foreigner..Comes in the shop and Sees Avanti..Avanti cannot fold Saree..the girl helps Avanti to fold Saree..Avanti tells that now a days have to learn work from this foreigner ..And in few days Hindi also this foreigner will teach..The girl tells that she is like Avanti and studying in the college..The girls properly folds the Saree…Avanti is impressed..Avanti get s an idea..Tells the girl to become her assistant and teach her..The girl tells no..She tells that she is happy..Avanti tells If happy also do something important in life..The girls tells no and goes…Avanti tells that this is perfect girl..
Mishra tells Avanti’s mother that Rajiv is a very good guy and Kavya will be very happy in Rajiv’s house..Vicky comes to house..Vicky listens all..Vicky tells Avanti’s mother that Avanti want lunch..Avanti’ s mother tells to go in the room a nd ask Kavya..Vicky goes in the kitchen sees Kavya and smiles…Kavya asks what happened..Vicky tells nothing..Kavya asks what Mishra is telling to her mother..Vicky tells that Mishra is useless..Kavya tells that Vicky is small and dont no any other thing leaving dhaaba..Vicky tells that he is not small…Vicky get angry and goes..
Virat comes to shop and tells the Mahajan that he is introducing powerloom setup.. Mahajan tells that whole banaras is dependent on Handloom Saree’s..Virat tells that once mall is contructed and he become president then they will be profit..And the Saree will be popular in the whole banaras..Mahajan tells that but he can do his Shop will be in loss..Virat tells Mahajan not to be worry as he will help,,,Virat gets and about to go..Virat sees Avanti and stops..Virat tells Mahajan that new Stock is available in the shop..Mahajan tells that’s why the shop is famous..Virat tells Avanti that he desrves to be a sales girl..Virat tells he want to see the Saree…Avanti tells Virat not to act clever,,tells she will not even show “Fall” to Virat…Vairat tells MAhajan that Avanti is busy..MAhajan tells AVanti to show..Avanti shows different Saree..VIrat select different Saree..VIrat irritates Avanti..Avanti tells that for whom he is buying Saree..Avanti tells that from Virat’s face it looks that he does’nt have any girlfriend..Avanti tells that she is feeling Sorry for that girl..Virat sees Angrily..Virat select different Saree and tells to show..Virat irritates Avanti…Avanti thinks..Avanti takes a pink Saree and tear’s it…Avanti shouts and tells Mahajan that Virat damage the Saree and he have to buy the Saree now..Mahajan is shocked..

precap:Virat shouts at Avanti…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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