Million Dollar Girl 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti is quiet,,Zubair tells he will explain the graph..Mr Feroz tells Asks Avanti name of her college,,Avanti is quit..Mr feroz asks angrily Avanti did MBA???Avanti tells she didnt did MBA..Virat comes his home..Rajat bumps into Virat..Virat asks Rajat did She came???Rajat asks who???Middle class???Virat asks who middle class???Rajat laughs and tell working with Avanti Virat forgot all..Virat shouts and tells Rajat to shut up..
Mr feroz tells Zubair how he can hire illiterate people…,And tells Zubair how he can give job to such Uneducated people..Mr feroz tells that he will not invest.Mr Feroz goes…Virat comes and asks Zubair How was the Presentation…Zubair tells Virat to shut up..Zubair tells Avanti for her selfish motive lost companies benefit,,Zubair tells Avanti that How pathetic she is as she cannot convenience a person,,Zubair tells he is twenty four hour’s time for Avanti to bring Mr feroz back otherwise will be fire from Desi swag..Kavya sits…Vicky comes amd search Kavya..Vicky comes in the room..Vicky sees a diary..Kavya comes and asks where was he..Vicky tells he known Vicky and Kavya are love each other..Vicky tells he saw both in the market..Vicky tells before he would known that she love Ranvijay he would have not love Kavya..Kavya tells that Vicky it is not true..Vicky tells he will find himself..Kavya tells she will not tell Vicky..Vicky tells okay he is not less than a detective…Kavya goes..DJ talks with Bhuwan..DJ tells she miss BHuwan..DJ sings for Bhuwan..Bhuwan sleeps…DJ tells How Bhuwan is…At night Bhuwan,,DJ and Vicky sits at Ghat..Avanti cries and tells there are many problems in life,,Vicky tells Avanti did she remember that buy a video game Avanti tells yes..Vicky asks If Avanti is alright..Avanti cries and tells its not happening at all…Avanti tells a big mistake happened,,Avanti tells she gave presentation and Mr feroz didn’t liked it…Avanti tells that Zubair was soo angry If she didnt brought back Mr feroz then Zubair will kick her out of Office..DJ tells not to be worry everything will be alright..Vicky tells its okey…Virat comes and sits..DJ tells everytime why Virat follows them.. Avanti tries to beat Virat with bottle,,Virat holds Avanti’s hand..Avanti tells that because of his laptop his She is loosing her job..The laptop was stuck and Feroz gone..Virat tells Avanti is loosing the Job because of her stupidity.. VIrat tells Avanti thinks that she known all but she dont know anything thats her weakness,,,Avanti hugs Virat and tells “THANKYOU”,,,Avanti pulls Virat and tells to come office,,DJ tells what happened to Avanti is she is drunk!!Vicky tells may be..
Avanti tells they will find Feroz weakness then they can bring back Mr feroz…Avanti shows laptop to Virat,,Virat sees in the laptop and smiles..Avanti sleeps…Virat places his coat on Avanti…Virat sleeps..Avanti gets up….Avanti search in laptop and shouts “Virat”,,Virat gets up..VIrat asks what happened???Avanti tells to see…Avanti tells that because of Mr feroz plot many people death..So they have to increase the price of Plot..,,Avanti tells Virat to go and search some buyer’s for Mr feroz plot..Avanti search in the newspaper..Avanti tells Virat to call…Avanti tells Virat just to say on phone that they got the problem of their solution.Avanti and Virat sits in Mr feroz office,,Mr feroz comes and sit..Mr feroz tells that he is talking to them because they are solving the problem of real state..Avanti tells Mr feroz to sold the plot to a NGO..Feroz shouts at Avanti asks she is out of her mind..He tells that he did a great thing walking out of the office..Mr feroz shouts at Avanti to be out of the office,,Avanti tells she want only two minutes.Virat tells only two minutes….Avanti tells to save the reputation…he have to sold out the property to NGO after sometime people will forget what happened to worker’s…Avanti and Virat looks at each other..Mr feroz is confused..

Precap:::Zubair tells Avanti to become a coffee girl..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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