Million Dollar Girl 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DJ tells Bhuwan to Kiss her..Just one kiss..Bhuwan tells that there are in office..DJ tells just once…Bhuwan tells DJ feels bad hugging in market and in office he dont like to kiss Bhuwan tells to sit..DJ tells that Bhuwan is really boring..Avanti plays music..Avanti pushs DJ and tell lets dance..Virat pulls Avanti and tells no one wanted to dance with vanti but he is ready..Avanti asks did Virat known dance..Virat tells yes..Avanti and Virat dance…Virat touches Avanti’s hand romantically and open’s Avanti’s hair..Avanti and Virat looks at each other..Avanti sees Virat tattoo…Avanti asks what is “Y” mystery??She have seen missed call also..
Avanti asks what is the mystery of “Y”??Virat shouts at Avanti and tells How can she check his phone???..Zubair tells lets take a group picture..Everyone takes Group picture..Avanti smiles..Zubair tells everyone will take shots now..DJ vomits,,Bhuwan scolds DJ..Avanti tells DJ lets go..Secretary tells Virat that Zubair wanted to meet him..Avanti tells Virat that she will help in Presentation,,She will do anything…Virat tells Avanti to clean the floor before the presentation..Virat goes..Avanti tells she will clean Virat’s mind with Vaccum cleaner..Avanti sees Floor..Bhuwan and DJ goes…DJ tells only one kiss..Bhuwan tells why DJ drink If she cannot control..DJ sits..Bhuwan tells what DJ is doing…DJ tells she is asking for a small kiss…Dj tells Bhuwan is scolding her??Bhuwan tells he is sorry..DJ tells no..DJ tells that she is not pretty thats why Bhuwan is not kissing..DJ stares Bhuwan,,Bhuwan asks why DJ is seeing like this…DJ puts alchol on Bhuwan and runs..Bhuwan gets angry and then smiles..
Avanti cleans the Office..Avanti tells she will clean Virat’s table..Avanti sees presentation and tells that she is unable to understand and this Management students Everytime showoff their Degree..Avanti tells what to do..Avanti reads the book and make presentation..At night Virat sleeps..Virat sees someone missed call and gets shocked..Virat tells only she can call at this time..MR feroz comes at Zubair’s office..He tells that very curious to show the video..Virat shows teh presentation..Avanti tells that Virat is very perfect and she hve to show her magic.. Virat cough’s..Avanti gives water..Mr feroz asks Zubair asks IF there is no peon in the office..Virat tells People have to do the work wht they deserve and they do themselves their work..Virat tells thanks to Avanti..Avanti tells she is doing for Mr Feroz..Zubair tells next slide..Virat gets a message saying “s*xY OFFICE”…Virat gets shocked..Virat tells he have to go as there is some family emergency..Virat goes out of office…VIrat tells why she is doing like this…Zubair tells he will give the presentation..Virat comes..Avanti tells this is the chance to show what happened If Virat did MBA from Top college,,She have experience and will prove herself now.Avanti tells she will give the presentation..Zubair tells no As its Virat’s presentation..Zubair tells Avanti dont know..Avanti tells she have seen last day when cleaning..Zubair tells If Avanti did any mistake then it will no to be good..Avanti gives the presentation..Mr feroz gets happy..Ranvijay comes in Market..Kavya comes..Ranvijay asks why she wanted to meet??Kavya tells Ranvijay that Vicky is very sensitive andd not to tells baout past..Ranvijay tells its has been years for the past….Avanti tells this slide presentation is in next slide..Mr feroz asks what happened?Avanti tells that laptop has hanged up..Mr feroz tells to explain..Avanti is quiet..

precap::Mr feroz tells Zubair that he dont want to invest money..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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    Btw happy b’day mehak!
    See even TU gave u a suprise by changing d cover panel of MDG,SQ n IPKKND!As al r u favourite ones

  2. Thanks natasha!
    I knw that!thanks TU for changing d cover panel of my favourite shows!

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