Million Dollar Girl 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajat drinks..Alia’s brother tells Rajat to date Alia as he is better than Alia’s other boyfriends … anotherside Dj tells BHuwan why he evertime fights everytime..Dj tells that Bhuwan is soo boring..Everytime wear boring clothes..Bhuwan tells what DJ will take of shutting of her radio.Dj tells Dance….Bhuwan says noo..Dj tells please,,She tells ptherwise call everyone in the room..Bhuwan agrees,,Bhuwan stands tells what h ehave to do??Dj sjows how to dance…DJ and Bhuwan dance..Bhuwan catches DJ..Both gets close..Bhuwan and DJ kisses each other’s..Bhuwan feels suddenly and moves away..Dj tells she is very happy as her plan worked,,Bhuwan tells that it means DJ mixed tablet in his coldrink…Bhuwan gets angry and goes away,,Dj shouts to stop but he goes..
Ankit tries to get close to Alia..But Alia tells that she is not her type..Ankit goes..Avanti comes and tells sorry behalf of Ankit..Avanti tells that Ankit always blackmail her..Alia tells there is one way..Alia whispers some plan to Avanti..Both of them laugh…Alia takes Ankit in the room..Avanti records the video..Alia tells Ankit to take out his shirt..Ankit tells no..Alia pleases..Ankit takes out..Avanti gets happy..alia shows thumbs up to Avanti..alia goes but Ankit stops..Alia tells she will come in a minute,,Avanti and Alia hugs each other..
Virat searches for Avanti..Virat asks Vicky where Avanti..Vicky tells in the room..Virat tells Thankyou and goes..All are drunk..Ankit takes out his pant.and sleeps on bed..Virat goes in the room and gets shocked to see ankit,,Virat shouts and asks where is his clothes..Ankit picks up his clothes and gets out of room..Virat tells what Both sister and brother are doing here he dont know..Or may be he is drunk..Vicky tells kavya to sit..kavya sits..Avanti goes and call DJ..Dj tells that Bhuwan kissed her..Dj tells that Bhuwan left her and gone..Avanti tells let it be As sometime it happens..Avanti tells lets go home..Dj tells that Bhuwan is a very nice guy..Once he fall in love with her she will dump her..Avanti tells ok and tells lets go..Avanti tells Alia’s brother Ranvijay to drop her as Vicky is drunk..Ranvijay says ok..Virat comes nd tell he will drop..As Ranvijay is also drunk..Virat tells he is okey..Virat says Avanti is famous in Banaras for riding scooty..Virat tells one time police caught Avnti..Avanti tells keep quiet as she can go alone..Avanti along with Kavya..Vicky and DJ goes…Alia asks Virat where is Rajat..Virat tells that Rajat slept in his room..Alia gets happy..Vicky drives the car while Police stops in between and tells that all are drunk..Police locks up all of them in jail..Officer asks avanti what is her name..She tells her name is Avanti..Avanti calls Ranvijay but Virat picks up..Avanti tells that she need help and bail..Virat tells okey.. Alia goes in Rajat room and get close to him..Alia tells that she came because may be Rajat need company..Rajat tells to send Virat,,Alia tells that Virat is not at home and there is no one to disturb them..alia and Rajat gets close..Vicky tells Police officer to opena as he want to talk,,Virat comes and tells police officer he want to talk them once..He tells yes..Avanti tells what Virat is doing here?she tells that called Ranvijay..Virat tells that he came inspit eof Ranvijay..Virat tells he feel very happy seeing Avanti here,,tells that Avanti deserves this..Virat tells he want to see tommorrow Avanti loosing the competion from him..Avanti tells she dont want bail.,,DJ tells Avanti that if there family comes to known it will be a problem..Vicky tells Virat to help and and give bail..Virat tells he is not in mood..

precap:Bhuwan tells Avanti that ankit and Vicky have to be in jail till next morning..Dj’s parents slap DJ..While Avanti’s Taayajii scolds her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. I think ranvijay wil start liking avanti which wil make virat jelous and alia wil try to come close to rajat!
    Bhuwan might start feeling for dj and same shal happen with kavya n vicky

  2. Ya true natasha!
    Btw i likd todays epi!
    Bhuwan n dj kis was gud bt not as gud as d one virat n avanti did!

  3. Ya i knw!
    Ranvijay is nice!
    Epi is on a right track!
    I wish to see virat getting jelous with avanti n ranvijay n dj n bhuwan coming closer!

  4. Even i wish d same!
    Epi mast chal raha hai!

  5. Yes!superb track bt tmw epi mein drama les ho toh acha hai!

  6. Ha yar!

  7. 🙂 lets see

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