Million Dollar Girl 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti’s mother gets and asks If everything is fine,,Avanti tells she is okey,,Nextday Virat tells his secrtery that Without risk buisness cannot be longer..Virat tells he wanted to buy all shops..Avanti comes and throws paper paper on Virat’s paper,,Avanti tells that now she is the official owner of her shop,,VIrat tells that he dont know whom she standing infront of him,,Avanti tells he is telling as if whwhole universe is revolving around him,,TJ tells that Avanti is too late,,Avanti tells that he scolded alot to virat ,,TJ tells that she become Amitabh bachan infront of Virat but what will answer to her mom,,Avanti tells that her mother will be angry,,At home,,Avanti’s mother is crying tells that Virat has called them and said all She tells that now Avanti has crossed her alot of limits,,Avanti tells that she wanted to start the shop..Avanti’s mother and Kavya goes,,Avanti tells her mother to think about her point of view,,Avanti tells with buisness they can earn crores,,Avanti”s mother tells to do job like kavya and they will get fixed salary..Avanti tells that she cannot work under any boss..She wanted to setup her buisness,,Avanti’s mother tells that her father always tells that if he educated atleast would have done a job,,Avanti tells that her father was different and she is different,,Avanti tells that she will work very good,,and there will be no complaint,,Avanti’s mother tells that this time if anything goes wrong she will do case on Avanti and tells that Avanti took signed on paper’s with their permission..Avanti tells there will be no complain!!
Next day Avanti sees one shop is braked and crowd is gathered,,Avanti asks a person what happened??He tells that the shopkeeper refused to sell his shop to Virat Soo Virat broked hi shop,,Now the shopkeeper is ready to sell his shop,,Avanti listens and is quiet,,Virat comes and tells to take care of her shop as one day it will happened that her shop will also be break like this,,Avanti is spechless,,Virat goes,,,At virat’s home,,Rajat eats food while her mom serves..Virat comes sees her step mother and smiles,,Her step mother sees Virat and goes,,Rajat asks what about the investor’s..Virat tells that no need of all is finialized,,Rajat laughs and tells that If some one comes and construct mall there wil be a problem,,Virat tells not to worry as everything is fine,,Virat tells Rajat to do anything that will create problem,,Rajat smiles and tells okey,,Rajat sits to eat,,Virat goes,,Rajat calls newspaper office and tells tp publish the news they will get money in Sometime..Next morning Virat gets up excercise practises Martial arts,,take different moves..Virat drinks juice..and gets shocked to read news,,At ghat Vicky brings Lassi and kachoori..Avanti walks and tells how dare Virat Blackmailled her,,Vicky eats,,Avanti tells that she is worried how Vicky is eating,,Vicky tells that he is relieved person,,and not take tension,,Avanti tells she is in tension,,Avanti calls Vicky “cheap”,,Vicky tells daily Avanti has some tension,,Vicky tells one day he didnt helped and Avanti is calling her “cheap”,,Vicky goes and tells to TJ,,while TJ is busy listening music,,Avanti tells will become a buinesswomen and thousand of people like Virat will work under her.Avanti all will see,,.Vicky laughs seeing the news paper,,Avanti reads the newspaper and tells that Virat is investing 100 crores,,Avanti tells from where this much money will come to Virat,,Virat takes newspaper and throws at Rajat,,asks what is this???Rajat tells Virat to thankyou,,as because of his help they will be in profit,,Rajat tells all Inverstors come,,Virat tells it will have a bad effect,,Rajat tells Virat he is not having a small thinking like him,He will throw money and announce,,Virat shouts,,Rajat tells to shut up,,tells Virat is soo slow,,Rajat tells he dont want to listen his lecture tells to give somewere else,,Rajat tells that he can manage himself,,Rajat insults Virat,,and tells to get out of his room,,Virat is upset and cries,,

Precap::All people shout’s at Virat’s office,,Avanti asks loan at all banks But no one will give as she dont have exprience

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thnkz for the update,,Rajat and her mother treat very bad with Virat 🙁

  2. lol Vicky will be everytime eating

  3. Haan yaar they are treating him very bad…*sad face*….

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