Million Dollar Girl 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky’s father call vicky and tells that Vicky is not responsible..Kavya tells Vicky should be more responsible..Vicky tells her friend is in hospital and she should be responsible…Vicky tells Kavya to go…DJ throws all the things..Vicky comes and see…Vicky also throws all the things..DJ and Vicky sits…Vicky tells that he broked up with Kavya..DJ tells that she quit the job as she cannot handle a monster like Zubair..Vicky asks what about Bhuwan..DJ tells that she explain bhuwan alot but he is not understanding..
Vicky tells DJ to leave people like Bhuwan who does not understand them..DJ cries and tells that there should be someone who understand her and feelings..Vicky tells DJ he is there..Virat comes to Hospital and sees Avanti in Coma..Virat tells he is an idiot As Avanti feeled for him but he didnt said..Virat tells Avanti cracks alot of big deals but didnt said this…Virat tells Avanti to get up as he read all her diary and wanted to listen from her mouth..Virat tells “I LOVE YOU” to Avanti and kiss her forehead..Virat cries..DJ sits at Vicky dhaaba..DJ feels bore…DJ listens music and enjoys…Vicky sees and smiles…Vicky tells DJ to connect her music with Laptop as Everyone can enjoy…Vicky connects…Customer’s listens and tells that it is good..DJ tells that she want new speaker’s..Vicky tells he will bring..Bhuwan comes..BHuwan tells DJ that he wanted to talk DJ…DJ tells Sure…Virat sees Avanti…DOctor comes and asks Virat whom he is of Avanti…Friend or relative??VIrat tells that Avanti is his life..Virat sits in Zubair’s office..Zubair tells If no-one want to work his business will be no more,,.Zubair tells business will not work if Zubair is not sensitive..Zubair tells yes goes…Virat read Avanti’s diary “QUALITIES OF GOOD BOYFRIEND”..Virat reads that Avanti’s boyfriend should be a good cook,,Should respect elder’s..and love animals and soo on…DJ sits sees Avanti’s pictures and cries..Virat tells he is an idiot…Virat tells he will Fulfilled all avanti’s wishes..Virat tells he will do it for Avanti…Virat cooks and tells that ladies’s finger is burning..Ranvijay and Rajat comes in kitchen..Rajat tells that he will eat outside only as Virat may put poison…Ranvijay tells to forget,,,Vicky bring’s new speaker’s..Vicky play music…DJ tells its nice..DJ tells that If Avanti recovered then they will party here,,,Bhuwan comes..Bhuwan tells DJ that he changing his house..As near his apartment a house for available..Dj gets happy..Vicky tells DJ to stay here only..DJ tells Bhuwan that Vicky is right..DJ tells that here food is also free..and she is saving the money..Because of her Bhuwan needd not to change his house…Bhuwan hugs DJ and tells he is Proud of her..Vicky sees angrily…Virat cuts onion and prepare’s dinner..Song goes on background “PHIR LE AAYA DIL”…Virat puts a camera which records all..

Precap::Virat serves the food to Avanti’s Taayaji..Virat tells Avanti that he fulfilled Avanti’s one wish

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. am I dreaming dat virat is doing all this??? wooowwww

  2. 🙂 hmm, m too surprised to watch all ds

  3. Ansari plz update regularly.. U r not updating properly at all…where is 28th update?? If u can’t update then plz let someone else update it
    …and also update clearly plz

  4. Wow!!! Best epi ever!!!!

  5. Virat was awesome and acting!!!!!!

  6. pls provide 1st n 2nd june updates pls pls …..

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