Million Dollar Girl 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti sits in Virat’s diccky..Tj and Scarlett are shocked..Anotherside Avanti’s mother goes to market A motorcyle hits her..Avanti’s mother fall..Vicky comes and picks upp..Vicky tells not to worry as he is there..She tells that Evertime she pray that Avanti and kavya should had a brother..Vicky feels upset..Avanti’s mother tells to stay happy and goes..Vicky goes and tell God that
Anotherside Virat does meeting along with weaver’s tells that his factory is perfect..And no weaver will be ill As it is clean..Virat tells Bhuwan that no one will face any difficulty..One weaver tells that How to trust Virat,,And his father betrayed them..Virat tells not to worry and shows the documents..The weaver tells he cannot read,,
Avanti comes and shouts not to listen Virat he a fraud,,Avanti tells that Once Virat’s work is over he will throw all Weaver’s like garbage..Virat gets Angry holds Avanti’s hand and pushes outside the Room..One weaver’s mother tells that If his Son goes and work outside in factory who will help children,,Virat gets quiet…Another weaver’s wife tells to answer..Virat tells he will discuss and tells the solution..Bhuwan tells he will give one more day to think Virat thanks him,,Bhuwan tells that he is giving time because Virat thinked about the weaver and the scheme is very nice..Bhuwan tells One day time is enough to think,,Virat say yes,,
Avanti tells Weaver’s wife not trust Virat thakur as he is already a fraud..The women says that she dont know anything,,Avanti goes..Avanti sees Children and tells that if she impressed them then parents will automatically agree,,,Avanti tries to play the game but cannot play,,Avanti tells the children to agree their parents not to work with Virat,,One boy tells that Avanti cannot able to play how she can handle a shop,,Avanti tells the boy to go away..
Since it is Night Avanti is sitting near tree,,Virat comes along with Bhuwan,,Virat tells that Avanti is mad,,Virat goes..Bhuwan comes and tells that Avanti is wasting time playing game along with children,,Bhuwan tells that Children are intelligent and will not listen Avanti,,Avanti gets an idea,,She calls Vicky and tells to bring blackboard and chalkpeice along with books,,and to tell her mother that she is staying at DJ”s house..
Bhuwan is sleeping,,Avanti teaches the children A for Apple,,B for Ball,,C cat,,D for Dog,,Bhuwan gets up and gets shocked to see Avanti teaching,,,Avanti starts maths but all children goes..Except one girl,,Avanti asks what is her name,,The girl tells Rani,,Avanti tells what the girl wanted to become,,The girl tells she wanted to become like Virat thakur,,rich and famous,,Avanti tells that the girl thinking is same like her wanted to become rich,,But is small and dont no difference between Virat and her,,Bhuwan tells Avanti what she is doing..Bhuwan tells that he already said Avanti to leave the Village,,Avanti tells that she is teaching the children soo that they can learn something and in future should not work under people like Virat thakur..Rani’s parents comes and takes her,,Rani’s father tells that its waste of studying One can only become rich by their luck,,Bhuwan tells avanti to listen..Bhuwan tells its a waste of time and goes..Avanti sits near Vicky..Next morning Vicky comes Avanti’s house wearing coat and googles..Kavya gets shocked..Kavya tells that Vicky is looking very mature..Avanti takes Vicky in the room,,Vicky tells that Avanti got mad,,Avanti asks why,,Vicky tells that Avanti was selling Saree’s ,,underwear and now Cow’s food,,Avanti asks what????Vicky tells it is clearly written in Avanti’s shop that “Cow Food is Available”..Avanti gets shocked,,Avanti goes to her shop and sees some has sticked a poster written “cow food is available”…People are standing,,They tells Avanti to give the food,,Avanti walks but slips on Cow’s dung,,All laugh,,Virat,,Vicky and Scarlett,,Avanti feels Ashamed..

precap:Avanti tells she will teach a lesson to Virat ,,,Avanti throws Cow’s dung on Virat’s car

Update Credit to: Ansari

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