Million Dollar Girl 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells DJ that she left zubar’s job…Avanti tells DJ that she got an investment in hand…DJ tells that Avanti always dont get time from her buisness thatsAvanti tells DJ to give her ten thousand rupees she will give twenty thousand in next week,,Dj tells If she listen to avanti Everyome will become millionere..Avanti tells not to worry as she is working with High billionere people…Avanti says that she will invest the money in stocks and shares and Money will increase..Dj tells no thankyou..Avanti tells okey,,DJ stops and tells that she will give…Dj gives five thousand to avanti,,,Dj tells that that she will give next thousand asking her mom,,Avanti tells that DJ did a smart decision in her life…Virat goes nad meet Bhuwan…Virat tells that he has faced what Bhuwan is going through,,Virat tells there are many things are common in themselves,,That they can do anything for their families…Virat tells that he took some paper’s from Bhuwan’s home ,,Bhuwan gets angry and tells that Virat was that thief and stands up to beat,,,Virat tells to relax and sit…Virat tells that not to believe people easily.. Virat tells that there are some people who are not to be trusted At that difficult time have to balance…
Vicky comes to bank and tells Kavya that If paper’s are passes…kavya tells that Vicky’s dhaaba aper’s are not good condition,,She tells to go and Bring a CA,,,Vicky tells Kavya to help her Finding a CA,,Kavya tells Vicky to stop joking and go,,,Vicky goes..Avanti comes stops Vicky.. Virat tells Bhuwan that he have an good investment plan for him..As If he invest money it will increase..Bhuwan tells he is not intrested to invest..Bhuwan tells he is a lawyer and he knows very well where to invest!!!Virat tells thats Very good…Virat tells Bhuwan To stay away from people..Virat goes..Bhuwan goes and stops gives Virat three thousand…Bhuwan tells that he will aware of such poeple..
Anotherside Avanti goes and tells Vicky to give money,,Vicky refuses Vicky tells he has already took loan from Bank..And that too that Bank is not giving,,,Vicky tells that his is already tired running in hot sun,,Avanti tells that Vicky is not her friend As he dont trust her,,Bhuwan comes..Vicky sees and tells Bhuwan came to take loan??Bhuwan comes and tells thankyou to Vicky,,Vicky gets shocked and asks what???Bhuwan tells all the best and goes…Vicky asks Avanti whats the matter???Avanti tells all the best and goes…
Rajat and Ranvijay practise,,,Rajat asks Ranvijay when Alia is coming???Ranvijay tells will be coming in some time…Ranvijay tells that the truth that he ran and came from army,,,Ranvijay tells that he dont want to listen his father,,And want to do somthing in banaras…Rajat tells that Ranvijay is his childhood friend,,Rajat shouldnt hide anything,,,Ranvijay tells that Rajat is his brother,,Rajat gets upset..Ranvijay asks what happend?…Rajat tells that he remembered some old wounds..Ranvijay tells that Talk of devil and the devil is here,,,Virat comes and calls Rajat….Rajat ignore..Virat tells that he has an invest plan for Rajat,,,Rajat laughs,,,Rajat tells what zubair made him???Rajat tells that Virat was talking Big that will invest…Now what he is doing????Virat tells that he thought Rajat cares for him but he was wrong,,Virat goes…Rajat sees Virat….Avanti asks kavya for investment…Kavya tells that she will get her salary after three weeks,,,Kavya tells ask help from mother,,,Avanti tells that mother will beat her and tells to take from her savings,,,,Avanti tells she will talk later…Avanti tells that DJ is only one who truted her,,not her siter,,Virat tells what to do now now one is there to help him,,,Virat gets message of Zubair as time is up…Virat and Avanti goes in Office,,Zubair tells to keep the money at table…Avanti and Virat keeps…Zubair tells that Avanti spent whole life in Banaras but only two agreed,,One refused…Zubair tells that Mother and sister dont believe her..Tells that Avanti thinks herself “Tees Maar Khan”…But she is not…Zubair tells Virat owning the property forgot himself,,,zubair tells Virat to go and jump in water…As he dont have any friends,,,Zubair tells that he has given three hours and nothing they got and says that million dollar deal will be done..Zubair tells that Avanti brought more money…but she is not winner…tells that both won two rounds…But nobody deserves to be winner…Zubair tells that Both are loser’s….

Precap:::Zubair tells that he came Banaras thinking he will get talent,,But he got nothing..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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