Million Dollar Girl 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti Somehow gets Virat’s signature and gets supplier card..Avanti goes to Bhuwan and tells that now she got supplier card Avanti tells the shopkeeper to give Sarees She will sell them,,Bhuwan shouts and tells that Supplier card is not real..Avanti tells that how can she made this much big mistake..Bhuwan tells that he will blacklist Avanti..And tells that Avanti will not get work anywhere.Avanti tells that Bhuwan cannot do that…Avanti goes to shop,,,Avanti tells that she have to think something..Avanti closes the shop puts lock…Avanti’s mother comes and tell’s to open the shop as it is morning work time..Avanti open the shop..Avanti’s mother mother goes inside the shop does pooja and sees the shop is empty..She beats Avanti..Avanti shouts..Avanti moves..Avanti tells that she will bring stock anyhow by night..Avanti thinks what to do..
Avanti gets an idea..Avanti calls DJ and tells her to bring emty boxes..Dj brings empty brings..Avanti puts down..Avanti tells that If Vicky was there would bring in a minute..Dj tells that If Avanti Misses Vicky
Peon falls Tea on Virat..VIrat takes out his shirt..Avanti peeps from her shop and Sees Virat’s tatoo..Avanti asks what is the tatoo and for whom,,,Avanti asks Virat why he became “AWARA AASHIQ”..Virat thinks about a girl..after sometime Virat tells what Avanti will do become fake supplier and fool people..Avanti tells Virat not to show “Herogiri”..As taking out shirt one will not become SALMAN KHAN..Virat remains quiet..
Avanti tells Scarlett to do acting at Vicky’s dhaaaba…Scarlett goes at Vicky’s dhabba while Avanti’s hide..Scarlett tells she want food Vicky agrees..Vicky goes and brings..Scarlett tells that Vicky is too cute..Vicky moves away.and falls from bench..Scarlett tells that Vicky is too hot.

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Vicky tells Scarlett that he will explain in english Vicky tells Scarlett “I DONT LIKE YOU”..Vicky tells Scarlett to move away..Scarlett tells that many boys are back of her to date her..Vicky tells to go back of that guys..Scarlett asks did he love someoone???Virat tells its none of Scarlett’s buisness…Vicky tells that Kavya is not like that..VIcky tells kavya is very good girl..Scarlett tells asks did Vicky loves Kavya??Vicky tells that he love Kavya soo much..He love truly..Vicky tells Scarlett to go away..Scarlett goes..
At night Avanti’s mother is worried as kavya didnt came till no…Tayaajii tells that two young girls are sitting at home..Instead of marriage One is busy with job and other in buisness..Avanti comes home..Avanti’s mother tells that kavya didnt came till now and phone is not reachable.Taijii tellss that its not good that girl should roam outside..Avanti tells that Ankit day and night roams..Taijii tells that Ankit is a boy..Avanti says that boy’s and girls are equal…Avanti tells not to worry as Kavya’s battery will be over..Avanti tells her mother not to worry she will asks kavya’s office..Avanti calls kavya’s office they tells that kavya already gone.Avanti’s mother tells that kavya’s way from office to home is only 35 minutes…Avanti tells her mother to chill and eat the dinner..Till that door bell rings kavya comes along with Vicky..Everyon eis shocked..Taiji tells that already one girl was spoiled and other girl also is spoiled..Taiji tells that may be Kavya was having fun..Kavya tells that her phone was off and there was no PCO..Soo she didnt called..Kavya tells that no bus was available Soo she called Vicky..Taiji tells that How she called vicky..Avanti suddenly shouts..Avanti tell her mother that it was her mistake..As already some one said her that that kavya’s office road was under-construction..Soo she called Vicky and said..Avanti’s mother goes and tells Vicky thanks for dropping kavya..Tayji tells her time was already wasted..He was making roti’s for Ankit..Taiji tells that she want help..Avanti’s mother while kavya also goes..Tayaaji goes..Avanti hugs Vicky and thanks him..Vicky is shocked..Avanti tells from nowonwards they will never fight..Vicky is surprised..Avanti tells to take care of kavya..Vicky gets happy and laughs..

Precap::Rajat talks to Bhuwan..Bhuwan shouts..Rajat tells Bhuwan to stay in his limits..Bhuwan and Rajat is about to fight..Virat stops..both of them Near ghat Avanti gets drunk…and fall Virat holds her..

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