Million Dollar Girl 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhuwan and DJ kiss..Ankit makes Video..Ankit tells that couple is very cute and he will enjoy leaking the video…Bhuwan tells DJ that he love her soo much..DJ gets a call..Dj tells its mother phone..DJ asks what is the time???DJ tells she will meet afterwards..Bhuwan tells to call after going home..DJ kiss bhuwan and tells yes..DJ sees Ankit near her house..DJ’s father asks what was she doing at ghat??DJ tells she was discussing some important work..Father shouts and tells If anyone saw???Father tells that she is doing all this drama,,,DJ tells that she loves Bhuwan and is in serious relationship..If he does’nt understand its his problem…Father tells now she argue with him??DJ goes in her room…Father locks the room…DJ shouts and tells to open..Virat sits in office..Yamini brings lunch..Virat asks did she cooked???Yamini tells yes..Virat eats..Virat tells that Yamin cook very well food..Virat tells its awesome..Yamini gets a call…Yamini goes..Avanti sees..Avanti comes and taste the food..Avanti tells that Virat is a lier and the food is tasteless..Virat tells why Avanti is judgemental???Virat tells one should appreciate the efforts…BHuwan asks Vicky did he saw DJ??Vicky tells no..Bhuwan tells that DJ didnt came to office nor picking up the phone..Bhuwan tells that they should complain police..Vicky tells no need…He will go and see..Bhuwan goes…DJ knocks the door and tells to open…Father tells that DJ will not go to office..Father tells that after getting married only DJ can come out of her room..DJ tells that she will not follow this stone age rules…
DJ tells that If he didnt open the room then she will call police..Father tells to call..DJ search but she dont get phone..DJ cries..Vicky comes at bank..Kavya tells that relationship is not possible..Vicky tells please..Vicky tells to give one chance..Vicky tells that he will never talk about the past..Kavya smiles..Kavya tells okay..Kavya tells that still she is not convinced.. Vicky tells means???Kavya tells that they should spent the time together..Vicky gets happy and tells yes..Virat hears some noise and goes into yamini room..Yamini is hiding under the bed,,,Yamini tells that he came by breaking the window..Virat runs and sees…Virat tells Yamini that no one is there,,,Virat helps Yamini,,Yamini comes out..Yamini cries and tells that he will kill her..Virat tells all will be alright…DJ packs her bag..DJ tells her mother she is feeling thirsty..Mother gives water..DJ thanks mother..DJ tells sorry to mother…DJ tells she have decided to marry whoever his father said..Mother cries and tells she known..Mother goes..DJ tells that she cannot sleep with close door…Mother tells she known..Mother goes..DJ comes with Bag and tells her parents will never understand her love…

Precap::Yamini takes out shirt for Virat,,Virat tells he don’t want

Update Credit to: Ansari

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