Million Dollar Girl 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat sees Rajat and cries..Rajat is sitting..Rajat calls Virat “Action hero” and tells to come..Virat asks how is his back,,Rajat tells it is breaked..Rajat tells all is well between them..Virat says yes..
Avanti opens the shop door..Virat comes and stops..Avanti tells that still 12 hours is left..Avanti tells in this time she will sell Virat also,,Virat tells in only 8hours.VIrat tells stop wasting time and go and sell the shop..One Aunty comes sees Saree’s and goes..Avanti stops but she goes..Virat’s secretery sms saying “^6 hours are left”..Avanti goes outside and stop customers..but no one comes..Avanti asks what happend why no customer’s are coming..Virat tells that because road is underconstruction and all customer’s are coming from another side..Avanti tells Virat to go inside his shop..Seein his Virat’s ugly face no one is coming,,Virat tells that Avanti badluck is bad..Virat goes inside..Scarlett comes..Avanti tells scarlett tht she will cut her salary..Scarlett tells that she didnt got salary till now what Avnati can cut..Scarlett gives tiffin..Avanti tells that she is tension and mother is sending tiffing..she tells sacrlett that have to collect money otherwise Virat will take the shop. Avanti gets an idea…Avanti tells Scarlett to go and impress “white people” As seeing her people will come..Avanti tells to go at vicky’s dhabba as it is very famous..Scarlett goes to dhabba and talks to some people..Vicky tells that Avanti sent this white cat..Vicky tells scarlett to sit..Vicky gives food to scarlett..Scarlett sits and is about to eat..Avanti comes ..avanti tells Vicky that he is mad and wanted to spoil her buisness he dont have brain..Avanti scolds Sacrlett and tells how can she sit..Scarlett tells sorry..Vicky tells to from his dhabba Avanti tells she is going..Avanti tells like this only vicky flirt with all girls of banaras..Avanti tells the customer’s sitting that not to come dhabba as Vicky will flirt with their wife..Vicky shouts and tells to go..Avanti goes..
Virat comes and tells there are only 15 minutes After that her shop will be locked.Virat tells that after 15minutes to give her shop keys..Avanti tells scarlett to go and bring her friends..Avanti tells Scarlett’s friend that their soul will be connected to Banaras If they buy the saree..They buy Saree..Avanti gets money Avanti gets happy jumps and hugs Scarlett..Scarlett tells that “Bum bum BHOLE”…Avanti goes to Virat’s office..Virat tells that to give the keys As he know Avanti didnt got money.Avanti tells that Virat is day dreaming..
Avanti tells Virat that she bought a gift for him..Avanti gives 1rs to Virat and tells to keep as shagun his buisness will be good..Avanti tells to send the recipt to her shop..Avanti goes..Virat tells to stop..Virat says that Avanti has just saved her shop..Virat sys Avnati is just a rabbit in a jungle..will lost in jungle..Avanti tells tht she is small rabbit but to become tigeress will not get time..Avanti goes..Avanti goes and tells officer that she wanted to become Supplier..The person tells that Avanti cannot become supplier..Avanti tells that she has all documents..The person tells Avanti..want trade union sign then only she can become supplier..Avanti tells that she will take Virat singh thakur signature..Avanti tells that Virat is his childhood friend..Avnti goes to Virat’s home..Servent opens the door..Avanti tells she is Virat’s childhood friend..Servent tells that he have not seen before..Avanti tells that when she used to come she was a kid..And now her face is changed..Avanti tells that she will complain to VIirat or Rajat..Servent tells sorry..Avanti tells she want tea..Avanti goes to Virat’s room and sees things..Avanti sees Virat coming out of bathroom and hides under bed..Virat comes in towel and sees himself in mirror..Avanti tells wrong time villian entered..

precap::Avanti sees lizard and gets out from bed..Virat gets shocked to see Avanti..Avanti stands on sofa and shouts lizard..Virat tells to shut up..

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. avanti’s and virat’s look was very very good

  2. i like this show

  3. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  4. woww awesome show

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