Million Dollar Girl 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat comes indide the House..and sees Everything here and there…Virat sees Yamini crying…Virat sees Yamini clothes teared,,Virat gives his coat and tells to come his home,,Virat asks who is doing all this???Yamini tells one boy who loves her and is very dangerous..Yamini hugs Virat…Next day Avanti tells that she will gift Microwave to her mother….Vicky comes at DJ’s house…DJ sits and cries..Vicky tells Bhuwan is very bad..Vicky tells its enough and stop crying as Bhuwan is not intrested in her,,,Vicky tells DJ to leave Bhuwan as she looks very good…Vicky tells lets eat as he have made food…Vicky and DJ does candle light dinner..Vicky tells joking “I LOVE U DJ”,,,DJ tells VIcky dont know acting..Vicky gives his hand to DJ..DJ and Vicky dance..Vicky and DJ gets close about to kiss..Vicky moves away tells that he have to go..DJ thanks VIcky…At home Avanti’s mother tells that for Avanti a parcel came..Avanti tells its for her..Mother asks what’s this???Avanti tells its a surprise..Avanti tells from when she came from office Mother dont have to spend time in kitchen..Mother smiles…Avanti tells she is getting late for Office…Avanti goes…Virat tells Yamini he have arranged all for Yamini Now she can stay..Yamini tells its not good…Virat tells its okey..Virat comes down sees Rajat and mother stands near steps..Mother tells its not good a stranger home..Virat tells to forget all,,Virat asks what food she made???Rajat tells “MOOLI KE LADDO”…Virat tells Rajat to have it in Office if he have..Virat goes..Rajat tells Mother to mix poison and give Virat… Yamini comes and says “Hi” to Rajat..Yamini tells that in some days they will go..Yamini tells that in few days Virat and she will tranfer to delhi…Rajat tells thats very good…Avanti and Yamini both pulls one dress…Avanti introduces herself…Avanti tells Yamini to join her and her friends..Avanti gives her number to Yamini…Yamini tells Sure…Kavya comes and tells Ranvijay that she said all to Vicky..Kavya tells to stay away from Vicky…Ranvijay tells If Kavya loves Vicky???Kavya tells that Ranvijay that Vicky is just a friend..If he had feelings it does not mean she love him..Ranvijay tells they should give one more chance to the relationship…Ranvijay touches Kavya… Kavya tells How dare he touch her???Kavya goes..Ranvijay sees angrily…
Zubair gives short listed supplier list to Virat and tells that no one wanted to supply them,,,Zubair tells that only one supplier is ready..Outside in boxes some bags are there they have to sell that bags then only will get the cash..Zubair sees Avanti is not there but Virat is still standing…Zubair laughs and tells “THAT WAS QUICK AVANTI BANSAL”..Virat goes..Avanti sees the boxes.. Virat and Avanti pulls the boxes,,Avanti tells she will deliver,,,Virat tells he will…VIrat falls Avanti falls on him,,Both looks at each other…Yamini comes and sees…VIrat sees Yamini..VIrat goes..Yamini tells that she have buyed a new dress for Virat and VIrat is doing something with that girl..Virat tells it does’nt matter As its nothing between them…Yamini tells Virat does’nt think but she still loves,,Virat tells he will drop Yamini..Vicky drinks and comes near Avanti’s home and shouts Kavya to come out…Avanti comes and asks what happened???Vicky drinks…Vicky tells to ask Kavya As kavya broked his heart..Kavya slaps Vicky…Kavya tells Vicky is drunk and doing drama???Kavya tells If Vicky doesn’t go then she will call police…Vicky tells Kavya go to hell and goes…

Precap::Avanti shows a bag to a client..Client tries to get close to Avanti…Virat slaps him..Zubair scolds Avanti while Virat sees angrily…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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