Million Dollar Girl 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti goes to her shop,,Avanti tells watchman that she have to take her belongings..Virat asks for Loan but the Bank person refuses As he parted ways from THAKUR,,Virat tells how the world is..Avanti and Virat sees TV..Virat sees the press conference of Zubair..First teenage billioner who are from IIT and is one of the famous person in the world,,Mr Rishab Zubair comes and sits…Reporter tells sit on chair..Rishabh tells that he will sit anywhere,,Rishabh tells that human uses only 8% brains..He takes out a ciaggrete and smokes..Reporter tells that there is a sign of No Smoking..Zubair removes the board and tells now??Zubair smokes,, Rishabh tells that he his here to find out out people like him..Who want to become like him,,It may be 10th fail..road person..done PHD or anyone he dont care but he need the one who are intrested to work hard..The one who will become his PA.. Virat tells he got a good chance..Avanti sees and tells that GANGA Mayaa has given her..
Avanti sees the question,What is the craziest thing you have done??Avanti tells that she have done PHD in craziest things,,Avanti writes she have solded underwear and kissed a stranger..Next question Avanti sees,How you describe yourself??Avanti writes crazy,,amazing,,great..Another question Avanti sees is Have any boyfriend??Avanti gets shocked nad tells that If Zubair is mad or what,,Avanti ticks no,,Virat also fill the form,,Avanti and Virat gets shocked to see the interview time 2am,,Next morning Virat gets ready wears suit and goes..Rajat stops Virat tells that he is looking,,Before he work as Boss and now someone’s under,,Virat tells that he is very happy and not want suggestion of a person who is dumb..
As alarm rings..Avanti gets up and tells its late..Avanti gets up and thinks what to wear,,Avanti wear’s saree and comes,,Avanti’s mother gets shocked seeing Avanti…Avanti tells that she have an important interview of job and tells wish her luck..Avanti’s mother tells all the best.. Avanti and Both Virat comes simultaneously in office..,,Virat asks If Avanti came for Interview??Avanti tells yes..Virat tells he didnt think that once more will meet like this..Avanti tells no one knows what will happen,,Avanti tells once more they are doing compedition..Virat tells to do correction,,He has came for job and he dont want to compete with Avanti anymore..Avanti gets shocked but gets happy,,,Avanti and Virat goes inside gets shocked to see soo much of crowd,,Avanti tells that since 8’o clock am all are waiting,,One candidate sitting tells not 8 since 2am they are sitting…Avanti and Virat simultaneously tells “O MY GOD”..Virat tells nowadays Avanti is copying his words also…Avanti tells she is not intrested,,,
Zubair sees football match..One person comes and tells zubair that candidate are waiting since 2am,,Zubair tells that he also wanted to know which candidate is desperate to win,,The person goes…Avanti gets a call..kavya tells that why Avanti lied her ,,Vicky helped in getting job..Avanti tells not to think and just do job,,why to count the seeds of mango..Avanti tells kavya not to be angry as she came for intreview and wish luck..Avanti cuts the phone..Virat tells Avanti that they have to do something different..Avanti tells already they have many problems in her life..Virat tells that he is talking how to reduce the crowd??Avanti tells how??Virat tells something to Avanti..Virat tells Avanti that a person on reception have details of candidate..Virat tells to distract the person,,Avanti falls,, The person on reception comes and asks If Avanti is alright,,Avanti tells she is hurted..Person asks where did she hurted???Avanti shows leg then hand,,Avanti tells near neck,,The person stares Avanti,,Tells that he wil bring ointment..Avanti sees slowly Virat doing something on the computer..

Precap:Avanti and Virat meets zubair,,Avanti tells at age of 19 zubair started buisness,,Virat tells at 22 he started his company,,Zubair tells tdid Avanti and Virat came to write biography on him???

Update Credit to: Ansari

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