Million Dollar Girl 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat sees Yamini sitting…VIrat goes…Yamini cries tells that her life is in danger…Yamini tells that she is very much scared…Virat asks where is she living…Yamini tells that If he came here also..Yamini hugs Virat and cries…Virat tells Yamini that his firnd hotel is there,,Yamini tells he wanted to stay at his home..Virat tells not possible…Avanti sleeps..Mother tells that Avanti room is like Garbage…Ankit comes and switch off the Ac.Mother asks why the he is turning off the ac.Ankit tells that Avanti uses Ac the whole day and Bill came three thousand..ankit goes..Avanti tells why Ac is turned off..Mother tells that electricity bill came three thousand..and tells there is no need of Ac..Mother sees a Food processor and gets happy….Kavya tells she have to go…Mother stops Kavya and hugs and tells thankyou so much..Kavya comes..Avanti asks Kavya Mother saw food processor???Kavya tells yes but she thought she brought…
Avanti tells that now mother have dont have to stand hour’s in kitchen.Kavya tells avanti tot tells that she brought ..Avanti tells i.IN office DJ sees Bhuwan…DJ tells that BHuwan is just seeing from far…DJ tells she have to first stop the fight..DJ search on Internet “HOW TO IMPRESS BOYFRIEND”..DJ calls Bhuwan and tells “HI HOTTIE”..Bhuwan asks what happened??DJ asks what Bhuwan is doing at night??Bhuwan tells nothing..DJ tells lets see a movie..Bhuwan agrees…bhuwan tells he also have to do something..Bhuwan search on internet “HOW TO IMPRESS GIRLFRIEND”….Avanti calls suppliers…Avanti tells Virat to stop it As he is calling the supplier’s whom she is calling..Virat tells Avanti dont know how to deal with supplier’s…VIrat calls…Avanti tells she have to do something..Avanti cuts the telephone line..Avanti asks wat happened??VIrat tells that call has been disconnected..Virat tells all because of Avanti…Yamini calls Virat…Virat comes in market and asks Yamine what happened??IS everything is fine???Yamini tells Virat that she buy two shoepiece,,But one is breaked..Anotherone when she gone to buy..Shopkeeper said he dont have Soo was feeling low..Virat tells If Yamini is mad,,As he was doing important work in office..Virat tells Yamini to go to hotel..Yamini tells she was stupid that she called Virat at such a small issue…Virat goes…
DJ thanks Vicky and tells that Bhuwan will be happy seeing arrangement..Vicky tells that Bhuwan’s father also will be happy…Dj thanks Vicky..Vicky tells its okey….DJ arranges a candle light dinner..DJ calls Bhuwan..Bhuwan tells he was about to call DJ..Bhuwan tells he was thinking about DJ…DJ tells to cancel the movie tickets As there will be at home..DJ tells Bhuwan to come at her home..Bhuwan tells no DJ should come at his home..DJ tellss he is doing this much to save the relationship..Bhuwan tells If DJ comes what will happen????DJ tells no…Bhuwan says fine…DJ sits and cries…DJ cries Vicky and tells that she dont think Bhuwan love her,,Vicky tells DJ not to cry..Yamini calls Virat and cries tells to come…Virat goes in Yamin’s room And sees the lights are off and everything is shattered..Virat is shocked..

Precap::Virat asks Yamini who did all this???Yamini tells that one boy loves her..But she still love Virat…Vicky and DJ dance..The get close..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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