Million Dollar Girl 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zubair,,Virat and Bhuwan drinks..Zubair shuffles Card’s…all of them Play’s cards..Zubair tells who switch off the lights???VIrat tells he will check the Fuse box..Virat goes and checks the fuse box…Suddenly someone comes from back with a candle.Virat is shocked..Yamini tells that first time they met like this only..Yamini tells nothing will change between them.Virat tells how does she know address..Yamini tells If they are far also nothing is changed between them,,.Virat tells that he moved on.Yamini sees the tattoo and tells that its is not over..Virat tells Tatto is just a mark for him..His all emotions has gone.Yamini tells that she taught to give surprise but she is shocked,,Yamini goes..Virat is surprised..Next day Avanti gets up and tells she is late..Mother makes Partha,,Avanti tells she will bring a processor..Mother gets emotional.Avanti tells not to cry…Avanti goes office,,Virat tells Avanti to give water….Avanti tells Virat to do his works all..As she is no more his secretary..Virat sees designs of Bags..Avanti sees and tells that there are only one pocket.,,Supplier tells that Virat sir known..Avanti tells If Virat known he would have not been sitting here He would have sitting Inside…Virat sees Avanti…There should be more pockets so that one can keep more things…Avanti tells If anyone goes to buy a bag will see a good bag and more pockets as they can keep things..Virat tells to keep quiet..Avanti tells we will see a good base..If the utility is high then only customer will attract..Virat tells that middle class people dont know..Avanti tells that out of 100% people there are 50% middle class..And there should be utility bags..Virat tells the Supplier that he will come in a minute…
Virat tells because of Avanti he is loosing the supplier and he will tell to Zubair…Avanti tells its nothing like that and What every time Virat blackmail her that will tell to Zubair???Avanti tells she is not scared…Virat goes… Supplier comes and tells Avanti that he want to work in the company..He tells Avanti to give bag order then he will give advance money ten thousand..Avanti thinks…Bhuwan tells Virat its tough to handle relationship..In the starting will tolerate all the mistakes of girlfriend but after that it will become difficult..Bhuwan tells he is love with DJ and cannot leave..VIrat tells let it be..VIrat tells lets go for lunch..Avanti and Virat goes…Virat asks Bhuwan If he saw Investor’s list??Bhuwan tells no…Virat sees a envelope on Avanti’s table..Virat sees Money in that..Virat tells now he got the envelop now she is gone..Virat tells Zubair that he heard Avanti talking to Supplier’s Avanti is bringing wrong people in office..Zubair tells as a matter of Fact Avanti didnt did anything like that..Zubair asks if Virat heard Avanti accepting the offer???Zubair tells that Avanti came and said all the situation And even said that she was attracted to money as she was in need…Virat asks what about this money???Zubair tells that he gave because DESI SWAG is about people…Helping who are in need..Zubair tells Avanti was right there should be utility bag because there will be no consumer base with designer bag…Zubair tells Virat to concentrate on work honestly than Avanti..Virat gets angry and beats punching bag..Virat gets a call..Yamini cries and tells to help her as someone is teasing her..Virat comes and search Yamini..Virat sees Yamini sitting..

Precap::Yamini cries and tells that She came Banaras as her life is in danger..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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