Million Dollar Girl 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 14th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti comes home and throws all the paper..Avanti tells she want her father’s drawer keys..Avanti searches something Her mother shouts what she is doing..Avanti finds a picture..In which her father walking with little Avanti..Avanti’s mother tells that his father loved her alot..Avanti gets emotional.. and tells her mother that she will not break her mother and loves her alot..Avanti’s mother tells stop getting emotions..Avanti finds Income tax paper in the drawer..Avanti tells that she knew that her father will not leave anything incomplete…Avanti hugs her mother and tells that her father paid all the incom tax..Kavya also hugs AVanti..Avanti tells she will show this paper’s to that Virat thakur.Kavya gives rs 20,000 to Avanti..Avanti’s mother tells kavya why she is putting money into well..Kavya tells let it be as she is helping her sister..Kavya tells when Avanti Buisness started Avanti should return with talk,,Avanti smiles and tells thnakz..Avanti suddenly comes in Virat’s office …Virat tells what she bought..Avanti show the income tax paper’s to Virat..Virat asks it it original paper’s..Avanti tells it is 100% original..Virat burns the paper’s..avanti shouts..Avanti tells to stop it,,Avanti gets mad and tells Virat she will complain to trade association..Virat tells he is the president..Avanti tells she will not leave him..
Avanti goes into the Income tax office and complain..The officer tells that the paper’s destroyed..As rat ate..Avanti sees Virat”s secretery and tells that she know which rat ate..Avanti tells she have to earn Rs 1 lakh in 10 days..Avanti goes in in every shop and asks Handloom Saree ..The shopkeeper tells that theey stop suppling Handloom saree’s..And Virat gave powerloom supplies..The Shopkeeper tells to join her hand with Virat..Avanti tells that the shopkeeper is mad..Avanti tells that before money was coming to him and using poweloom it is going to Virat thakur..Avanti..Vicky and Tj shop..Avanti tells that Virat burned her paper’s.and now she have to earn Rs 1.2 lakhs in 10 days..Avanti tells she have to start her address..Vicky tells that Virat was not like that from before As he was hurted by his girlfriend.Tj tells that Virat made a tatto of her girlfriend..TJ tells that its very cute..Avanti tells that The girl’s life was saved..Avanti tells one drink for the Virat’s girlfriend whose life was changed..Avanti ,,TJ,,and Vicky cheer’s and drink..TJ starts game. truth and game..Vicky tells that he will give truth to Vrat thakur truth and ask why his girlfriend left him..Avanti tells she will tells As Virat’s mouth is very bad 24/7..Vicky laughs..TJ tells totally correct..Avanti gets dare..TJ gives Avanti a dare..TJ tells Avanti to kiss the first person who is outside the shop..Avanti goes outside the shop..Tj tells that one person is coming..TJ and Vicky sees…AVanti sees its Virat..Avanti tells its Virat..Avanti tells Tj and VIrat she cannot kiss as it is Virat..Vicky and TJ calls Avanti “Coward”…Avanti tells that she is not coward She will Show them…As Virat comes..Avanti goes and Suddenly Pushes Virat and Kisses him..TJ and Vicky is shocked to see..Avanti still kisses Virat..Virat is shocked..Avanti and Virat kisses for 10 minutes..Avanti suddenly remeber and moves Virat away..Avanti tells Virat not to be happy as it was a dare..Avanti tells Vicky that Virat cannot kiss As he did not kiss his tatoo girlfriend thats why she left him..Listening this Virat gets Angry…

Precap:precap::Avanti tells Virat didnt go home as No one will be waiting for him..and he dont have own parent’s also..Virat gets angry and breaks the wall..Vicky tells Tj that he have planned things for Kavya about honeymoon also..Avanti slaps Vicky

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. May be her girlfriend dumped

  2. Yeah….bt what was virats past?? I mean something was flashing in his mind abt his gf na??

  3. ufff!!! Virat and Avanti kissed Sooo romantic 🙂

  4. Thanks fr d update bt plz update 13 jan epi also

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