Million Dollar Girl 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells her time also will come she will show…Avanti listens some message,,Avanti sees VIrat phone..Avanti tells she will see whats going on between Virat and his girlfriend..Avanti listen’s Virat ex girlfriend voice message..Avanti listens saying “I AM NEAR LASSI WAALI GALI”,,Avanti tells she have to go and see soo that she can blackmail Virat..Avanti goes.Virat opens the voice note,,,Virat tells Avanti may be gone there,,,Virat runs…Virat jumps and goes…Virat sees Avanti…Avanti tells She came to drink lassi..Virat tells Avanti to stop lying..He tells Avanti to do her work.,,Virat holds Avanti’s hand tightly..Avanti tells to leave..Avanti tells Virat is manner-less..Avanti comes to office and sits…Avanti sleeps Virat comes and turn’s Avanti chair..Virat puts Balm on Avanti’s hand..Avanti tells Virat to stop being sweet as she may suffer from diabetics..
Avanti places her hand on Virat shoulder,,,Song goes on background “SAANSON KO JEENE KA ISSHARA MILGAYA”…Virat thinks all the moment spent with Avanti..Avanti too thinks,,,,Virat slowly moves Avanti’s hand..Phone rings..Virat tells that another time he will not do all this…Kavya comes..Ranvijay holds Kavya’s and stop her..Ranvijay tells Kavya to stop..Kavya tells its her meeting she have to go..Ranvijay tells to wait..Ranvijay tells Kavya to give him one more chance..Kavya tells not to bring the past..As it was a closed chapter…Ranvijay tells atleast to drink with him for Past sake..Kavya tells okay..Kavya tells this much time have passed but Ranvijay have not changed…Ranvijay tells Kavya he will drop..Kavya sits and goes…Vicky sees kavya and Ranvijay..At night Kavya and Ranvijay sits in a restaurant..Vicky drinks and tells that there is something between kavya and Ranvijay…DJ gives a gift to Bhuwan and tells sorry…Bhuwan tells there is noo need of Gift..DJ tells she brought the gift soo that Bhuwan feel special..DJ tells Bhuwan to open it..Bhuwan opens it and sees a green shirt..DJ asks How is it??Bhuwan tells it is okey..DJ tells really??Bhuwan tells he dont like this colour shirt..
DJ tells If Bhuwan will wear he will look good..Bhuwan wears it…Dj tells he is looking good..Bhuwan tells this shirt doesnt suit him..DJ tells If Bhuwan have any stress he can share with her,,Bhuwan tells he dont have any stress and he dont want to share..Bhuwan tells DJ to understand..Vicky goes near Kavya’s table and says “EXCUSE ME”…Kavya tells what Vicky is doing…Vicky tells to answer his question..Vicky tells Kavya to tells Public..Ranvijay tells to talk properly..Vicky shouts and tells now Ranvijay will tell him,,Kavya tells Vicky to stop,,,Ranvijay tells Kavya is right Vicky is a kid,,Vicky beats with bottle on Ranvijay’s hand..Ranvijay is bleeding,,,Kavya shouts and tells Vicky to go…Kavya asks If Ranvijay is okey????Kavya calls ambulance..Virat tells Dj to announce that tomorrow is party,,,Avanti asks why???Virat tells to ask zubair..Virat tells to say that Party is because DESI SWAG got new investor..Avanti tells okey she will say..Avanti tells DJ to chill As they will enjoy in the party..As the party starts,,Virat and Avanti dance..Bhuwan smiles and sees DJ,,DJ ignores Bhuwan..Kavya tells DJ that Bhuwan is seeing..Zubair tells atleast Virat and Avanti does something good..Zubair tells Avanti better dance Virat…Virat receives a message of his ex-girlfriend saying “I AM HERE”,,,Virat tells Yamini is here,,,

Precap:Precap::Virat and Avanti gets drunk..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Nyc epi n nyc precap!
    I wish virat confess how much he like avanti!
    Waiting fr d arrival of viraj’s ex!
    I gues avanti wil b jelous of her!

  2. Virajs ex entry wil make a dhamaal!

  3. Its virat nt viraj!
    Btw i read a spoiler which said that zubair wil start faling for avanti n virat wil get jelous!

  4. Yes,even i read that!
    Bt i want both of them together!
    Zubair might like virats ex!

  5. I think d entry of d ex wil make both avanti n viraj realise d luv

  6. I wish aisah he ho!
    Par hoga nahi as avanti wants to knw d weaknes of viraj so that she can black mail him

  7. Then they shld get a new entry for avanti also!

  8. What do u mean?

  9. As thre is a new entry of virats ex similarly thre shld b n entry of a boy as avanti’s past school friend!
    Just to make virat jelous!

  10. Ok,got it!
    Todays epi wil rock as both wil be drunk!
    I want to see some romance

  11. Half n hour to go!
    Bt i wont be watching it! ;-(

  12. Why why why?

  13. Channel v is nt coming in my tv so i hve to watch it tmw on net!
    I wish aaj update jaldi ho!

  14. Ok,i wil watch it!
    I wish d same that update jaldi he ho!

  15. Luv that showwww!!!

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