Million Dollar Girl 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya sleeps..Vicky is drunk,,Kavya tells How Vicky came here???Vicky puts her hand on kavya’s mouth…Avanti gives sandwich to Virat,,Viraat smells tells it is bad,,Avanti tells she is not doing..Virat tells to get out..Avanti goes..Virat recieves a message..Avanti hides and sees,,Virat gets a call,,Virat receives the call..Girl tells Virat that How much Virat try to avoid her,,She will come that much closer..Virat gets angry and cuts the call…Avanti is shocked..Virat sees Avanti..Avanti goes…Kavya tells why Vicky brought her,,Vicky tells what is the truth of Ranvijay??Vicky tells he will not go till Kavya didn’t said…..Kavya sees other side..Vicky sees Tayaaji..Taayaji slaps Kavya and takes in the house,,,,DJ cries sees Vicky sitting..DJ asks Vicky what Happened???Vicky tells to note that Love is a very bad thing..Vicky cries..Dj tells Boyfriends are not caring like best friends..Vicky cries and laughs simultaneously…Kavya sits in room Ankit tells Kavya that day they were teasing him ..Now kavya is in problem.. Avanti comes and asks what happened???
Ankit tells Avanti that Tayaaji seen Kavya with Vicky and thanks to his father that he didn’t said to kavya’s mother..Ankit tells Avanti to control kavya instead of running behind Virat…Avanti tells to shut up…Avanti tells Ankit that she is not a secretary and one day will become successful..Avanti tells that Ankit will be his PA,,PA not Peon…Avanti tells that Ankit all day back of his father..Next day Virat do pushups,,Rajat comes and asks Virat middle class girl Avanti came and was roaming from room to kitchen,,Rajat tells that he didnt knew that Virat is impressed..Virat tells to go away he will do workout..Rajat tells that they will do pushups who will win will be the king..Rajat starts saying “CHAK DE PATTE”…Virat and Rajat starts pushups but Virat does and Rajat fails….Avanti comes office,,Avanti sees board..Zubair comes..Zubair tells there is a quiz and who will win will get a deal..Zubair asks Avanti…Zubair tells salon has a product name “JEANS” and has 500 rs to sell jeans or two jeans 799,Where is more Profit???,,Virat tells Zubair that this is a tough question for Avanti..DJ sees and tells that second option is more profit…Avanti tells that question is incomplete..Zubair tells that cost price is missing..Zubair tells that he is shocked..As Avanti answered..Zubair goes..Avanti tells she can become Virat’s colleague instead of secretary..Zubair tells no..Virat works,,Avanti gives water,,,Virat tells to give file..Avanti gives..Virat tells to bring coffee..Avanti makes..Virat tells to make some strong..Avanti makes..Virat tells Avanti’s day is not yet over she cannot go till she checks these files..Avanti is shocked…

Precap:Avanti and Virat dance Zubair smiles and sees..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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