Million Dollar Girl 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti and DJ sits..Virat comes..Avanti tells that Virat doesnt have work sitting and listening..Virat tells that he can help Avanti in order’s..Avanti tells he dont need help and tells Virat to get lost from here…Virat tells soon Avanti will come on road..Avanti tells its nothing like that Virat will be loose from her..Near ghat Alia,,Rajat and Ranvijay Drinks..Alia tells Ranvijay that there is one problem of Banaras that people do not talk properly..Rajat tells he have go as he have to collect money..Ranvijay tells that He will also come as he have to se how bookies are..Rajat sits in car…Ranvijay tells he know why Rajat came here and sat..Ranvijay tells that Alia likes him,,But he dont like Alia..Ranvijay tells why Rajat is not intrested in Girls..Rajat tells to shut up..
Avanti’s mother comes and tells that its late and she is doing work since that time..Didnt came for lunch also so she brought..Avanti tells its okey..Mother tells its late she should come home,,Avanti tesll not to worry..Virat tells that other people should be scared from Avanti..Avanti tells her mother to go as she will come..Mother goes.. Avanti tells what Virat thinks himself a hero..Avanti tells he did very wrong with kavya..As Virat cannot fight with her so targeting kavya,,Virat tells its just beggining..
Avanti tells Virat doesnt have family..what he known about love..Avanti tells Virat family dont love him..Virat shouts at Avanti and tells to be in her limits..Avanti tells that her family atleast love and support unlike Virat..VIrat tells what Avanti known..Avanti tells that Rajat doesnt love Virat..He is with Virat because his father should be released..Virat tells his family love him soo much otherwise would not with him unless knowing that he killed hhis parents..Avanti gets shocked..While Virat cries and tells that this only Avanti wants to known..VIrat gets angry and bets his punching bag..Virat thinks about childhood..Samll Virat tells his parents that he going to picnic and he wanti videogame..Parents refuse as it is heavily raining..Mother tells no,,but virat tells please as his all friends have toys.Parents goes and agrees..Virat laugh and tells thankyou..After some time Virat cries knowing her parents is dead. VIrat’s maama comes and tells that Virat is responsible for his parent’s death as If he would not said about toy They would not have gone..Small Virat cries….
Virat thinks beats punching bag and gets angry..Rajat comes tells to come along with him as he is going to drink along with friends..Virat tells no as he wanted to stay alone..Rajat goes..At anotherside Avanti thinks about Virat what he said,,Next morning Bhuwan comes in bike DJ comes infront of bike and falls..DJ cries in pain..Bhuwan comes and asks what happened..DJ cries tells she is paining..Bhuwan tells whats the need of coming in between..DJ tells that she is in pain..Bhuwan says he will drop..DJ tells she will go..Dj acts like crying and goes..Bhuwan sits in restaurant and think about DJ,,He thinks about the moments he spent with DJ..Bhuwan smiles unblocks DJ on friendsbook,,.
Vicky and DJ comes to Avanti’s shop..Vicky asks If kavya is okey??Avanti tells sshe is okey,,Avanti asks if DJ known about virat’s history..DJ asks why Avanti is eager.Avanti tells so that she can fail Virat..DJ tells that one day Virat said his parents to bring toy it was raining..Virat’s parents went to bring but their car banged with a high tension wire.and they died.DJ tells from that time Virat’s maama is blaming Virat..Avanti tells whats rubbish how can VIrat should be blame??Avanti tells Virat’s maama is not good..DJ tells that what.. Vicky tells that his thinking is different as 5thapril Virat’s parent dead and Virat’s maama started the buisness on 7th april..Avanti tells that maybe Virat’s maama owned all Virat’s property..ALia comes..Avanti all get squiet..alia tells she want party.Avanti tells she will give the party Once she get smoney of the order..Alia tells okey..Weaver comes and give saree..Avanti tells she will give later money Weaver tells its okey…
Avanti call customer’s but phones come switch off..Avanti tells Alia that she is scared she should have takes advance from them..Avanti tells what to do…

Precap:::Two people comes at Avanti’s house and tells that they heard Avanti is supplying fake notes of money Avanti its fake..Man tells that he want Avanti’s shop papers..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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