Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha cuts the cake.
Om brings his pastry to mirror and talks to himself as if his friends have been talking to him. He poses one of them feeds the cake.
Esha eats the cake from everyone. She takes a leave to make a call, Om picks up the call. Esha says Hi, many happy returns of the day. Om is shocked and asks how did she call. He says wow, unbelievably. He bids her birthday as well. Esha asks what is he doing, his family must be there. He says yes everyone is there, and poses as if talking to them on putting her on phone. He says thanks to her, then asks which flavor of cake she got. She says black-forest. He says no, he also has the black forest. Esha is excited that a lot of their things are common. Om was about to say something that he forgets as he was nervous. Esha asks him to enjoy his day. Om says he won’t say same to you, because a lot is common in them. Om asks and? Esha says nothing, she will see him soon. He wishes her birthday again. Om dancing in elation, and celebrates that it is the first phone call on his birthday ever.
Esha comes to baray papa, she was about to scare him when he calls her name and asks how are you Advocate Esha Deshmukh. Baray papa says his child has grown up and gets sentimental. Esha asks him not to cry. Baray papa says this is the tears of happiness. He asks how her practice is going. She tells him Bramhay has a lot of different matters, criminal, civil, consumer and corporate issues. She says that Bramhay always tells her one must find weaknesses of others, then attacking them is easy. Baray papa laughs that he taught them this all. Esha says he isn’t even unable to work without her. Baray papa asks how is Pradhan, he never calls. Esha says Bramhay takes him names so many times in a day, and stands in ovation. Baray papa asks what else do they say. Esha says this isn’t the day to listen to his appreciations but is her day and asks for a gift. Baray papa gives her a gift to sign her first law-case and later on cheques and drafts. Dadi comes there, Esha shows her the gift. Dadi says alright. Esha tells Baray papa she just says hm at this. Dadi asks does she know how to do cooking. Baray papa asks why will she cook, she won’t have to and it is a petty work. Esha leaves laughing. Dadi says cooking isn’t a petty work, she controlled him for so much years. Dada holds her hand, she shies away.
Esha comes out to the chidren who were arguing while playing carum. They ask Esha to sleep in their rooms with them. Esha asks them to stop their argument again, Alka comes and ask what is this all. Children tell chachi Esha is going to sleep with them now. Esha brings her bag and holds a bottle, she says this is bat-oil, who would put it in her hair. Chitoo and Pinky say this must be disgusting and tells Aditi that Esha will sleep at her room. Esha and Aditi laugh together, Esha says this is sesame seed oil. Aditi was allergic to it and goes away sneezing. Alka (Esha’s mother) asks Esha what was this. Esha says one has to take care of everyone at home. Had she slept with Chintoo and Pinky, Aditi would be angry.
Dadi wakes Om who was asleep on the table. She tells him it is morning. Dadi says it is ten o’clock. He stands up shocked that it is so late. Dadi says she looked for him in whole house, even under his bed. She tells Om there is someone standing outside that looks a bit awkward. Om goes to meet chachu. Cahchu says he disliked leaving jail, all friends kept a party there. Om watches Dadi standing there, he introduces Dadi to Ranjeet Chacha. Ranjeet says he must have brought a girl friend at home than a dadi. Chachu wishes him birthday, Dadi complaints to Om that she didn’t tell it was his birthday and asks them to come inside. Om asks Chacha who else came with him; chacha tells him it is Datta Ram. Datta Ram asks Om to bend and blesses him. Datta raam tells Om that he has arranged all about his birthday party, chicken, mutton and bottle and he will arrange a girl as well. Ranjit says he must have asked him as Om doesn’t eat non-veg and is far away from girls. Datta raam tells Om not to worry; he will cook the best meal. Om says it is alright, his dadi will manage.

PRECAP: Everyone in the family asks Esha to get married now. They ask if she likes someone. Om tells chachu he is missing his mother. Ranjit asks to call her here, then says she won’t come.

Update Credit to: Sona

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