Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om asks the salesman whose phone is this as he picks it to see the message. He runs out calling Esha on road, the salesman runs behind him for money. Esha wonders he is running after her and accelerates the bike. Om runs behind her, then thinks about going on his bike. The salesman was angry, Om gives his money to him. This time his bike doesn’t start.
Esha gets a call, she attends it and a middle aged man calls Om and asks how he is. Esha says he must see whom he called. He asks who is talking. Esha says he must tell it first. The man says it is him. The man’s friend says he will now call his associate, Om picks it up and tells him he is going to office to return her phone as their phones got exchanged. The two bosses come to conclusion that their their associates exchanged phones.
Esha comes home where Ashvini was listening to news. Esha says this is disgusting, she doubts that person is a lawyer or not. She says such people should be sent to mental hospital, if she makes a single call to her Baray Papa and his career would go at stake. Ashvini didn’t respond, Esha asks what happened to her. Ashvini tells her papa knows Vijay’s uncle is coming from jail. She talked to papa about her and Vijay’s relation, and he said why she even goes to Poona. What is Vijay’s mistake if his uncle is a criminal? Esha promises Ashvini to talk to her papa.
The two bosses discuss about that Esha and Om are good people, how they then changed their phones; was it a co-incidence. They argue in favour of each associate.
Esha makes coffee for Ashvini. Ashvini says it is nice. Esha asks what is she cooking. Ashvini asks if it is her turn, what to cook? Esha says she is fed up of eating Maharashtra dishes, she wants some Italian with pasta, broccoli and cheese sause. Ashvini asks what about daal khichdi. Esha says daal khichdi isn’t an option, it is chosen where the choices leave. Esha taunts she takes such interest in cooking, what will happen of her husband. Ashvini says he isn’t that choosy, when they went to hotel for the first time he said he likes south-Indian. Now they always eat South Indian. Esha says is this why she loves him. Ashvini says it is his looks too. Esha asks just that? Ashvini says when you feel one’s life is incomplete without someone, one must say ok. The door bell rings, Esha goes to open the door. It was Om, Esha says he has directly reached her home, she will call police. Esha doesn’t listen to anyone and asks if he has nothing to do. Om explains that he is really not free, but his work depends upon his phone. He tells her their phones got exchanged in the mobile shop, he went to office but it was locked. Bramhay sir called on her phone, he took her address from him. Her phone is constantly ringing, he came to return it to her. Ashvini laughs non-stop, Esha tells her to shut-up and goes get Om’s phone. Om says not everyone is a bad person. Esha says his phone didn’t ring, it rang once but she wore head-phones. Om says no one calls him, he isn’t lucky as her. Ashvini calls him inside, but he says it is alright. He heads to leave, Esha comes behind him till his bike and says sorry to him, he came to return his phone and she warned to call police even. She explains that her mother always scolds her because of her aggression, but she got this aggression from her grand dad, Advocate Prabhaka Deshmukh. Esha says she never wanted to stay under his supervision, so she came to Brahma sir who was his student to. Om says his Pradhan sir is also the student of her grand dad. Esha asks what then. Om smiles, just that. He says there is no lawyer in his family. He tells her who called, Esha asks did he receive them. Om says there were 35 missed calls of them before, he didn’t want them to be angry so he clarified. Om appreciates her wallpaper of mobile. She explains that she took it when they went for an outing, and tells him one is mama, papa, chacha, chachi, baraypapa, and two little one’s are of Pinky and Munna. She says these are the hands who truly loves and cares for her. Om asks there are so many people in her home. Esha says they live in joint family, she shifted 4 months ago to Poona. She misses them and is going home because day after tomorrow it is her birthday. Om says it isn’t possible, as it is also his birthday. Esha doesn’t believe this.

PRECAP: Om tells her their date of births, their phones, their ringtones, proffessions, offices are in the same building etc. Esha and Om celebrate their birthdays, Esha with her family while Om alone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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