Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 4th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om brings Shubda ji home and calls dadi, Jeyash, Dhaneshri, Dataraam and everyone out. He introduces Shubda with everyone, dadi, his chacha, dataraam, Jayesh and his wife to be Dhaneshri. He tells them Shobda works in his office. Dadi asks to bring work for her; Shobda ji says it isn’t required. Dataraam asks Shubda to sit, they are all in majority and Om is in minority here though he is an owner. Dadi asks Shobda not to worry, they are all with her.
Esha was sitting alone, a waiter comes to tell Esha to wait in a waiting area, there is a lot of crowd. Esha says he told her he is near somewhere, but he can’t be seen. The waiter says thankyou.
In the house, Ashvini comes to crying Esha. Esha asks her to leave her alone, she is an idiot and believes anyone. She waited in hotel for two hours, and he didn’t come. It is for the second time, and this is limit. She says she doesn’t want to hear a word about him from now. Her phone rings, Esha says Mr. Om Chaudhry he must never, in life, call her again; this is the last warning. Esha throws her cell phone, and asks what he thinks about himself. The phone rings again, Ashvini says it was Om. Esha says didn’t she hear. Ashvini says he must have something important. Esha takes the call, Om asks what has happened to her. Esha says he must know what happened, how can he be so casual, can he do anything he wants to. Esha cries that she was waiting for him for 2 hours in hotel, thinking about their meet up. Om asks why he went there, he sent her an sms as meeting today wasn’t possible. Esha says he is lying, she didn’t get a message, she says he has failed me today. He hurt her badly today, she was alone there for two hours, people were watching her in awkward manner, waiters insulted her. Tell him one reason to see her again, she doesn’t want to see his face again in life. Om couldn’t understand and cuts the call. Esha was frustrated, and tries again to find the phone switched off.
Om lays on bed lost, thinking about Esha’s words. Esha asks Ashvini not to tease her, go and sleep. Ashvini says such rage isn’t good. Esha says she knows what is good and what is not. Esha says he cut her phone, no one humilitated her so badly. Ashvini asks her to keep calm, else call Om and say whatever she would like to.
Om comes out to kitchen, Dataraam notices his unrest. He offers him soda, Om asks if he is drinking. Dataraam says he has left drinking, Om doesn’t agree. Dataraam says he has enough control over himself. He asks Om what has happened, Om says till today no one talked to him aloud and made him quiet today. He curses his phone. Dataraam asks who is it. Om says it is no one, Dataraam says he now knows. He says all the misunderstanding create problems, it happens when we doesn’t listen to the other person. Om asks why we don’t listen? Dataraam says he won’t tell him this, and asks who is it. Om says he now get it, he has got a solution to his problem.
Shubda ji sat on bed alone at night. Dadi wakes up and asks if she doesn’t feel like sleeping, Shubda ji it is new place. Dadi offers to bring milk for her, Shubda ji denies and says she will instead go out to sleep in lounge. Dadi smiles saying if she wants to be a guard. Shubda smiles. Dadi asks her to keep smiling. Shubda ji says it is her husband’s call as the phone rings, Shubda ji says it is her anniversary but she can’t suggest how her husband will react. She cries again and tries his number but he doesn’t pick it up. Dadi tells her to tell Om, Shubda ji says he must be asleep. Dadi asks her to wake him up.
Esha’s phone rings, Ashvini prepares her to take the call once. She takes it, Esha asks they had a date today. Om tries to explain. Esha says yes or no, he says yes. Esha says did he reach there, Om tries to explain but Esha asks only yes or no. Shubda ji comes to Om with the phone, Om cuts saying he will talk to her in a while only. Om receives Shubda’s husband’s call and tells him she won’t come, he takes the phone outside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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