Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esa talks to Alka on call. Ashvini comes there and asks why she didn’t tell mother she is going on date. Esha says she isn’t afraid of her mother at all, it is just she will keep asking questions. Ashvini says it is good she tells them when everything is fixed. Esha tells Ashvini Om stayed so calm in all the matter, what she would do if he wasn’t there. He supported her so much, she was able to talk to Pinky only because of him. He told her she can deal children well. She tells her the last moment confusion, he forwarded his hand and she shook it though he was asking for his battery. Both laugh.
There, Om was thinking she is so calm, she dealt with the child so easily. He asks Ranjeev if he understands him or not. Ranjeet asks if he has started liking her so soon, he says they are all so alike. A boy respects and helps a girl means they are loves. He tells Ranjeet he likes her innocence, and emotional understanding. He thinks she is really emotional. She controlled herself and talked to her confidently. He smiles that no one told him before that someone could get inspire by him. Ranjeet comes to place hand on Om’s shoulder, Om smiles and gets a call from Shubda. Shubda ji asks him to meet him in office, if not busy. Om promises to come and gets worried. He makes a call to Esha asking her to pick it up.
There Esha and Ashvini were dancing and couldn’t hear the phone ring as the TV was loud. Om writes a text for her.
Esha looks into Ashvini and asks how she is looking. Ashvini says she looks beautiful, Esha reassures. Ashvini asks her to leave now, Esha sees her phone and watches missed calls but doesn’t pick up the phone. Ashvini says he must be riding the bike, she must go.
Om gets a call from Ranjeet, Ranjeet asks if he has reached office. Om says he just did, he promises to call him as soon as it is over. He comes to the office and calls Shubda.
Esha comes to Green Roof and takes a table.
Om comes calling Shubda but no one was there. He hears a voice from Shubda, Shubda appears from behind a door and was crying badly. Om tries to calm her saying he is here now, he gives her water to drink. He asks what is this all? Shubda ji says she doesn’t believe that person is her husband, she is really afraid, he has gone really wild. Had he beaten him badly she would die. Om asks her to keep calm, no need to be afraid now. Shubda says she is sorry, she couldn’t think about anything else. She says the man is just like an animal. Om says he thought she never wanted to talk to her, why she is living with him. he says she has been working with a lawyer, knows all the rules and laws. They can get him to court, why is she suffering his abuse and domestic violence. Shubda ji says he is her husband. Om says this is rubbish, does she like living such a life. Shubda asks who wants to live this way. Shubda ji says he loved her a lot, he hurts him as much as she does her. Three years ago there were a police raid and took 40 people out of village, he couldn’t take the blow. He tries to work for months then left, she could understand what he was going through. Then suddenly, he wanted a baby that she couldn’t give him. She cries again. She says she asked him to adopt one, but then his manly hood began. He got abusive. She spends good time at office, he dislikes even this. He thinks she is planning something against him. She says we weren’t like this Om. She says I was watching our wedding photos a few days ago, we were so happy. Om asks why she doesn’t tell her relatives. Shubda ji says her parents have passed away, other went away because of his behaviour. She cries again. Om keeps hand on his head, tries to think about something and asks her to come with him. Shubda ji says he drinks, he isn’t in a state to hear anything. Shubda ji says if she goes to home right now, she wont stay alive. Her phone rings, Om asks whose call is this. Shubda ji says it is his, he can come here. Om asks her to cut the call, she doesn’t. Om says he is not taking her to that house, but hers.
Esha was in the restaurant being teased by a waiter. She calls Ashvini and says Om hasn’t come till yet. Ashvini asks to call him. Esha says his phone is getting engaged. Ashvini says he must be engaged in some problem. Esha hangs on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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