Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha was being irritated by the crackers sound and tells Alka she will send them to jail. Alka asks her not to be so angry. Esha checks her cell phone and watches Om’s missed call, she asks Alka for time as her cell phone isn’t showing the correct times. Alka says it is midnight. Esha says then she won’t call. Alka asks whom was she about to call this late? Esha tells her she has a friend Om. Alka tells her to stop talking to male friends this late, as her marriage is going to be fixed soon. Esha asks if her father ever stopped Alka from anything, was any restriction put on her from her in laws? Alka says no. Esha says then why she thinks her in laws would also be conservative. Alka says now she is thinking very strictly for her, she must return before 7 o’clock. Esha jokes it must be 7 am. Alka asks Esha to come to her lap, she will massage her head and puts cucumber on her eyes. Esha asks what this is. Alka says from this, her eyes won’t look tired and droopy tomorrow. Esha asks what the matter is. Alka says it is a surprise but agrees to tell her only when she insists. Alka tells her that tomorrow a photographer is coming to take her photo. Esha says she dislikes getting photographed. Alka says they will see tomorrow.
Ranjeet takes Om blindfolded outside the house. It had been beautifully decorated, Om cheers watching this. Jayesh and Dhaneshri also come out happy. Om asks who did this all. Jayesh asks who did this. Om catches him lie. Om thanks them for making his home lively, then corrects that making their home lively. Dada brings crackers for them. They all enjoy Diwali whole heartedly.
There Esha enjoys Diwali with her family.
Next morning, Dhaneshri comes to Om and informs him that dadi is coming. Om asks if she is bringing breakfast. Dhaneshri says she is bringing ubtan and oil. Dadi comes there and asks him to get his oiling done. Om says it feels sticky but dadi says this is must once in a year. Om says only one option is left to him, he is running now. He hides under his bed and boasts about his victory. His phone rings, Esha wishes him Happy Diwali. She asks why he called her, he says he called to wish her. She asks are anarse ready at his home. He says yes. She says in her home too, she will bring hers and he must bring his and see whose are better. Om says it is done then.
He watches dadi coming and hides under the bed again, whispering to Esha. He tells her he is hiding because oiling him mission is going on in his house. Esha laughs and says she is also hiding, because her photosession mission is on. Om says this is same for them both. Esha asks what is same, he isn’t being photographed. He says hiding is same. Aditya had heard all this conversation of Esha. Esha says bye to Om, he repeatedly says bye bye for more than six or seven times, she laughs. He says sorry, and bye to her.


Update Credit to: Sona

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