Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha tries to keep herself calm and says he didn’t tell her well where to go. She doesn’t know much about Poona. Om says it doesn’t matter, they both have bikes so they may come to each other. Om gets up, while Esha asks the waiter about the exact address of Prabhat road chain and leaves.
Ranjeet and Dataraam were at home, discussing their loneliness. Ranjeet says Om has always stayed alone since childhood. Dataraam asks about Om’s parents. Ranjeet says his parents are divorced, his father and my brother was useless person employed at big post and used to go abroad. He had an affair with another woman. Om’s mother loved Ranjeet a lot, but she straight forward told his father she won’t come home till he leaves the other woman, she left the home then.
Om and Esha arrive at the resturants. Esha calls Om, Om asks where she is. Esha says she came to Prabhat road. Om says no, no, no. Esha gets it and asks why he went to Karegar Park. Om says he told her they will meet. Esha says he didn’t tell her he is coming there, so she came. Om says he has now reached here. Esha asks him to eat alone, she is full now. He asks why is she getting angry. Om says he asked her if he should text him. She said she knows about the address, and she could call him if there was a problem. Esha gets teary and says they were about to meet for celebration, Om asks why is she being so impatient and is irritated. Esha says sorry, she has no right to shout at him, they don’t know each other well. She says she wanted to spend some time with him, but his time was wasted for her, bye. Both are saddened.
The waiter asks Om what he needs, Om asks a handful of water to drown in; he leaves the resturant. The waiter asks Esha what she want. Esha had tears in eyes, she says she is full now; it was a very nice dinner, very nice party and hotel.
Esha arrives home, Om calls her from behind the bushes. She turns around angrily, Om comes to her and says he was going back home but he didn’t feel something right. He couldn’t go home today without meeting her. He says it was a misunderstanding, because of him. He asks her not to be angry, please; I am sorry, really sorry. Esha doesn’t turn to him, Om turns away to leave and gets on his bike. He looks at Esha for one last time, she turns to face him crying and says she is hungry. Om smiles, Esha wipes her tears. Om asks where to go, all hotels are closed now. Esha says she hasn’t eaten anything from morning, she won’t be able to sleep. He asks her to come, she gets on his bike and asks where would they go. Om says they would eat Anda buji at Munna, she won’t forget it for lifetime.
When served, Om tells Esha this is his favorite dish. Om tells her it might be a bit spicy. Esha says spice is used in her house as well. Om says this is why she gets so angry. Esha says he must eat ice cream all day then. Esha gets cough, Om says she can’t eat spice, but notices her cough is serious and brings water. She denies that it is unhygienic. He says his doctor friend tells him they should drink water anywhere, this way their system gets immune. They talk and have a good meal. Esha pays Munna bhai, Om scolds him for taking the money from her and pays himself. Om says today’s party was from him, he makes a bad face that it wasn’t a good party. Esha says why sad, he brought her here in such a good place and they had a lovely time together. Om gets happy and goes to bike. Esha says he has to drop her as well, he asks her to get to bike. He says thanks looking at the sky. Esha asks why? He says normally his wishes never fulfil, but today he wanted to meet her and they did. He thanks her again too. She keeps a hand on the back of his shoulder, and says welcome. They reach her home speaking, turns thrice to leave. They turn again to face each other and smile.

PRECAP: In the morning, Esha asks Om what he is doing here. She was saying this to a biker, and gets on his bike. Om hides behind a tree and watches her go with the man.

Update Credit to: Sona

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