Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha and Ashvini select clothes; Ashvini says she hasn’t many good dresses. Esha says she will decide it. Ashvini shows her one that she wears in office. Esha makes fun of her that she has hid the others. Ashvini checks for others and asks her to check one. Esha says this is way too casual. She points at one of the dresses that Ashvini had hid beneath the pillow. Ashvini was reluctant and says no, not that. Esha says she likes that, Ashvini says it isn’t that nice and is torn. Esha asks her to show it atleast. Ashvni brings it out but says Sonu gifted this to her on birthday so not this one. Esha says she likes this one. Ashvini runs away with it, Esha chases her.
Ranjeet comes to appreciate Om standing in front of mirror. He asks Om to propose her straight away, Om warns he won’t go. Ranjeet says sorry. Om asks where is everyone at home. Ranjeet says dadi is at temple, Jayesh and Dhaneshri have gone out and Dataraam is at meeting. He notices Om didn’t put on scent much and sprays it at him. He tells Om to be relax and know each other well. While going out, he wishes Om all the best. Om says it isn’t a war.
Om comes out and watches Pradhan’s car approaching. He comes inside and tells Ranjeet about it. Pradhan says he was going to Mumbai, then thought about meeting his chacha. He asks Mr. Pradhan why he brought flowers as his chacha is alive yet. Pradhan asks if he can come inside. Om brings him inside, Pradhan asks Om where he was going. Om says he wanted to look fresh in front of chacha. Ranjeet calls Om weakly, he lay in the bed. Pradhan says he doesn’t seem to be Om’s uncle. Ranjeet says this is the truth. Pradhan asks him what happened? Ranjeet asks Om to explain. Om says he started panting. Pradhan asks since when he is ill. Ranjeet says since sometime. Pradhan watches Ranjeet’s condition and asks Om to call an ambulance, they need to transfer him to hospital. Ranjeet tells them he called his physician Dataraam. Pradhan wonders he never heard his name. Dataraam arrive there.
He asks Ranjeet to lay on his stomach. When Ranjeet turns over, he punches on Ranjeet’s back, then hears on his back. He tells them that Ranjeet has stomach pain, he asks him to take medicine before food. Ranjeet asks him to stay, Dataraam tells Om and Pradhan to go out of the room. Both Ranjeet and Dataraam laugh together.
In the lounge, Pradhan says that the style of treatment of this doctor is a bit different. Jayesh and Dhaneshri come there, Om introduces them as his brother and sister in law. Dataraam comes out, Pradhan forwards his hand to Dataraam saying nice to meet you. Dataraam says shame to you. Pradhan says his way of treatment is a bit odd. Dhaneshri runs laughing as he called him doctor.
Esha calls Om where to meet. Om curses himself about the treatment then says says lets meet at Green Roof. Esha begins her list of questions, as to where it is, how to reach there, it’s address and phone number. Ashvini interferes that she knows where it is. Esha feels awkward, Om says he got to know she knows where to come.
Om was waiting at the restaurant; Esha comes there and takes a separate table. Both wait for each other.
Dataraam and Ranjeet laugh at their drama.
Esha calls Om, he attends the call and says she must not say sorry or any excuse. She tells him she is in Green roof, he asks her to come inside as he is in Green Roof. She asks is he in AC or non-AC. He says offcourse AC, they haven’t come here for Paani puri. Om asks what is in her front, she says there is a wall. He says is there a painting with a lady with grapes in hand. Om asks about her dress colour. She says this is really basic. Om tries to tease a lady but it wasn’t him. Om asks where in Green roof she is. She says in Korigao park. He says he is in Prabhat road branch of it.

PRECAP: Om comes to Green Roof in Karigao road. He smiles that it is the same, and looks for Esha. Esha comes to Prabhat road. He gets Esha’s call and asks where is she. Esha says she has come to Prabhat road, where is he? Om smiles, disbelevingly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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