Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The next morning Om arrives at the office where a boy was waiting on the bench. He stops by him and asks if he is Mr. Khamkar’s son. The boy says yes. Om offers him to sit on his bike as the place where he is sitting is muddy. Om offers him chocolate but the boy says he has one. Om asks where his parents are. The boy says mother has gone to canteen but father is inside. Om asks why is the bandage on his forehead, the boy was resistant but then tells Om that his mama papa were fighting and he, afraid, hid behind the door. Om says his parents doesn’t live together. The boy explains that yesterday his papa came and shouted with mama, he hid behind the door but the electricity went off so he hit the corner of the door. He asks Om if his parents will relive together, he wants to live with both. Om hugs him tear-eyed, Esha also stood there.
Om and Esha were sitting on a table, Om says they must think about settlement. Mr. Khamkar says he has been coming to court for two years, not for settlement. Mrs. Khamkar says he borrowed money from her dad, then hurt her ever. He could only hurt her because he never had money. Mr. Khamkar says he was in crisis. They weren’t ready. Esha asks them to come to today’s point and better forget past. Mr. Khamkar says he can’t forget past. Om asks Esha have they been able to forget their past? Esha doesn’t understand. Om says they couldn’t forget each other till today. He says even after their divorce. He says to Esha that he know she doesn’t want to talk about it, but now he must. He tells the couple and he and Esha were husband and wife. Esha asks when? Om says he would have said so, he says what they have been suffering will teach them what this couple is upto. Does she understand? Esha nods. Om says in college, both of them loved so much, but after a while when they got married the environment of the house went worse. Esha says yes, how long their marriage ended, only six months? Om says seven and a half month. Om says what they didn’t do. Esha asks what he did for her? She wants to hear? Om says didn’t he love her dearly. When he was struggling, Esha qualifies that they didn’t have time to go to five stars but his one Malai-Qulfi was a treat for her. Mr. and Mrs. Khamkar says they have lost it all, Mrs. Khamkar says it has all ended. Mr. Khamkar says they lost it all so soon. Om says they can forget about it all and start a new life. Mr. Khamkar says they can’t. Om was angry and asks why that Aryan suffer because of them both, he wants their togetherness. Esha calms Om down, he apologizes. Esha says his future is lying ahead. Om says they have to decide if their ego is important or his future. Mr. Khamkar says he wants to rethink, Mrs. Khamkar says she too, both look at each other. Om smiles.
Outside, Esha comes behind Om, both were excited. Om congrats her that they both have won. Om says sorry, he didn’t ask her before saying they are couple. Esha says it’s fine, a little lie for good isn’t bad. Esha says it doesn’t make them a couple by just saying. Esha says they must celebrate. Om says not in court or canteen, Om suggests about coffee. Esha makes face, Om asks what happened. Esha says she thought he would take her to dinner. Om says oh, dinner done then. Both leave in excitement.
Om comes home and hears some voices from inside. Dataraam, and Jayesh and Dhaneshri were watching a drama and crying. Dhanshri was crying watching them. Dataraam tells them to shut it off, Om says they are all impossible. He divides sweet to them all. Dataraam asks to give Dhaneshri two. Ranjeet comes there too and asks if Om has decided to marry. Om says he isn’t like him, and asks chachu to come inside as he has to talk to him.
At home, Chachi tells dadi and baray papa about Esha’s proposal. Baray papa jokes, Dadi scolds him. Chachi tells them it is her brother’s son who lives in Flourida. Dadi likes the proposal.
In the room, Om was happy. He says after a long time, he is really fresh and feels good after a tiring day. Om says a lot of times, in family court, there is depression all around. People shout at each other, arguing and accusing other. Om says he watched a child today on court, his parents have been fighting for his custody for two years. He met that child today, he told him that the boy hides behind the door when his parents fight. Ranjeet holds Om and kisses his shoulder, Om laughs that they made a settlement between his parents. He is happy because of it all. Om tells Ranjeet it is because of that Esha. Ranjeet wonders Esha?

PRECAP: Om reconfirms to Esha about their dinner, and asks where to go. Esha asks him to suggests as he is an old dweller of the city. Om asks what she likes to have, like Chinese, Italian, Mexican? At home, Esha tells Ashvini about Om, Ashvini says she has fall in love with Om.

Update Credit to: Sona

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