Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om comes home and finds Jayesh and Dhaneshwari sitting outside and are relieved seeing it was Om. Om asks why they didn’t go inside. Jayesh says it is locked. Om wonders Dadi… then asks them to come inside. Dhaneshwari begins to cry, they her about what has happened to her. Dhaneshwari says nothing good is happening. Om asks what is it about. Jayesh says they went because Sagar told them to, they kept on standing outside the house. They called Sagar and he told the man has been transferred. Jayesh and Dhaneshwari were worried, Om tells them no one can touch them.
Ashvini tells Esha that the Dataraam of Vijay didn’t come. She shys about getting married soon now as she told her parents about the proposal now. Esha says she also said yes for getting married, but she won’t be getting so soon. Ashvini says it would be great if they marry on the same day. Esha says they won’t be able to attend the wedding of each other. She goes to call home to tell them she has reached. Baraypapa attends the call and asks if she has reached. Esha says she is just about to fell asleep. He tells her to keep calling and get sentimental. Esha tells him not to get sentimental, and says she will keep the phone now. Baray papa announces to everyone Esha has reached now. Esha says love you to him. Dadi brings milk and medicine for baray papa, she asks how he solved this rubic cube. He asks her not to tease him for keep sitting. Baray papa tells her that he didn’t, Om did. Baray papa says he is a good boy and seems to be intelligent too. Dadi says no one becomes intelligent by solving a single riddle only. Baray papa says winning a case in her court is difficult.
Om asks Jayesh and Dhaneshri to sit down, she doesn’t. Ranjeet and Dataraam whispers getting restless about who they are. Om tells him to keep calm, it is serious. He tells chachu that Jayesh and Dhanewshri have come from village, Jayesh is a teacher and she is student. They want to get married as they love each other. Dataraam asks about the problem, Om says their brother is against their lived. Dataraam says he will do the the end of this story, as there is no need to worry. Om tells them both to stay here, without taking any tension. They don’t even need to tell anyone where they come from. Jayesh says he can take tution and Dhaneshri will help her, he will be able to afford a rented house. Om says he has told them to stay here. Om asks them to get to sleep now, Chachu and Dataraam hurries for their plan.
Jayesh touches Om’s feet, he says he doesn’t believe there are people like him in world. He increases the courage of him for life. Om says he can’t see someone cry, so please don’t cry in front of him. Jayesh wipes his tears and Om tells him to go and sleep.
Dada comes looking for Dadi. Dataraam comes from outside and holds him from behind asking what he is doing here. He says what he wants is there inside and drags him inside. Dataraam brings dada ji inside and tells Jayesh and Dhaneshwari this old man was keeping an eye on them. Om comes there and saves dada ji, Dataraam says he knows it must be Dhaneshwari’s brother or dada. Om tells Dataraam that this is Kaamat dada, his neighbor. Om asks if he came to see dadi, Dada asks why would he and leaves worried.
Om scolds chachu and Dataraam what his problem is. Dataraam says he didn’t hurt him, was just making his scared. Om asks what if something had happened to him. He wants to hurt anyone? Om asks Dataraam why he touched Dadi’s utensils? Her utensils smell non veg and she hasn’t eaten anything. Dhaneshwari says today is Tuesday. Om says she won’t eat anything now for the whole day. Dataraam says he didn’t know non veg is banned on Tuesdays. Om says if they live together, they must take care of everyone, and if he can’t care he must go somewhere else. Dataraam says alright, he will leave now. Chachu runs behind him, Om smiles what a kind of peace is this at home.

PRECAP: Esha tells Ashvini that tomorrow is the final hearing of case with Om. She calls Om and asks him not to take her wrong, but if they can meet one hour before the final hearing in café. Om agrees.

Update Credit to: Sona

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