We have miles to go stay with me… Rikara ff (Chapter 4)

hello friend sorry for delay in my ff …happy new year guys …i wish i will try to post the ff regularly…

back to story

shianiomru  comes to new flat in lucknow…opposite to their buildling theres another building with flat of gauri…yes gauri lives in another flat opp to oberois…

any way next morning gauri get ready for her new college mrs.sharma comes takes aarti and she take blessings from mr and mrs sharma… and go to college.

she went to college their she is stopped by a guy he is senior student. meanwhile omkara to enter the scene.(HEY FRIENDS PLSS HELP PLS SUGGEST NAME OF SOME GOOD LOOKING VILLIANS)

SENIOR STUDENT TO G: hey stop right there

gauri stopped walking. and another senior student stopped omkara..

senior student 2: hey you stop there.

both senior student comes closer..


Ss 1 : hey girl what is your name?

G: gauri kumari sarma…

O: sarma nahi sharma. Sh-ar-ma.

Ss 2: hey you stop taking grammar classes here…:) 😉

Ss1 to G: do you know how to sing

G: y..e…s…

Ss1 so sing a song for us…

G: Maana ke hum yaar nahin

Lo tay hai ke pyaar nahin

Phir bhi nazrein na tum milaana
Dil ka aitbaar nahi
Maana ke hum yaar nahi…

Raaste mein jo milo toh

Haath milaane ruk jaana

omkara mesmerized by her voice.it is so angelic voice. i like her voice very much

Ss2: hey you (omkara) do you know singing

O:no,,but I know some shyaris

Ss2 : k say one shayari

O: Dil ke rishte ka koi naam nahi hota,

Maana ki iska kutch anjaam nahi hota,

Agar nibhane ki chahat ho dono taraf,

Tamaam umar koi rishta naakam nahi hota.  (sorry i dont know what it means LOL)

G in mind: what i loved it very much i love that  person who makes this type of shyari..

Ss2:ap ache shayri marte hoo well done you both can go

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