When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 7)

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Hello everyone , this is Tanz back with part-7 of my ff . I know I say it in the starting of every part but still I’m never tired of saying this again, so here it is again : Thank you all for your immense support and love that I’m getting through this ff .It really means a lot to me . So let’s start this part without further ado….

Recap : AniRu’s discussion about their mission.
It was 4 : 30 p.m. in the evening , half an hour before the Jagraata had to start . All the preparations were done perfectly by Annika, better than any other expert. The theme for the day was white and red . White lilies rounding the pillars perfectly which beautified the mansion and their scent made the atmosphere of the place apt for any religious work . The pooja ghar was decorated with red chunris and red flowers , with Durga Ma’s idol in the middle .The idol was beautifully dressed in a red saree with a green border with an embroidery of gold .
Slowly, the whole room started to fill with people , Ladies dressed in red and the men in white kurtas. Annika was finishing with the final works when Daadi came up to her and said,
Daadi : “ Annika Puttar you didn’t get ready till now . All the guests have started to come . Go and get ready now .The servants will look after the left over work .”
Annika : “But Daadi it’s your family function . How can I….”
She was stopped in between by Daadi .
Daadi : “ No ifs and Buts beta . Just do as I say . Go and get ready fast . You can use the guest room . I’ve bought a dress for you . Take it from Prinku . “
Annika :”Daadi, there’s no need to do all this .”
Daadi : “What are you saying? You’re just like my grand-daughter and our Prinku’s friend too . You call me as Daadi so won’t you follow your Daadi’s order .”
Annika : “Okay Daadi I’ll go and get ready.”

Annika was very happy to get so much love and affection from the Oberoi family . It has not even been a full day since she had met them all , but still they treated her like she was a part of their family .While she had been working , Pinky had occasionally asked her to take some rest and also offered her juice and fruits. When she denied , she was forced to sit and was made to drink the juice by Pinky, like a child is forced to drink milk .Oh! Motherly love, with which she had no acquaintance . In the name of a mother she had Jaya, who was far worse . Annika always doubted if Jaya even knew the meaning of word –‘love’.
Annika got dressed up and before going to the Jagraata , she quickly called Saahil and informed him of the day’s events in short. Saahil wanted to know everything about the ‘SSO’ but she didn’t have much time so she promised that she will tell everything to him in detail . After ending the call, she started towards the stairs to go down . On her way , she was busy chatting with a friend on her phone, head down. From the other side came Shivaay , busy on his phone as usual. Both didn’t see each other and they collided . Annika was going to fall down , but somehow she managed to balance herself by holding Shivaay’s arm and also managed to save her phone from falling . Shivaay’s phone fell down and broke . Poor thing, already didn’t have much life in Shivaay’s hands .
Shivaay stood their stupefied , mesmerized by Annika’s beauty . He looked at her from top to bottom as if it was the last time he was looking at her . She looked amazing in a red anarkali suit with her hair open and a red lipstick . Annika waved her hands in front of his face . She tried to shake him but nothing seemed to work to bring him back from his imaginary world .He was lost .Finally she shouted ,
Annika : “Billuji what are you thinking?”

This shout was enough to wake Shivaay up.
Shivaay(confused) :”Why are you shouting Annika ?”
Annika : “ I am shouting ? Just a moment ago you were lost in your own world . I didn’t find any other way to bring you out from your imagination so I shouted . Did you understand now why I shouted Billuji ?”
Shivaay :”Okay I understood . But wait….what did you call me just now ?”
Annika very well knew what Shivaay was talking about but she acted to be innocent.
Annika : “What did I call you ?”
Shivaay :”That….”
Annika : “That what?”
Shivaay (irritated):”Billu…Why did you call me that ?”
Annika : “Oh, you mean to say Billuji….Say it straight na.Well if your name is Billu ji then I’ll call you Billuji only .What else can I call you?”
Shivaay : “You are impossible . By the way do you always sleep walk or was today something special ?”
Annika : “What do you mean?”
Shivaay : “I mean that . Can’t you see and walk?”
Annika :”I can ask the same…”
Shivaay : “Yes you could if any harm was done to you . You are perfectly fine. See you broke my phone . Do you even know how much was its cost ?”
Annika : “ No , I don’t but I promise I’ll pay for it.”
Shivaay : “ It’s cost was 60,000Rs. May I know when I’m getting my money back?”

Annika started do something in the air with her fingers.
Shivaay(confused) : “What are you doing?”
Annika continued without answering .Shivaay figured out what she was actually trying to do and to confirm , he asked her,
Shivaay :”Are you counting the zeroes ?”
Annika : “Yes. Now don’t disturb me …..I forgot where I was due to you and now I have to start all over again..”
Shivaay : “Annika, don’t pain that little brain of yours so much . It has 4 zeroes . Now, come down , everyone would be waiting.”
Shivaay went from there laughing . Annika also followed him while still thinking,
Annika : “Ajeeb aadmi hai. Abhi thodi der pehle to tadi dikha rahe the aura b has rahe the. Mujhe ye kuch samajh hi nahi aate .”(He is a strange man. Just a moment ago , he was showing his tadi and now he was laughing . I really can’t understand him.)
They both reached the place where Jagraata was going on . The Jagraata ended after 3 hours and soon , in an hour or so all the guests departed , taking the Prasad . Annika change her dress and gave the anarkali to priyanka and asked her not to tell daadi about it as she neither wanted to hurt her, nor did she want to keep something which doesn’t belonged to her .

Annika was wrapping up her work when she saw Om passing from there . She went near him and said ,
Annika : “ Hi Om . I hope you don’t mind me calling you ‘Om’.”
Om: ”No Annika .Not at all . By the way you did great work today.”
Annika : ”Thanks Om . Rudra told me that Durga Ma’s idol was made by you . It was beautiful.”
Om : “Yes I had made it but It wouldn’t have looked complete without that red Saari . So the credit goes to you too. So you are going home now.”
Annika : “Yes.Just wrapping up.”
Om : “I can drop you if you want because it’s around 10 now.”
Before Annika could say something , Shivaay spoke from behind,
Shivaay : “Om , you would be tired . I’ll go and drop her .”
Annika : “Billuji there’s no need . I can go on my own .”
Shivaay : “See Annika I don’t want you to do stunts like that day . So you’re coming with me and that’s final.”
Om :”What day Shivaay?”
Shivaay :”Nothing Om. You just go and have rest .I’ll go with her now.”

So it’s the end of part-7.I hope you liked it . I want to tell some things about this part :-
1)The red Saari for Ma durga was an inspiration from the last part of Serendipity by Diyaa Di. Thanks Diyaa Di.
2)The zeroes counting scene was taken from real IB as I simply loved it .
3)Some people had asked me to show some AniOm scenes too so it was the first step towards their friendship.
So, I guess I fulfilled my promise of completing it today itself Anagha .
Please do comment if you can.

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    1. Tanz

      Thanks Setu

  1. It was damn good yar.

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sara.

  2. That was really an amazing episode ?. Shivika’s cute little moments was as always wonderful. Eagerly waiting for the next one. Post soon ?……

    1. Tanz

      Thank you Sofiya . I’ll update soon.

  3. Diyaa

    I love the crisp pace of your story. Not a second of lagging behind or getting bored. The description of the decorations was so heavenly. I could almost smell the lilies and feel the puja atmosphere. I love the zero counting scene too?So cute. Those were the days…sigh… Anika’s gesture of returning the suit without letting Dadi know to avoid hurting her…marvelous touch…as I said before , I love these little gestures that show inner beauty and character. I am a big fan of AniOm relationship too so loved reading about them. And last, (I have been delaying writing this as it makes me emotional), thanks for mentioning me in the after note. That was so sweet of you. I am so occupied with Expressions…these days that I forgot that bit of Serendipity… Thanks for reminding me and for showing such love. Waiting for the next update ☺

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Diyaa Di. Your comment really means alot to me . AniOm’s relation is a mature one and I always doubted if I could show that properly but seeing all these comments I feel that i’ve been able to do so . And that Saari part was proof that I did read Serendipity …..I’m just kidding?? ….Your are most welcome and i’ll update soon.

  4. Awesome…..

    1. Tanz

      thanks Pari.

  5. Aryaraju

    Superb.. Loved it ?

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Aryaraju

  6. Simply loved it!!

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Bhavana.

  7. noooooo words to say just ………………………….

    1. Tanz

      Believing it to be compliment….Thanks Shab(if I can call you that) 🙂

      1. ofcourse its an compliment and yes u can call me shab even i comment in ib page as shab ter many people dont know this name and i know 2days be4 u joined that page too

  8. Loved this part post next part soon.

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Arpita . I’ll update soon.

  9. Anagha

    Thank you soooo oooooo much TANZ…I never thought you would post it today…it means a lot to me!!..thanks .. by the way …superb work!!!!!

    1. Tanz

      Thank you Anagha . I always try to keep my promises and I was successful in keeping this one .☺

  10. Niriha


    1. Tanz

      Thanks Niriha.

  11. Awesome dear and Everything was explained so sweetly and it was gooooddd and everything is shown and everyone’s bonding is shown clearly with pace and superb dr……………

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Arthi ☺☺☺??

  12. Haridhra

    Superb epi … Even I luv AniOm bond so I lived that part … Hence on the whole it was a nice one ..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Haridhra

  13. Alekhika20

    Amazing part

    1. Tanz

      Thank you Alekhika

  14. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear….

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Nikita .(Are you nikitajai?)

      1. Nikita_jai29

        Yes… Just a little modification and lots of confusion…

    2. Tanz

      ok . Now i don’t have any confusion 🙂

  15. Awesome…
    AniOm scene was cute….
    Anika & Dadi scene was also amazing….
    Everything was so beautifully expressed….Loved it….
    waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Shivika . I’ll update soon.

  16. Loved it…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Zaveesha 🙂

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Wow! Tanz its fantastic dear… I loves the way u describes Anika’s character in ur ff. Shivaay is soo sweet and cute! I just loved him!!
    And thanks for giving AniOm scene. Aw! Their scene is cute….
    AniOm(Ru) are always best Bhabhi-devar(s),
    waiting for next part…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Gayathri . I am glad, I stood up to your expectations . I’ll update soon.

  18. Pooja26

    superb loved it !!!!!
    whole is awsm……
    post asap…..
    tc… dear

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Pooja . I’ll update soon and you too take care. 🙂

  19. Hai Tanz……
    It’s was an awesome episode dear. I like the decorations of the jagraata. You described all things are beautiful. I like the description. while reading this part I imagine the decorations. I like the theme of red and white.you describe the durga maa ‘S idol very well. you are an amazing writer dear. anika was get so much love and affection from oberio family. she meet them in today but in these short time they consider her as a part of their family. she didn’t get this love and affection from her step mother. she get a dadi who consider her as her own grand daughter and she get motherly love from pinky she asked her take some rest and offers her juice and fruits. when she denied pinky forcely made her drink the juice like a child was forcely drink milk by mother. I like this pinky and want she gave same care and love to Anika in real IB too. Anika rerun back the gift to priyanga and ask her not tell about it to dadi she didn’t want to hurt dadi. This shows the inner beauty of Anika. shivay stuck with the imagine world that part was very nice. And anika counting the zero’s that part was very funny. I didn’t see that part in IB ,you used that situation in your ff very well. And I like the starting of friendship between anika and om. The way they gave credits to each other to make the durga idol its part was very nice. om made the idol but it get it’s beauty by anika. You described anika ‘s character very well. The entire episode nice and emotional too. when the oberios serve her as a part of their family anika feeling of getting a family that was the emotional part of this part. she get a family, soon she get her life shivay. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode. update soon………………?????

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Ahsana . I too love red and white combination and it matched with the purpose so i used it . I wanted to show Pinky as a positive character and I think I’ve done that properly . The counting zeroes part came when Shivaay paid Saahil’s fees after the marriage .
      I’m glad you liked it. I’ll update soon.??☺☺☺

  20. it’s was an awesome episode dear. update soon.

    1. my first comment wasn’t find when I reopen the your ff page that is why I write the second comment. sorry for that.

  21. AMkideewani

    Superb dear I love it

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sam 🙂

  22. Neha_Pheonix

    Tanz you nailed it… you made me emotion ..I miss old Shivika moments.. Counting zeros and collisions….!Love ya !

  23. Jerry_36

    Hey Tanz it was an amazing update. I always look forward to your works and every time you nail it. Really appreciate it☺

  24. Awesome

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