When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 6)

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PART – 6
Hello everyone, this is Tanz back with part-6 of my ff . I get sooo happy reading all of your comments that I have no words to express it. Thanks a lot everyone for your support and
love . So, let’s start with this part…..
Recap : Shivaay and Annika have a talk outside OM.
After the talking, both of them enter OM , Shivaay ahead and Annika behind him . In the hall , Om ,Rudra and Priyanka are sitting on the sofa and talking about something . While talking , Rudra turns towards the door and sees Shivaay busy on his phone and Annika, standing beside him , spinning her head around like a spinning top , to examine the OM .
Rudra : “Oho , O ….Prinku dekho toh bhaiya apne saath Bhabhi ko laaye he….”(Oh, O nd Prinku look Bhaiya has brought bhabhi along with him)

Om and Prinku exchange confused looks and look in the direction where Rudra was looking . They see a girl standing close to Shivaay . She’s still busy in looking at the beautiful mansion and doesn’t listen to what Rudra has just said .
Shivaay too is confused and raises his eyebrows as if trying to ask ‘what?’. Rudra understands his question and points towards Annika .
Shivaay : “ Oh she…..She is Annika . She will be organizing today’s Jagraata . Miss Annika, meet my brothers and sister . He is Rudra(pointing towards Rudra), he is Omkara(pointing towards Om) and she (pointing towards Prinku) ….She is our sister, Prinku.
Annika looked at everyone but was surprised to see Priyanka .
Annika : “Priyanka you here ?”
Prinku : “Annika di you…it’s so good to see you after so much . How are you ?”
ShivOmRu(confused) :” You both know each other ?”
Prinku : “ Yes Bhaiya , Annika di and I both studied in the same college . She was one of the best seniors . She always helped me in college . “

Shivaay : “Thank you so much Miss Annika for helping my sister.”
Annika : “You can call me Annika…No need to add Miss .”
While Annika was greeting Om, Rudra and Prinku the Oberoi ladies too entered.
Daadi : “Acha kiya Billu tu jaldi aa gaya . Ab jaakar thoda aaraam kar le . sham ko jagraata bhi hai naa .”(You did good by coming early Billu . Now go and take some rest, there is jagraata in the evening also.)

Shivaay (irritated) :”Daadi I’ve told you not to call me by that name .”
Daadi : “Konsa naam?”(What name)
Annika had been looking for a chance to irritate the Baghad Billa and she used this opportunity for it .
Annika : “Billu ?”She looked towards Shivaay , questioning him and trying hard to suppress her laughter.
Shivaay (being more irritated) :”Yeah, whatever . I am going to my room to take some rest. Annika please do your work properly or else you know what will happen .”Saying this an irritated Shivaay left from there, Pinky went behind him.
Pinky : “Shivaay beta , come I’ve already kept food for you in your room . I’ll serve you the food myself and after having that , you take rest.”

When they both had left from there, Daadi looked at Annika and asked her
Daadi : “Puttar , who are you and what work was Billu talking about?”
Annika leaned forward to touch her and Jhanvi’s feet . From the moment , Daadi had first saw her ,she knew that this girl was different . Annika introduced herself confidently yet humbly .
Annika : “ Daadi I am Annika . Billuji has appointed me to organize the Jagraata and that is the work he was talking about . Daadi will you please tell me what all arrangements I have to make and where I have to arrange for the Jagraata .”
Daadi : “Come with me Annika Puttar . I’ll tell you what all you have to do .Jhanvi you also come with us.”
All three them went from there . While preparing for the jagraata , Annika thought , “ Very good Annika You have got the weak point of Mr. Kanji Aankhon waala Baghad Billa . Now You can irritate him by calling him Billuji . Good work. “
While she was self-conversing, Rudra came and stood behind her and patted on her shoulder . She turned around and saw him waving a his hand towards him. She too did the same .
Rudra : “Hello Annika didi”
Annika :”Hello Rudra . “

Rudra : “Hi”
Annika : “Hi”
Rudra : “How are you?”
Annika : “I am fine Rudra . How are you?”
Rudra : “Aapki aur meri bohot banegi.”

Annika : “Matlab?”(Meaning?)
Rudra : “I mean that you are the first person who hasn’t scolded me till now . My brothers always scold me . They don’t understand my intelligence .“he acts to be sad .
Annika : “Arree…Does anyone scold such a cute brother? You don’t worry Rudra I’ll talk to that tadibaaz Billuji.”
Rudra : “Really Annika didi…..Thank you so much . But what does tadibaaz mean?”
Annika : “ Arre Tadibaaz use bolte hai jo bohot tadi dikhata hai…jaise tumhare bade bhaiya…english me kya kehte….”(We call that person tadibaaz who has very much tadi …just like your elder brother…what do we call it in English…)
Totally unaware of what the word meant , thinking that meant something good after all it was used to address the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Rudra started his guessing game .
Rudra : “Handsome ?”
Annika :”No Rudra.”

Rudra : “Then Charming?”
Annika : “NO NO”
Rudra : “Is it Attractive ?”
Annika :”YES”
Rudra : “What?”
Annika :”I mean yes I got the word…tadi means attitude …. Your bhaiya has much attitude…”
Rudra laughed hysterically .
Rudra(managed to speak somehow) : “Yes…I agree with you. But what can we do?”
Annika :”Don’t worry Rudra . I’ll turn him from SSO to cute Billuji . You just wait and watch .”
Rudra(scratched his head due to confusion) :” SSO?”
Annika : “You don’t know? SSO means Shivaay Singh Oberoi . “

Rudra : “Oh I see….So we are partners now.”
Annika : “Huh…Partners?”
Rudra : “Oho Annika didi. Partners in mission to convert SSO to cute Billuji. You’ll get more intelligent in my company.”
Annika : “Yeah, we are partners and mission- convert SSO to cute Billuji is on.”
They both giggled at this and gave each other a high five . They decided that they won’t tell anyone else about this mission and will report to each other occasionally but secretly, about their plans and their proceedings regarding the same.

So , this is the end of this part . I hoped you liked it . I’m really sorry Arthi, I couldn’t post it yesterday . It was due to some internet relating issues .
Please do comment if you can.

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  1. Haridhra

    Wow tanz what an epi yaar .. It was really mindblowing,n super funny ,I just loved it I’m waiting 4 next one post it soon yaar ..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Haridhra.I’ll try to update soon

  2. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent! I always loves Aniru bonding…. Can u please add some Aniom scenes?? Eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Gayathri . I’ll try to add Aniom scenes in upcoming parts.

  3. Lisaaa


    1. Tanz

      Thanks Lisaaa

  4. Awesome. Post next one soon.

    1. Tanz

      Thanks dwet . I’ll try to update soon.

  5. Superb

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Fffan

  6. Oh dear it’s okay and wow. Superb part dr loved Rudy as always…….Love u dr and post next soon…..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks for understanding Arthi . I’ll try to update soon.

  7. Pooja26

    rudy & ani r always best 😉 😉
    amazing part….
    post asap….

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Pooja . I’ll try to update soon. 🙂

  8. Awesome episode….Mission SSO to cute billuji seems interesting….Waiting for next parts….Nd sorry for not commenting on ur previous episode….

    1. Tanz

      It’s OK Zaveesha and thanks a lot for your comment .

  9. Awesome

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Niriha

  10. It is nice one dear… You are doing well…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks for the compliment nikitajai

  11. It’s was an awesome lovely super episode dear. The entire episode is fantastic. I like the whole part of the episode. when shivay coming along with anika rudra say bhaya coming along with bhabi. that was the nice part of this episode. when anika call shivay is billuji that was the sweetest thing of this episode. I like the bond of Aniru. And anika find the meaning of the word tadi through rudra say the word attractive. I like that part. so the entire episode is fantastic. I’m waiting for seeing aniru ‘s mission of convert sso to cute billuji. I’m waiting for your next episode update soon……….

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Ahsana . Your comments are always like an overall analysis of the part and I love it . Thanks a lot

  12. Awesome….
    Aniru bonding was amazing…
    Mission SSO to cute billuji sounds fascinating…
    waiting fr d nxt 🙂

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Shivika.I’ll try to update soon.

  13. Heyyo, Tanz. ….
    This was an awesome update…I love the fact how u give the importance to minute details and write down everything with absolute precision…..like how you highlighted the cute yet lovable bond of rudra and anika…..How u showed us the nok jhok of shivika and also dadi’ s
    hunch about anika……
    I admire how u described Anika’s actions , I. E. touching Jhanvi and dadi’s feet…because it is a person’s actions that describe him/ her.
    Anyways…sorry for my long rant but so looking forward to Mission convert sso to cute billuji .That’s one cute and beautiful story u have there, Tanz. …
    Loads of luv to u!

  14. P.S. After a couple of episodes, pls highlight the Bro – sis like bond of om and anika…..iIreally love it….But right now iIthink iit’sa bit early because om takes some time to get close to people…..
    It’sjust a request….

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Vivikhta . Reading comments is always enjoyable and you are forgetting your principle….Om and Annika’s relationship is a mature one and i’m not sure if I’ll be able to do justice with it but still I’ll try my best .

  15. Aryaraju

    Good one ?

    1. Tanz

      Thank you Aryaraju

  16. Diyaa

    Nice update Tanz. I liked the whole conversation after Anika entered OM. Rudra is simply the best?

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Diyaa Di . True, Rudra is the best 😉

  17. it’s was an awesome episode dear.

    1. sorry dear I comment your ff in twice actually I posted my comment on 4.30pm but when I reopen your ff I didn’t find my comment in your comment box so I checked that if my comment is posted or not so I write the second comment and it posted. that time my first comment also posted that was actually happened sorry for that.

      1. Tanz

        It’s OK Ahsana , no problem 🙂

  18. Amazing one!
    Cant wait for the mission to proceed…update asap!!

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Bhavana. I’ll try to update soon.

  19. AMkideewani


    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot

  20. Sanskriti120

    Tanz yaar,the way you portrayed every scene with utmost sense,is really making the ff shine yaar. Your ff is showing how great writer you are. Such a sweet update,I really loved shivika nok-jhok
    And aniru are such sweet. In first meet itself you have shown their bond in a way which is making me irresistible for upcoming episodes. Update asap please??????

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sanskriti. ? I have some ideas for Aniru in my mind, I’ll try to incorporate them too and I’ll try to update soon

  21. Amazing update…

  22. Lots love of love from me to you.sych a sweet ff post next part.

  23. Wow Tanz SUPERB epi dear….. Aniru on mission to make sso into bilu hahaha….. Luv it….. Post soo…..

  24. Jerry_36

    Claps are less to praise it?
    Still its amazing.

  25. Neha_Pheonix

    Ohh great mission…loved this part..totally amazing!

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