When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 1)

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Hello everyone, this is Tanz with part 1 of my ff. I was overwhelmed to see your lovely comments and that encouraged me a lot . I hope I stand up to your expectations. So, let’s start.

A man in his late twenties was sitting on the back seat of his Black Audi . He was looking at his Tab , checking his business mails when Suddenly he raised his eyebrows to give a glimpse of his bluish-green eyes as if some thought had struck him.
His bluish-green eyes can remind anyone of the deep ocean .As no one could discover the deep ocean completely , in the same way No one could ever truly know who Shivaay Singh Oberoi really was, except his family. His love for his family was unlimited . When it came to his family’s respect ,he became the Great Wall Of Shivaay . For others, he seemed to be a rude and arrogant businessman .
“Khanna, stop the car now.”the boss Shivaay ordered . Khannaji, although confused, yet obeyed his boss and stopped the car at side of the road and looked at Shivaay with a confused look. Shivaay soon cleared his confusion by speaking up-“I just remembered that Mom had asked me to buy some nariyals( dry coconuts) for the pooja tomorrow .I forgot about it in the day and now it’s almost midnight and no shop would be open now so, we have to buy it from there” Shivaay said pointing towards the the coconut stall parked at the entrance of Juhu Beach.

Khannaji was just going to get down from the car when Shivaay said,”You wait here, I’ll just go and get it.”Khannaji was surprised at this statement, the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi was going to a roadside stall, nevertheless he obeyed. Well, Shivaay had his own reasons for performing this un- Shivaayely deed. First, he had to carry on his mother’s order. Second, he seriously wanted a break from that screen(his tab).

So he got down from his car and went towards that stall. As he was doing payment for what he had purchased , his eyes fell on a girl who was moving towards the sea rather blankly . At this hour, there was no-one on the beach except her, this seemed strange to Shivaay. He could not see her face as he was facing her back . He shouted at the top of his Voice,” Hey, What are you doing here at such a late time”. Nothing . No answer from the girl . Taking the change , he started to move towards her and again shouted , “Please stop, there’s sea in front of you. If you don’t stop you’ll drown.” Still no answer . nothing seemed to affect her . Her feet touched the waters and she wasn’t stopping . This made Shivaay to doubt her intentions and he started running towards her , as fast as he could,throwing his belongings on the sand.

A huge sea wave was coming towards her but this also wasn’t a strong enough reason for her to stop from further entering the water . Now Shivaay was sure that this girl was going to commit suicide. The sea wave covered the girl with water, probably what she was wanting at that moment , but two strong hands held her and pulled her out of the ice-cold water. The hands belonged to Shivaay. When Shivaay had taken her to safe distance from the water, he found her to be unconscious. Probably water had gone inside her lungs . He crossed both of her hands against her stomach, forcing her to spit out the water.

After spitting out water for 3-4 times , the girl gained her consciousness while coughing . Seeing her gaining consciousness , Shivaay began scolding her , “ Have you gone mad? Why were you going to attempt suicide ? Have you not thought about your family , how would they live without you? Did you ever think of that?” Listening the word ‘family’, the girl started crying . Shivaay could sense her uneasiness and he apologized for scolding her. Shivaay did not know how to handle her but soon she stopped crying . It appeared by her facial expressions that she had made a resolution.
She stood up and in a low voice said, “ I am sorry for troubling you and I assure you that this will not happen again”. Saying this she started to move towards the road. Turning back, Shivaay asked ,”where are you going now?”. To this she turned towards him , smiled weakly and replied,” I’m going to my house , to my family. They need me.” ”But how can you go alone and that too at midnight? Tell me wherever you want to go and I’ll drop you there. ”Shivaay replied instantly.
“Don’t worry Mr. …….I’m sorry what’s your name?” the girl asked. To this Shivaay replied almost boasting ,”I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi and you are?” ”I am Annika. So I was saying that you don’t need to worry, Mr. Oberoi as I have my Champa and Chameli with me” said Annika with a much better mood now. ”Miss Annika, now who are champa and Chameli ? I don’t see anyone else here”replied a confused Shivaay, maintaining all the formality,looking here and there to find someone.

Annika chuckled at his act .“She is Champa “said Annika pointing towards a scooty parked at the entrance of the beach ”and this is my new Chameli” she said pointing towards her sandals. Shivaay was amused with her talks and asked her ,”You have given names to your scooty and your sandal?” “ yeah, what’s wrong? We give name to what we love and I’ve done the same . Do you have any problem with that?” Annika said.
Shivaay –“No No why would I have any problem with that. Okay I’ll walk with you till we reach your Champa.” Shivaay tried hard to suppress his laughter on hearing her description but years of practice helped him and at last, he succeded.
Annika- I am not a small kid that I need your company till my Champa, but as you are insisting I’ll not say a no. So, lets walk .
Soon they reached the scooty but as soon as Annika went near it she said,”Oh NO!!!”
Shivaay was confused and asked her,”What happened now?”

So, I end the first part here. Please tell me your views about it. I think it was a long part . I hope you enjoyed reading it if not then also tell me.
I also wanted to tell you that I have mustered up the courage to write this ff by taking inspiration from all of you who write ff’s here . Thanks a lot for waking up the writer in me(if it is worth to be called a writer :p).
Please do comment if you can.

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  1. It is awesome dear…

    1. Tanz

      oh Thank you so much nikitajai . Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on my ff.

  2. Ruksy

    Amazing update

    1. Tanz

      thanks for reading the ff Rusky.

  3. Sanskriti120

    Tanz, what to say now. Your episode left me speechless yaar, I’m not getting perfect words to describe your post. But still I will say, you have done a wonderful job by starting to write a fanfic otherwise I would have missed such a cute story. Pehle hee episode main poora movie dikha Diya yaar tune??????????

    1. Tanz

      Awwww…..a comment loaded with so much sweetness.Thanks a lot Sanskriti for such a lovely comment . :*

  4. Lisaaa


    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Lisaaa for reading my ff and commenting on it.

  5. Awesome

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Lilly for reading it and commenting on it.

  6. Wow yaar!! Its beautifuly written…Loved it a lot!!
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt..update asap! nd make it a bit more longer…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Bhavana and it means a lot for me because i’m not much of a writer.

  7. Tanz…, it’s was an long lovely awesome episode. And super duper starting. And I also like the first meeting of shivika in your ff, it was different from the first meeting of shivika in IB. I’m waiting for starting of their friendship and their falling love and their union. I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon………. ?????

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Ahsana for such a lovely comment. Their first meeting was different from IB because it was required by the story and also i haven’t seen their first meeting so, I don’t have even a faint idea about it. I’ll try to stand up to your expectations and I’ll update soon.

  8. Awesome

    1. Tanz

      thanks a lot Niriha for finding time to read and comment on my ff.

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent…. Its different from others. Eagerly waiting for next part.

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Gayathri . I’ll update soon. 🙂

  10. Awesome…
    Seems interesting…
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. Tanz

      Thank you Shivika . I’ll update soon.

  11. I m very eager plzzz plzzz post the next epi …..i cant wait anymore…
    Hope u countinue writing like this ..

    Love ur ff..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Qwertt . I’ll definitely update soon dear. I’m so happy that you like(or love ,even better) my ff.

  12. Sam-99

    Ohhhhh really amazing plz post next sooooonnnnnnn??????????❤❤❤????

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sumitha for your comment and so many smileys. I’ll update soon.

  13. Hey ya, Tanz di,
    I am a silent reader at tu but today I finally decided to comment and let me tell u, u r an amazing writer !
    I am hooked by the first episode itself! I read your intro too, but sorry, couldn’t drop a comment there.Waiting to know how u characterize your story’s Anika, because committingsuicide seems so unlike her!
    Update the next ASAP…….but wait, do I even have to say that?
    Glad u decided to become a writer!

    With loads and loads of warmth and love,

    P.S Will u b my friend?

    1. Tanz

      hi Vivikhta, thanks a lot for such a lovely comment. You don’t need to be sorry, I just need your support that’s all . Yeah it’s much unlike Annika to commit suicide but the problems back at home made her do so. You’ll get to know about that in further parts. And me as writer — I don’t know how it’s gonna end . And yeah sure we can be friends (but I’m not sure about ‘Di’).
      Love you too.

  14. Archisha

    Awesome one. I just loved it. Post soon

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Archisha.I’ll update soon.

  15. Pooja26

    hey !!!!
    its a awsm part……
    loved it !!!!!!!
    post asap…..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks for your comment Pooja.I’ll update soon.

  16. Super………..

    1. Tanz

      thanks for your comment pooja

    1. Tanz

      thanks for reading it and commenting on it Alekhika

  17. Lovely post

    1. Tanz

      thanks Fffan

  18. Awesome update..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Ankita

  19. Hey Tanz…. It’s FANTASTIC dear….. Superb starting U make me speechless….. Luv it… Eagerly waiting 4 nxt post ASAP…….

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Banita for such a lovely comment. I’ll update soon.

  20. Aryaraju

    Superb story

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Aryaraju

  21. Amayaa

    A different plot for our Shivika
    Gr8 Tanz
    This is mostly unexpected nd new plot dr
    Nd I think Shivay has also some different sheds unlike de show
    Keep it up dr

    1. Tanz

      thank you so much Amayaa. I really appreciate it.

  22. Jerry_36

    Hey Tanz !! You are not worth a writer………seriously you think so, dear you have written so beautifully that words are less to praise your skills. I must say I am being inspired a lot by you. Their interaction was quite cool and I think my interest in this one will be going very high❤

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so so much Jerry. Well, this ff was a pure experiment,I never knew I could write something like this. My english teacher gives me so less marks in essay that I had given up all hopes of writing something . Till now,it was just an exam thing for me. Thanks a lot for your precious comment.

  23. Diyaa

    Absolutely beautiful descriptions. I could visualize the scene by the ocean side. Your FF has a freshness. Keep writing.☺

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot for your comment Diyaa . I am glad you liked it.

  24. Savera

    Tanz u r great writer loved shivika first meeting

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Savera.

  25. AMkideewani


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