“…So we met like this….” part 6

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It’s 12 of night. Di is slept after our long and nonstop gossips. I too switched off the light of our room. “Thapki stop me…. Help me” The memory of his painful eyes aren’t letting me to close my eyes. I found myself sitting abruptly, wet of sweat. What was that? Why am I thinking about that criminal. “Do you really think he’s a criminal?” My heart asked. I don’t know… But I’m sleepless.

I opened the fridge for a bottle of cold water. After splashing some water on my face it felt so relaxable but still I’m restless. I saw his diary still kept on sofa. As if screaming to open it once. Should I read?? Or… Should I… Well I can’t read anyone’s personal diary. After keeping it in the drawer of my room I started to roam in balcony.

Suddenly, my gaze fell on the tree in front of my house. I can see something. He’s… He’s bihaan. I was about to call him when I realized he’s not looking normal. My gaze intensed when he seemed hiding behind the tree. But why?? Had he again did any crime? Gosh this man never lets me to think positive about him. I started to leave when I saw him throwing his phone away. He sat leaning on the tree continuously rubbing his fingers, showing hatred towards himself. He rolled his arms around his knees. And hide his head in his arms. His posture left me confused about him, even more.

I moved to him somehow without letting anyone awake. “he’s a criminal got dammit!!” my mind cried. “but is looking shattered… I should ask once…” my heart replied. Between my argument with me I found myself in front of him.

I can hear his sobs. I finally caught him with tears! I’m not happy but little satisfied regarding I was right earlier when I had noticed tears and he proved me wrong, unknowingly.

“Bihaan” I managed to place my hand on his shoulder. This time he didn’t reacted abruptly like he used to!! He slowly uplifted his head towards me. This time…. Not at all pretending to smile or hide tears… This time he looked sad, devastated, broken.

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  1. Good story but need to be alot longer

  2. Haw…!!!
    didi Ye to bhot chota sa h..

  3. Nice. But to short. Waiting for next update

  4. NYC episode I loved it

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