How I met my healer (Last chapter)

“Finally I’m home” Swara said pouring the water in the jug and sat near her sister.

“Swara what do you think about love?” Anika asked thinking about Naina’s words.

Swara spit out the water from her mouth and Anika came out of her thoughts.

“Are you OK?” Anika asked concerned.

“Di am I dreaming?” Swara asked with wide eyes.

“No but what happened baby?” Anika asked, confused.

“The great Anika Kapoor is talking about love?! Weird isn’t it? ” Swara said dramatically.

“Why are you being so dramatic? I just asked because my friend wanted to know” Anika replied.

“Which friend?” Swara asked raising her eyebrow.

“Ummm…that” Anika fumbled. That was so unlike Anika Kapoor.

“You do realise that you aren’t good at lying”

“Fine!!” Anika said defeated. “I give up. I just wanted to know about your thoughts on love. You know if someday you fall in love and you come to me and say Di I’m in love. I want to marry this guy then atleast for that day I need about love, right?”

“Ohk! I’m going to tell you” Swara said. “Love is a beautiful and pure emotion. When you’re in love everything around you seems to be more beautiful. When you love someone it gives you the courage to fight against all odds. You can even die for your loved ones” Swara smiled thinking about Sanskar and Anika just gave her a small smile.

Anika and Shivaay were standing near a cottage. The weather was calm. The chill in the wind sent shivers down her spine. The place was somewhere near the woods. There was a small pond. The birds were chirping.

There was table placed for two. The dinner was already served.

A perfect romantic setting. Anika smiled.

Then he knelt down. Anika’s heart hammered as she knew what was coming.

Suddenly it started raining. Anika you up with a start. “Ugh.. Another dream” Anika muttered. This was her third dream.

Then she did realize that she was drenched. Courtesy, Miss. Swara Kapoor, her dear sister.

“Will you care to look at the clock? You are late by 35 mins. I mean like seriously, the Anika Kapoor who’s the most punctual person, I have ever seen is late? By the way why were you smiling so much? ” Swara raised a brow.

“Munchkin… ” Swara cut her off.

“Munchkin? Who’s munchkin? ” Swara questioned.

“It’s your new nickname. Nice, right? Now stop asking so many questions. Remember we are getting late” Anika got up quickly, grabbed her clothes and without giving a chance to Swara to ask questions, she bolted the door of washroom.

After taking a quick shower, she wore a off shoulder blue top and denims. She applied Kajal and lipgloss. She picked up her shoes and rushed down.


Some days later–

Sanskar was not thinking straight. He just witnessed a breakup. A couple broke up because the girl had married him just for his money. He gulped the alcohol. Just then, Swara’s personal diary fell from his table due to the raging wind.

He remembered all the diary entries. He was not in his senses. His mind started to make comparisons between Tanya and Swara. They both seemed similar to him. To make matters worse, Swara walked in.

Her eyes widened at seeing him reading her diary and then the alcohol of smell hit her. She realized sandbar was drunk.

“Sanskar” she tried to go near him as he stumbled but he pushed her away.

“Stay. Away. From. Me. You’re just like her” he yelled.

“What are you talking Sanskar? ” Swara asked puzzled.

“You don’t love me, I know you were going to propose me so you can get my ducking money” he said the words he didn’t mean.

These words angered her. Whatever it was, he had no right to insult her love for him. She grabbed his collar “Not a word more, Mr. Oberoi” she slapped him hard. “You want me to go away? Then fine ” she pushed him and walked out. Tears streamed down her face.

If he wanted this, she’ll do it.

Sanskar sat on the floor. Due to tiredness, he fell asleep, easily.

Anika entered Shivaay’s cabin, smiling ear to ear. He was immersed in his work.

“Hey! Here you go” Anika handed him a cup of coffee.

“Thanks” he sipped his coffee. Anika sat on his desk and they talked about business– The Dixit’s giving them a tough competition, how mehrotra’s were progressing after facing a big loss.

“You look gorgeous” Shivaay said out of the blue.

She couldn’t help but blush “Thank you ” she smiled and ran out of his cabin. As soon as she stepped out of the cabin, she composed herself.

Swara locked herself in room. His words hurt her more than a knife would do. She wanted all this to be a dream. Wanted someone or rather him to pull her out of this darkness. Become her light and hug her tight. She skipped the dinner and cried herself to sleep.


Her decision was right. She has got to do this. If that’s what he want. She wiped her tears and took a quick shower. She removed the kohl that was smudged due to crying.

“You can do it” she muttered to herself.
Sun beamed at Sanskar, disturbing his sleep. He got up and then reality dawned on hi.. He regretted every word. He cursed himself for losing his senses.

He took a hot shower to relieve himself from the stress. The hot shower always stimulated his nerves and helped him to relax.

After coming out, he asked for a cup of coffee,in his room. He went near the balcony and stared outside. He didn’t have the courage to apologize. A tear rolled down his cheek. There was a knock, so he quickly wiped the tear. He turned around and saw her standing on the door.

He just wanted to run and hold her in his arms yet he didn’t move. His guilt didn’t let him move.

“May I come in sir? ” Sir. The word hurt him more than a knife would do. It pierced his heart.

Not able to speak, he just nodded. She came in and handed a envelope. “Here” his hands were trembling.

Taking a deep breath, he tore the envelope. He opened the letter and the world beneath him slipped. It was her resignation letter. No. She couldn’t leave. Couldn’t she understand that he didn’t mean any of those words.

Tears spilled out of his eyes. The letter slipped from his hands. His knees gave up and he fell on the floor.

The Swara Kapoor, who did not give up until she got things done her way, could not give up on him. At least not so easily. He knew he was stubborn but so was she.

She didn’t understand why he was crying. He wanted her to go away. He thought of her as a gold digger. She wanted answers.

Not able to control, he pulled her in a hug. She had decided not to fall weak but one look at him was enough to make the mask fall. The mask of the brave girl slipped as she stroked his hairs and rubbed his back.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled.

“First sit here” she pulled out of the hug gently and made him sit on the couch. She sat beside him. “Now tell me, what happened? ” she cupped his face.

He threw his arms around her neck. Again. And continued to weep. “I’m sorry” he mumbled the words again and again. After some time, he was calm and composed himself. His eyes still glassy.

He pulled out of the hug and looked in her brown orbs. Trying to apologize through eyes.

“I’m sorry. I have hurt you– I have hurt you a lot. Please forgive me. I wasn’t thinking straight. The betrayal– it forced me to do it. I love you but it was my fear that one day. You’ll do the same. ”

She was left astonished. She opened her mouth and closed, clearly at the lack of words. Sanskar Oberoi loves her? This was not a dream, was it?

“Did you just say love? ” she questioned, sounding surprised.

He bit his lip out of nervousness. This wasn’t the way he was planning to confess but whatever happens, happens for a reason and maybe it was for a reason too.

He just smiled in return.

She hugged him happily. Her heart swelling with happiness. She never expected him to love her back. “I’m so happy”

“Me too” Sanskar replied, his lips lifting up in a smile.

He leaned closer, ready to kiss her in the moment when she spoiled it.

“Coffee?” she asked.

Way to spoil the mood.

“Yeah” Sanskar said bitterly. “Make it—”

“Strong and bitter” she added.

She sprinted downstairs and was soon back with 2 cups of coffee. They both loitered in the balcony, staring out.

“I thought I’ll lose you forever. I behaved like a idiot,” Sanskar’s voice interrupted the silence and Swara’s head snapped up.

“Idiot will behave like idiot only na, ” Swara mumbled to herself.

“What did you just say? ” Sanskar raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing” she avoided the topic. “Let’s talk about something else”

Sanskar smirked. “Babe, what about we do something? ”

He leaned closer and closer.

And then he kissed her.


“Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. You have captured my heart. Did you just give me a love potion? ” Shivaay chuckled at her Harry Potter reference.

“Your kanji aankhen has captivated me and I can drown in them forever. I love you with all my heart? So will you be my boyfriend?”

“I’m all yours, kapoor” he pulled her up and placed his lips on hers.





Let’s just say that this story can be titled as the worst story ever. And I know you must be wondering that why I even bothered updating, thing being because in this new year I wanted to complete this story.


And I have already written ‘You and Me’ and even done with editing. But I never came around posting it here.




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