How I met my healer (chapter four)

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Anika was laying on her bed. Just then her phone rang. ‘Shivaay calling’. She picked up the phone.

“hello Miss. Kapoor”

“Yes Shivaay and you don’t need to be so formal. You can call me Anika. You know it’s nice name” Anika said teasing him.

“OK! Anika and you don’t need to taunt me. Can you do me a favour? ”

“Ya, go ahead”

“Can you please ask Swara to come to my place instead of office. I called her but she didn’t pick up. ”

“But why home? ”

“I sprained my ankle.”

“how? ”

“actually I slipped in the bathroom”shivaay replied.

“OK! But she can still go office”

“Anika! Yesterday you were yelling at me that Swara’s sensitive and she should just work with me and not Sanskar. If I’ll not go office then obviously she has to work with sanskar” Shivaay said in one breath.

“OK! Calm down shivaay. And I’ll ask Swara to come to your home. ”

“Thank you! ”

“Bye! Take care”

“Bye! Have a nice day! ” saying so Shivaay hung the phone.

“Let’s see if kiddo got up or not” Anika murmured.

Anika headed towards Swara’s room. But to her surprise Swara was already dressed up and ready to go office.

“Baccha! You got ready?! ”

“No di I just got up and I’m still in my pajamas” Swara said sarcastically.

“You don’t need to be so sarcastic”

“leave it! But what are you doing here? ”

“Actually Shivaay called and asked you to go to his place. ”

“What?? ” Swara screamed.

“Baby you don’t need to scream it’s just he sprained his leg.”

“Oh my god! What of he’s there that too in a bad mood then he will surely yell at me.” Swara murmured.

“Kiddo what did you just say? ”

“Nothing di” Swara hurriedly picked up her bag and files and rushed to her car.”

“Bye di” Swara screamed for the stairs.

“Bye take care”
Swara was going inside, murmuring “I just hope he’s not there. God please save me although he’s good at heart but his anger it’s….it’s scary.

She collided with someone and she fell on the ground. “ouch! ” she screamed. She looked up to the person. It was HIM, Mr. Sanskar Oberoi.

She was cursing her luck “Swara you to are born with bad luck Now you are gone. Can’t you see and walk”she was shivering with fear.

But to her surprise he offered his hand for help. She wondered from where has the sun risen that Mr. Sanskar Oberoi is in a good mood. Nevertheless she took his help and as soon as she got up he left saying “careful Miss.kapoor”
Swara went in Shivaay’s room. Shivaay was sitting on the bed and a girl was sitting besides him. She was continuously speaking and Shivaay was adoring her. Swara knocked the door.

“Oh Swara! Come in”

The girl turned to see who was Swara.

“You!?” both the girls screamed at the top of their voice.

Shivaay was confused “Hey guys do you know each other?”

“Kinda” Naina replied.

“Can you please explain?”

Naina narrated the whole incident.

“OK! Let me introduce you both properly”

“Baby this is Swara. My employee or my Fav employee.”

Swara was adoring their bond.

“Swara this is…. ”

“Your sister Naina” Swara interrupted.
“Be ready Mrs. Shekawat oops ex Mrs. Anika Shekawat. I’m coming to take my revenge. What do you think I’ll leave you. Not so soon baby”
Anika was sweating badly. She was murmuring ” No… No this can’t happen”she was breaking heavily. She got up and took out the inhaler from drawer.

“Anika calm down. How can he be back he’s in jail.”

Soon she dozed off.
Swara and Naina were sitting on the dining table. Naina was telling her about anyone.

“You know what, Sanskar bhai is so sweet”

Swara choked on water.

Swara thought “Ye pagal wagal to nahi ho gayi h. Wo Aur sweet….na baba na…wo to ek number ka sadu h. (Has she gone mad? He and sweet ….no ways… He is popular as Mr. Rude)

“Are you ok?” Naina asks while rubbing her back.

“Ya I’m fine”

“So what I was saying is he’s so caring. They both don’t make me fell that I’m there cousin”

Swara thought “iska Dimag pakka kharab Ho gaya h”( I’m sure she has gone mad)
Anika was standing in the balcony. She was staring outside. Everything was flashing in front of her eyes. That dream, that past, those deaths and suffering. That incident made her cold hearted. She went in and took out a photoframe from the cupboard.

“Why did you do this to me? Why did you leave me? Why mom why? You daughter needs you mom, she needs you.”
Tears were flowing from her eyes. She fell on the ground and hugged that frame tightly.
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