How I met my healer (chapter five)

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Hi guys!!! I’m back. Let’s start with the chapter.
Shivaay called Swara in his cabin. They were discussing some project.

“Swara only Sanskar can tell about this project as he was handling it before. I can’t go as Mr. Khurana is coming.” Shivaay spoke, sounding tensed.

“What’s the big deal sir, I’ll go you give this file to me” Swara said.

“No ways…mujhe firse tumhari behen ki daat nahi khani.” ( No ways….I don’t wanna hear your sisters scolding again) Shivaay said with fear.

“Sir!! Don’t worry”

“No.. You can’t go”

“Sir, trust me. Swara kapoor can so anything” Swara said with pride.

“These kapoor sisters…. ” Shivaay muttered to himself.

“Huh? ”

“You sure?”


“Pakka na?” Shivaay asked as he was still not convencied. (sure?)

“Yes sir. Now let me go” Swara picked up the file and went straight to Sanskar’s cabin.


“Swara what were you saying….. Swara kapoor can so anything. You love putting yourself in trouble, don’t you?” Swara muttered to herself.

Swara knocked the cabin and Sanskar asked her to come in. Swara entered the cabin.

“These brothers love coffee, don’t they?” Swara thought.

Swara sat down in front of him and was discussing projects. Sanskar asked her to bring some files. Soon Swara came with many files in her hands. She lost her balance and fell down on the ground. Sanskar giggled.

“Why-why do you always… fall Miss.kapoor” he spoke between his giggles.

Swara was surprised.

“Sir instead of laughing if you’ll help me that will be great” Swara said with a pout.

Sanskar stopped giggling and got up to help Swara. He pulled her up with a jerk such that she landed on his hard toned body. She looked deeply into his hazel eyes. Sanskar pushed her and Swara was shocked by his sudden action.

Swara thought “he’s such a jerk”


“Why did you bail me out?” a person asked with curiosity .

“You want to destroy Anika and I want to do the same. They say enemy’s enemy is a friend.”


It was weekend night so Swara and Naina decided to go their common friend’s house for a night out.


“These girls won’t even let me sleep peacefully.” Shivaay muttered as he drove his car to kapoor mansion.

Anika opened the door and asked him to come him.

“What happened Shivaay, you here at this hour?” Anika said looking up to the watch which showed it was 12.

“Actually Anika Swara called me and said you were not picking up the phone”

“Oh shit!!” she looked at her phone which was on silent.

“Yeah so she called you to inform that she’ll stay at her friend’s house tonight and will come back by tommorow.”


Her phone rang. It was an unknown number. She excused herself and went to pick up the call. Her heart rammed against her body. Ice breathed down her neck as she heard the voice on the phone.

She felt tears sting her eye. She was numb and the phone fell from her hand. Her worst nightmare has come true.

Shivaay turned to look what happened and he found her crying. He was puzzled to see Anika crying. He ran towards her. She was breathing heavily.

She held Shivaay’s hand tightly. “Shivaay…shiv-shivaay he’s..he’s back.” she murmured. Shivaay searched the nearby drawer for her inhaler. He gave her the inhaler. She was better but still crying.
He hugged her and was stroking her hair gently till she fell asleep in his arms. He took her to her room in his arms. He gently later her on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

He sat down on the couch. He was puzzled on what just happened.

Why was Anika crying? What happened to her? Who called her? And whom was Anika talking about?

He kept thinking till he fell asleep.

He got up as sun rays disturbed his sleep. He didn’t find Anika in the room. He was tensed.

He stared searching her. “Anika…anika” fear written all over his place.

“Shivaay” a voice came from behind.

He felt relieved as he kne whose voice it was. He turned around.

“Where have you been?”

“I just went for a morning walk.” Anika replied avoiding eye contact with those blue-green eyes.

Shivaay knew there was definitely a problem and he was going to find out what.

He needed to know the reason behind all of this.


Sanskar was sitting on the floor. He was holding his past in his own hands.

He remembered those words “We are over Mr.sanskar oberoi”

He took out the lighter and burnt all those photos but there were memories of her in his heart that he couldn’t erase.

Shivaay who just came back saw the scene. He immediately took the jar of water and threw the water on them. He engulfed him in a tight hug. Shivaay felt his shirt as tears made their way from Sanskar’s eyes.

No one uttered a word.

Actions speaks louder than words.


“What? He’s granted bail?” Swara yelled.

“Yes mam”

“Who bailed him out? ….you don’t know” she threw the phone in anger.


Anika was standing in the balcony staring aimlessly. She has lost herself way back then.

She has lost the person who she was. From a naughty girl to a cold hearted person. She has been living in guilt from past 5 years.

The wounds on her heart were still fresh. Her heart has been broken into so many pieces that she is still some parts.

She had learnt only one one thing from that chapter of her life that never trust anyone too much because when your trust breaks it hurts a lot.


Phew… Done with the episode. So guys how’s it? And please don’t complain about Swasan. I’ll give importance to both couple but the story will go with the flow. Do comment.

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  1. Fenil

    Awesome chppies all !!

    I read them yesterday night , you have great writing skills dear.

    Can’t wait for next !!

    I read your work so its my responsibility to let u know of my views,Right!?

    Fantabulous !! Past Came Back..
    Thanks !!:)

    1. Kriti249

      Thank u so much dear it means a lot
      I’m glad you liked it??

    1. Kriti249

      Thanks dear

  2. it was nice seems intresting and thrillingg

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      Thank u dear

  3. Mica

    awesome part dear

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      Thank u dear

    1. Kriti249

      Thank u dear

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    post soon

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  6. Amazing epi….

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      Thank u dear

  7. SammieR

    Awesome update….. I think kavita and Anika’s husband are against anika and Anika’s husband is bailed…. And Swara is working their due to some reasons….. And Swara is not what she shows herself…..

    1. Kriti249

      Thank u dear. You’ll get to know as the mystery unfolds till then keep guessing

  8. Sus

    Awesome dear

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    Omggg marvellous!!!

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    Amazing….. Waiting for next part dear…

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      Glad you liked it?

  14. Nice one dr……And Shivay is anikas healer and swara is Sanskars healer and wow dr post next soon…

    1. Kriti249

      Thank u dear and yes they are here to heal each other but how they support them and heal them

    1. Kriti249

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      Glad you liked it?

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    omg, you writing skills rockz,pls post the next chappy soon:)

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