Messed up! Chapter 4: Dark secrets revealed!

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Chapter 4: Dark secrets revealed!

Hi Twistinians this is possibly the last chapter of this story as for today everything will be revealed!

-Marlene’s pov-
I don’t know why but I don’t like the way Christina behaves with everyone like she’s a queen and we all are her servants. I feel so bad for Will as he loves her a lot and she doesn’t even care about him. She is talking bullshit about Tris and how it was her fault that Al killed himself, but I don’t believe a word that comes out from her filthy mouth. “Do you really believe that Tris killed Al?” I asked her after I called Will, who was listening to our conversation since we both had left Zeke’s apartment.
“Yes, she did!”
“How do you know that Christina?”
“Because look at her, she has Four wrapped around her fingers and he could do anything for her. Al, Drew, Peter and Eric are in love with her, but she chose Four, who doesn’t even care about her!” She venomously said while I answered back by saying: “I know that Four loves her a lot as I have heard his conversations with Zeke and Shauna. He himself has admitted it, but he thought that Tris would never like him, because his past haunts him more than he thinks. He is scared that he’ll become the beast he is afraid off.” Christina looked at me and said something that I would have never said: “Tris is just a little skank that gets everything she wants even without asking for it! I think that she has given Four a serum that he falls in love with her. Than she can use him until she is fed up by him and then she will do that to another guy until she has slept with everyone of them.”
“Christina get that in your mind Tris isn’t like that, she loves Four more than anything! She is selfless like nobody else I know, brave like a true Dauntless and she is smarter than you think.” I angrily said and then she slapped me before saying: “you will get to know her true colours when you see her taking away what is yours! She has taken away what is mine, so yes it’s true I pushed Al into the Chasm, so that the blame game goes onto Tris’ plate and that she get kicked out from Dauntless! Yes, it’s true that I hate her a lot!”
“Omg, you just admitted that you killed someone out of jealousy!”
“Yes I did, cause I wanted Tris to be thrown out of Dauntless, so that I can have Will, Four, Uriah, Zeke, Eric, Peter and Drew all by myself and they will be my boy toys. I will make them fall for me, then I will marry them and have their babies!”
“Eww you are so gross Christina and every girl here in Dauntless is better than you!” I said, before I punched her, she immediately got knocked out, then I called the guards, while I showed them the recording of Christina’s confession and they took her to the smallest cell that we had. Tomorrow she will be hanged there, where she came from.

After a while I went back to the apartment where my friends and enemies were, they looked at me and smiled at me with gratitude. I went to Tris and hugged her and whispered into her ear: “everything will be fine Tris, because we all are here for you!”
“Thank you Marlene for saving us all from her!” She said with a sad smile.
“You should thank Will, because it was his plan afterall that saved us from that queen of jealousy!”
“Let’s celebrate our victory Uriah said before kissing me on the lips, I waited so long for this moment to happen and finally it did.
End of her pov

-Tris’ pov-
I went to Will who was sitting by himself. “Why aren’t you celebrating our victory Tris?” He asked me and I replied back: “because I know that you won’t celebrate it either, I have lost a friend but you have lost more than I did, so we should mourn for her. Because of whatever she did I have forgiven her and hopefully you will too, but till then I will be here for you.”
“Will, she’s right and I will be here for you too, because I like you a lot. You kept your feelings for her aside only to find out the truth. I know that you were hoping that she didn’t kill him, so that you can help her change after this mystery was solved.” Four said while Will looked at him with awe.
“How do you know about me so much?” He asked.
“Because I looked into your eyes and I know you love her a lot and always will.”
“Thank you so much for your kind words Four, I never knew that you have this side as well.”
“As I said I have many shades Will!”
“Yeah right!”
“I only like one shade of you!”
“Ow that hurt a lot Tris, but I want to know which shade it is?” He dramatically said so I answered back: “then when you are so approachable like a bed of nails!”
“Really, so you don’t like the passionate Four!”
“Nope, because I love that shade of yours a lot!”
“You guys are so disgusstingly cute!” Lynn said, while she sat down next to Will.
“Yeah we know that!” I said while I winked at her, she looked at me like she wants to murder, me but then she smiled at me.
“Will I want to show you something can you please come with me?” Lynn asked him, while taking him away from us leaving me behind with Four, who has the biggest smirk on his face that I have ever seen. “Lets go to your apartment loverboy!”
“Okay but we cannot do the naughty business Tris.” He said with a smirk.
“Yes we can!” I said, but he disagreed and I already made a plan for it. As soon as we walked out of the apartment, we saw that Lynn and Will were making out, so we left and went to my Four’s apartment.
End of her pov

-Four’s pov-
I took Tris to my apartment as I needed to tell her about myself and why I don’t use my real name. “Tris whatever I will tell you tonight, please do not tell anyone about it!”
“I promise I won’t!”
“So do you know something about Tobias Eaton?”
“Yes, I know that he left Abnegation for Dauntless, two years ago! Some say that his father used to beat him up, but I’m not sure if its true!”
“It is the truth, he used to beat his son up as for him he was good for nothing.”
“Do you know him?” She asked me couriously and I answered back, while taking off my shirt: “Yes, I do know him a lot better than anyone else.”
“Why did you take your shirt off?” She nervously asked.
“Because I wanted to show you something on my back and I have never shown it to anyone, but you!” I turned around, she saw my back as well as my tattoo, she gasped and touched every part of my back, I couldn’t breath anymore as her touch was so soft and careful.
“Who did this to this beautiful man infront of me?” She angrily asked and I replied back: “my father Marcus Eaton.”
“That means that the Erudite newspaper was right!”
“Except for my mother’s death, she actually is alive and is living with the factionless.”
“I’m so sorry Tobias for not being here for you, when you needed someone!”
“No need to apologize Tris, it wasn’t your fault at all. If you want to leave, you can, because I’m used to being alone!”
“No, I will never ever leave you Tobias, because I love you with your past, I will love you with our future and I trust you more than myself.” I turned around, so that I was closer to her, her hand was on my chest, while her other hand was resting on my neck, she tiptoed up, so that our lips touched eachothers briefly, I brought her closer me, while one hand was resting on her waist and the other one was on her cheek, then I mustered up the courage, kissed her lips, we were walking backwards until I fell on the bed and she fell on top of me. We didn’t care about world as it was only us, we kept kissing eachother passionately.
End of his pov

The end!

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