Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 15)

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Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 14th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil

This one is a very short update . Sorry for that .

If you have missed the 14th episode here’s the link

Episode 14

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1:
Khanna mansion – kitchen , shweta’s room

In the morning

Neil is in the kitchen

He takes flour and starts kneading the Dough . But he’s not able to do .

Neil : I can’t just do this ! How on Earth mom does this everyday ! I don’t even know whether we should put water in flour or flour in water .

Neil Sees his hand

Neil : Damn ! Idiot ! Stupid Neil . You can handle a gun , solve a difficult case but you can not knead the dough and cook a paratha ? Damn .

Neil pours some more water in the Flour.

Neeraj comes there and sees Neil kneading dough.

Neeraj : (laughs seeing Neil) Neil bhai !

Neil : (stares at Neil) What ?

Neeraj : Bhai What happened to you and what are you doing ?

Neil : What do you mean by “what are you doing?” I’m preparing breakfast for mom .

Neeraj : breakfast ?

Neil : yes . Usually she prepares for us but now let’s prepare .

Neeraj : oh that’s great . I’ll help you too

Neil : now come and help me .

Neeraj : Ok fine

Neeraj helps Neil but they’re not able to do anything . They create a mess in the kitchen .

Neeraj : bhai you know to cook right then why are you creating a mess !

Neil : (rolls his eyes) I only know to cook maggi and sandwich . I don’t know to make paratha !

Neeraj : Then why are you cooking this paratha !

Neil : I thought mom likes paratha .

Neeraj : Oh … Is paratha mom’s favourite food ?

Neil : ugh….

Neeraj : I know that you don’t know what’s mom’s favourite food .

Neil : Actually … I don’t know . What about you ? Do you know what’s mom’s favourite food ?

Neeraj : bhai … actually even I don’t know .

Neil and Neeraj feel bad .

Neil : What kind of sons we are ? We don’t even know what mom likes and what she doesn’t like .

Neeraj : And we didn’t even try to get to know about what mom likes .

Neil : I feel so bad for leaving her alone all time . I only concentrated on work . I never spent time with her . Now I realise I was wrong .

Neeraj : me too bhai . We don’t even spend time with her . We made a big mistake .

Neil : Neeraj from now on we should spend most of our time with our mother and get to know about her likes and dislikes.

Neeraj : (smiles) yeah

Neil : now let’s prepare the breakfast .

Neeraj : bhai instead of this paratha let’s cook something else . Something easy .

Neil : hmm yeah .

Neeraj : Bhai do you remember ? Mom used to make poha during weekends when we were kids and she cooks so well and we love eating poha too .

Neil : yeah I do remember !

Neeraj : So can we make poha ? That’s easy to make

Neil : Yes ! I even know to make poha .

Neeraj : So let’s get started

Neil : yeah but before that I’ll wash my hands and come .

Neeraj : Ok

Neil goes and washes his hands .

Neil and Neeraj start making poha . They take the necessary ingredients and make poha . They see the recipe and cook poha .

In shweta’s room

Shweta is seen sleeping in her room . She wakes up and sees the alarm clock . The time is 8am .

Shweta : What ! 8am? It’s too late . Now I need to get ready and prepare breakfast .

Shweta gets up from the goes inside washroom to refresh .

Shweta comes out and gets ready .

Shweta : now it’s already late . I don’t know what Neil and Neeraj are doing . I guess they went for work .

Shweta leaves from her room

In kitchen

Neeraj and Neil finally cooks the poha

Neil : finally we did it

Neeraj : Hmm . It smells so good . Let me taste it

Neeraj is about to taste the poha but neil stops him

Neeraj : bhai why are you stopping me ?

Neil : let mom taste this poha first .

Neeraj : yeah you’re right . Now let’s arrange the plates in the table .

Neil : yes

Neeraj and Neil arrange the plates in the table

Shweta comes and sees neil and Neeraj arranging the plates in the table

Shweta : (surprised) What’s happening here ?

Neil & Neeraj : Hi Mom . Good morning .

She sees the kitchen and gets shocked as it is messed completely .

Shweta : (shocked) Oh god ! Neil , Neeraj , What did you both do in the kitchen ! Can anyone tell me what’s going on in this house !

Neeraj and Neil smile seeing each other

Shweta : can anyone tell me ! Why did you both mess the kitchen ? Now how will I prepare breakfast ?

Neil : Mom , no need to prepare breakfast

Shweta : (confused) huh ? What do you mean ?

Neeraj : mom we prepared the breakfast . I and Neil Bhai made poha for you .

Shweta gets surprised

Shweta : What ? Seriously ? You both made poha for me ?

Neeraj & Neil : (smiles) Yes Mom !

Shweta : (rolls her eyes) why are you doing this ? I would have prepared for ….

Neil : (cuts Shweta in between) Mom you’re asking too many questions .

Shweta : but …

Neeraj and Neil make Shweta

Shweta : Ok I’ll sit .

Shweta sits on the chair .

Neil takes a plate and keeps it on the table in front of Shweta and he serves poha on her plate

Neeraj : now taste the poha and tell whether it’s good or bad

Shweta : (smiles) Ok fine

Shweta tastes the poha . She keeps silent after tasing the poha

Neil : ma how’s it

Shweta : (keeps silent )

Neeraj : ma please tell whether it’s nice or not .

Shweta : Hmm …. I didn’t like it .

Neil and Neeraj get sad .

Shweta : (laughs) Hey I was joking loved it ! It’s very tasty.

Neil & Neeraj : (shocked) WHAT !

Shweta : (smiles) yes . It was amazing . It tastes so good . Well done my boys .

Neil and Neeraj smiles

Neeraj : Mom seriously ? It’s good right ?

Shweta : Yes !

Neeraj : really ?

Shweta : yes !

Neeraj : Seriously ?

Shweta : (rolls her eyes and takes a spoon of poha from the plate and feeds Neeraj ) now eat

Neeraj tastes the poha and smiles

Neeraj : (eats the poha and smiles) hmm yeah ! It’s good

Neil : (smiles) really ? Let me taste it (tastes the poha) not bad . Salt is less but it’s good .

Neeraj : Yeah ! I cooked it so well you know . Credit goes to me

Neil : oh hello Neeraj credit goes to me too because I was the one who planned to make breakfast for mom

Neeraj : but I was the one who gave this poha idea

Shweta : oh god ! Can you both stop it ? And now tell me why you both suddenly prepare breakfast for me ?

Neeraj & Neil : (see each other)

Shweta : tell ?

Neeraj & Neil : Mom , We are extremely Sorry

Shweta : (confused) huh ? Sorry ? For what ?

Neil : sorry for leaving you alone when you needed us the most .

Neeraj : we feel so bad for leaving you alone .

Shweta : alone ? But why are you both ….

Neil : (cuts Shweta in between ) No mom it’s our fault. We ignored you all time when you needed us the most

Shweta : (nods no) but …

Neeraj : (cuts Shweta in between ) Mom we don’t even spend time with you . Because of that we know nothing about your likes and dislikes . We hurt you a lot .

Shweta : nothing like that beta ….

Neil and Neeraj : (holds their years) Sorry Mom

Shweta gets surprised

Neil : From now on we’ll spend most of the time with you .

Neeraj : and that’s a promise .

Shweta smiles

Neil : Mom we realised our mistake now . Will you forgive us ?

Shweta : Arey What happened to you both ? And why would I be angry on you both ?

Neeraj : that’s because we thought you’ll feel ok if we leave you alone for sometime . But that’s the time you needed us the most and we left you alone .

Shweta : (rolls her eyes) (smiles) no beta . There’s nothing wrong in what you did. If you both are with me I’ll always feel happy .

Neil and Neeraj smile .

Neeraj : and yeah . I wanted to ask you something mom .

Shweta : ask ?

Neeraj : when did you start watching cricket ?

Neil : yes mom even I wanted to ask you . You like cricket ?

Shweta : (smiles) like ? I love cricket !

Neeraj : really ?

Shweta : I was the captain of my college cricket team .

Neil & Neeraj : WHAT !

Neeraj : Mom ? Cricket team captain ? Unbelievable !

Shweta : (smiles) I know . Wait I’ll show a pic .

Shweta goes to her room and brings a picture where she’s wearing a jersey and holding trophy in her hand .

Shweta : our cricket team won when we were in college and I was the captain at that time

Neil : (surprised ) that’s amazing mom . You’re very talented .

Shweta : (smiles) hmm … and now I guess you both are getting late for your work . You both need to start.

Neil : oh yeah ! Thanks for reminding mom . Today I have to investigate about an important case . I need to start now . I’ll come soon in the evening .

Shweta : (smiles) ok bye .

Neil changes his outfit and leaves the house .

Scene 2:
Sukoon house

Next morning .

Avni is in kitchen . She’s searching something and she’s talking to Asha in phone

Asha : (in call) Avni , yesterday morning you came home and left soon . After that you didn’t even come home even for dinner . are you going to come home or not ?

Avni : ma see yesterday it was samrat’s birthday and we all went to stadium to watch IPL match .

Asha : okay . But I want you to come home by afternoon .

Avni : ok bye mom .

Asha : Bye .

Avni cuts the call .

Avni : Oh My god . There’s no milk .

Samrat comes inside the kitchen

Samrat : what happened Jaan Didi ?

Saisha and other kids too come there

Avni : milk is over .

Samrat : that’s it ? I’ll go and get it from the market .

Avni : Will you ?

Samrat : of course . And yeah now I have my own bike . I can go by bike and get milk from the market .

Avni : (smiles) ok but come soon .

Samrat : ok Jaan Didi .

Samrat goes to the garden . He’s surprised to See that his bike is not there .

Samrat : where’s the bike ?

He searches in the nearby places

Samrat : it’s not there ….I’ll go and ask Jaan Didi .

Samrat goes inside Sukoon ghar again

Avni sees samrat

Avni : (sees samrat) what ? You came so soon ? And where’s the milk ?

Samrat : Didi where’s my bike ?

Avni : (confused) huh ? Bike ? It’s in garden ?

Samrat : no didi it’s not there .

Avni : What ! What do you mean by it’s not there ?

Saisha comes there

Saisha : What happened ? And what’s not there ?

Avni : Samrat is saying that his bike is not there in garden .

Saisha : Huh ? Then where’s the bike ? It was in the garden right ?

Samrat : saisha you said you wanted to drive the bike right ? Did you take it somewhere ?

Saisha : Huh ? Why would I take it ? And at last even I saw that in the garden .

Avni : let’s go and check

Avni , saisha , samrat go out and search for the bike but they’re not able to find it .

Avni : i searched . But I couldn’t find it

Samrat : oh god then where’s my bike !

Saisha : Seems like someone stole it .

Avni , samrat get shocked

Avni : WHAT !

Saisha : seems like that Jaan Didi . Some one stole samrat’s bike .

Samrat feels bad

Samrat : I lost my birthday gift .

Avni : don’t worry samrat we’ll find it .

Samrat is sad and goes inside the Sukoon house .

Saisha : Jaan Didi . Samrat is feeling very bad . Now what can we do ?

Avni : We need to find his bike saisha .

Saisha : But how !

Avni thinks of Neil .

Avni : Now we can only do one thing .

Saisha : What’s That ?

Avni : We need to go to police station and file a complaint regarding this .

Saisha : yeah Jaan Didi . You’re right . now let’s go . I’ll ask samrat to come .

Avni : Hmm Ok .

Saisha goes in .

Avni : (thinks) now I need to take ACP Neil’s help to find samrat’s bike . He’s the one who can help me now

Suddenly Avni hears saisha’s voice . Shes’s asking Avni to come inside .

Avni goes inside the Sukoon house .

Samrat is sitting in the hall . He’s very sad . Everyone are trying to console him

Mowgli : Samrat bhaiya don’t be sad . Jaan Didi will definitely find your bike .

Samrat : but I lost my birthday present which you all gave me …

Avni : (cuts in between ) Samrat . Don’t worry . We’ll definitely find your bike . Now come on . Let’s go to police station and file a complaint .

Samrat : no didi . I want to be alone for sometime .

Saisha : but ….

Samrat gets up and goes out

Saisha : Jaan Didi he’s not coming .

Avni : it’s ok . I’ll go to police station .

Saisha : I’ll come with you .

Avni : no saisha . Samrat is sad and Tara is also not here . Kids will be alone . You be here and take care of them . I’ll come soon

Saisha : Ok Jaan Didi .

Avni leaves the Sukoon house .

Scene 3:
Police station

Avni is standing outside the police station .

Avni : (to herself) now again I have to meet that crack ACP Neil again . But what to do he’s the one who can help me now .

Inside the police station

DD , Jaspreet , kamal , nishant and suketu and other officers are working on a case

DD : we got many complaints . too many bikes are missing . That too very expensive bikes

Jaspreet : yes DD . Even today morning a person came and gave complaint that his bike also missing .

Suketu : We need to report this to neil sir when he comes we need to report that to him .

Nishant : I feel like that K.K’s gang is responsible for this .

Avni enters the police Station . DD sees avni

DD : Hey Miss Avni . You here ?

Avni : Hey Officer Darshan . Yeah . And I need your help .

DD : say .

Avni : I need to file a complaint . Our bike is missing

Jaspreet : bike again ?

DD : too many bikes are missing these days . Can you tell me when did you see your bike at last ?

Avni : actually we booked Royal Enfield bike to present to samrat , a kid in Sukoon ghar for his birthday . At last we saw it in Sukoon ghar garden at night . But we couldn’t find that in the morning .

DD : Did you check in nearby places ?

Avni : Yes we did but we couldn’t find the bike .

DD : this problem is increasing day by day . We need to inform Neil sir soon .

Avni : Please help me Officer Darshan .

DD : our team will definitely help you . Don’t worry . You please sit there .

Avni : Ok .

Avni sits on the bench .

Jaspreet and suketu see Avni

Jaspreet : (to suketu) hey do you remember this girl ?

Suketu : (to jaspreet) of course I do . That mall ice cream incident right ?

Jaspreet and suketu start laughing

DD comes there

DD : What happened ?

Suketu : DD she’s same girl who spread ice cream on Neil sir’s face right .

Other officers gets surprised after coming to know .

Officer 1 : What ! That madam who came now spread ice cream on Neil sir’s face !

Officer 2 : that’s unbelievable ! Is that true ?

DD : yeah ! I wish I could see Neil sir’s “Ice cream spread face” again

They all laugh

Neil enters the police station and see everyone laughing .

Neil : What’s happening here ?

Everyone see Neil and stop laughing

Neil : (confused) What ?

All officers see Neil and they’re trying to control their laughter .

Neil is confused

Jaspreet : sir that girl who spread ice cream on your face is here .

Neil : huh ? Excuse me ?

DD : sir miss. Avni is here to file a complaint

DD points towards Avni sitting on the chair .

Neil : (surprised) That girl ! Here ? (Sees Avni sitting on the chair) oh yeah she’s here… (to jaspreet ) and yeah stop laughing and stop telling about that ice cream incident to everyone .

Jaspreet : ugh ok sir.

Neil (To officers) and yeah everyone . now stop laughing and focus on work .

All officers : yes sir !

Neil : (to DD) and DD ask that girl to come to my desk now .

DD : Ok sir

Neil goes inside .

Other police officers start working .

DD goes near Avni

DD : Miss Avni

Avni : yes ?

DD : Neil sir is here . And he’s asking you to come in .

Avni : Umm fine.

Avni goes inside sees Neil . Neil stands and goes near Avni .

Neil : I’m surprised ! What made you come here ?

Avni : You know what Mr.Crack Khanna ….

Neil : (cuts Avni in between) Neil …. ACP Neil Khanna . And yeah this is police station and you can’t talk to me like this here .

Avni : (rolls her eyes) whatever but I just want to tell you that a bike which I purchased to gift someone is missing .

Neil : (shocked) WHAT ! A bike missing again ? Now I realise what made you come here . You want me to find it right ?

Avni : yes . Find it and hand it over to me as soon as possible .

Neil : Oh hello . I’m not your servant . Say politely .

Avni : (rolls her eyes) fine ! Officer Neil Please help me .

Neil : hmm … that’s good . Now tell all the details about the bike . About it’s colour and all and DD you take down everything .

DD : Ok sir .

DD starts noting everything .

Avni : okay . Royal Enfield bike classic 500 and the colour is stealth black .

DD : (notes everything) okay

Neil : what’s the registered number ?

Avni : number ?

Neil : (rolls his eyes) Do you know that every vehicle has a number ?

Avni : yes I know !

Neil : I’m asking about that ! Now tell !

Avni : actually it was delivered 2 days ago and we didn’t get the number for the vehicle yet

Neil and DD get shocked

Neil : what are you saying ! Then how can we find the vehicle ?

Avni gets tensed .

Episode ends

Precap : Neil says to Avni that Aman is the one who stole the bike . Avni gets angry on neil . Neil ask Avni to think and tell whether there’s something different in that bike or is there any mark with which they can find the bike .

I’m extremely sorry for updating late . That too a week late . Now I’m in 12th grade and I have too many work . I promise you all I’ll try to post the next episode soon . If the episode is bad and boring I’m sorry for that . I hope you all liked this episode and yeah silent readers do read , like and comment if you like the episode .

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