Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 20)

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Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 19th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

Today’s episode is very short. Sorry for that.

And yeah I’ll start AvNeil love story after sometime . But I’ll try to make it soon .

If you have missed the 19th episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 19)

Enjoy the episode.


Scene 1:
Police station

Avni goes inside Neil’s room. As DD said she searches for the red file but she couldn’t find it.

Avni: Officer DD said the red file is in Mr.Neil’s room. Then where it is?

Avni sees the big shelf in which many files are there.

Avni: I guess it might be here. There are many red files here which one is it. Let me check.

She sees some red files in the top of the shelf . She tries to reach it but it’s too high for her.

Avni climbs and stands on Neil’s table. She takes some red files in her hand.

In the mean time Neil enters the police station.

DD: sir Miss.Avni came. She’s in your room.

Neil: oh fine.

Neil goes to his room and he’s surprised to see Avni standing on his table and she’s trying to search something.

Neil gets angry . He goes near and Avni . Avni doesn’t see that Neil is inside the room.

Neil: (to Avni) Can You just tell me what are you trying to do in my room !!!

Avni sees Neil and gets shocked. She loses her balance

Avni: (shocked) Oops (about to fall) (shouts) AAAHHH!

Neil: (shouts) HEY WATCH OUT!!!

Avni drops the files down and is about to fall but neil comes and catches her.

Neil hold Avni. They have an eye lock .

The other officers and Neeraj hear Neil and Avni shouting.

Neeraj: What happened?

DD: I don’t know . I heard it from Neil sir’s room. Let’s go and see.

Neeraj , DD and other officers go to Neil’s room. They enter Neil’s room.

Neeraj: Bhai What happene…………

All get surprised and shocked seeing Neil holding Avni in his arms.

Neeraj: (shocked) huh? (Rubs his eyes) What did I just see now?

Neeraj is super shocked . He sees Neil holding Avni. The officers see each other and smile seeing Avni and Neil like this.

Jaspreet: (smiles)(to DD) DD… what is Neil sir doing with that ice cream girl?

DD: (to Jaspreet) How Will I Know Jaspreet?

Neeraj: (smiles) (to Neil) Bhai….. What are you doing?

Neil and Avni are not aware of Neeraj and other officers presence.

Neeraj: (rolls his eyes) (smiles) BHAI !

Neil & Avni: (hears and sees Neeraj) (gets shocked) Huh?

Neil and Avni see each other. They then see Neeraj and others in the room and they get embarrassed.

Avni: (to Neil) (shouts)Why are you holding me ! Leave me ….. leave me!

Neil: (to Avni) yes..just a min….

Neil tries to move forward but suddenly he stumbles and he accidentally drops Avni from his arms . she falls on the floor and hurts her.

Avni: (falls down from Neil’s arms) OOPS!

Avni falls down and hurts her hip. She sees neil and gets angry. Avni is sitting on the floor holding her hip.

Avni: (in an angry tone)(to neil) YOU IDIOT CRACK !

Neil: Hey I’m …..

Avni: (in an angry tone)(cuts Neil in between) WHY DID YOU DROP ME ! YOU STUPID IDIOTIC GOOSE !

When Avni scolds neil , Neeraj and DD starts laughing seeing Neil. Neil stares at them and they stop laughing.

Neil: (in an angry tone) WHAT DID YOU SAY NOW!






Neil: YOU….

Neil sees Neeraj and other officers present in his room.


Other officers: YES SIR!

All the officers go out.

Neil: (to Avni) And yeah now tell me. what were you doing in my room?

Avni: Officer DD told that there’s a red file in your table and he asked me to read that until he comes so that we can the formalities soon. But I couldn’t find it.

Neil: (rolls his eyes) oh god. I guess DD kept the red file in the top of the shelf along with the other files. I’ll take it. And till then you wait out.

Avni: fine!

Avni goes out. Neil starts taking the files from the floor which Avni dropped.

Neeraj: (smiles)(goes near Neil and nudges him) bhai bhai bhai!

Neil: what happened Neeraj?

Neeraj: (smiles) I’m so happy now. I never thought you could be so romantic. I never saw you behaving like this with a girl.

Neil: What the hell!

Neeraj: (smiles) I’m serious bro! I never thought There is also a romantic SRK side in you. Ah….. god … what an intense eye lock you both had. And the way you were holding Avni … seriously for a moment I thought ….

Neil: (rolls his eyes)(cuts Neeraj in between) what nonsense ! Nothing like that. I was just saving her. And if someone were in her place I would have helped them too.

Neeraj: (laughs) oh really? If someone falls , you’ll hold them they way you held Avni in you arms and look deep into their eyes and have an intense eye lock? Even if I fall, you would do that huh?

Neeraj tries to fall on Neil’s arm but neil moves away and doesn’t catch him. Neeraj falls down.

Neeraj: (falls down) oops!

Neil: (sees Neeraj)(rolls his eyes)stupid Neeraj.

Neeraj: AAAHHH! Bhai . (Gets up from the floor and laughs) (thinks) seriously. What happened to Neil bhai these days?

Neil takes the red file from the top of the shelf.

Neil: ok fine. We got the file. We need to bail out those 3 soon. Neeraj you ask Avni to come in.

Neeraj: Ok bhai.

Neeraj goes out. He sees Avni.

Neeraj: (goes near Avni) Avni, come inside. We need to do the formalities as soon as possible.

Avni: okay.

Avni goes inside Neil’s room. Neil takes the red file and gives to Avni.

Neil: here’s the red file. And yeah why did you climb on my table for that?

Avni: that’s because I couldn’t reach it….

Neil: (cuts Avni in between)You couldn’t reach because you’re short!

Avni: (in an angry tone) Mr.Neil just because you’re 3 or 4inches taller than me that doesn’t mean that I’m short! And you have no right to make fun of my height.

Neeraj: (to Avni and Neil) oh not again! Can you both stop it! Please!

Neil: Ask her to stop first!

Avni: (to neil) You were the one who started this!

Neeraj: Ok fine. You both stop now. And yeah now let’s do the formalities. We have very less time. We need to bail out 3 people.

Avni: 3 people? I’m going to bail out only one person.

Neil: actually I’m planning to bail out the other two who were with your brother too.

Avni: (to neil) so you’re going to bail the other two?

Neil: yes.

Avni: but why? They along with that stupid retarded gangster K.K tried to trap my brother.

Neil: Avni actually those two Umesh and Dushyant were also as helpless as your brother Aman.

Avni is shocked and confused.

Avni: (shocked and confused) Wh.. What?

Neil: yeah. After interrogating them we got to know that they were trapped by K.K.

Avni: Can you tell what happened?

Neil tells everything about what happened in the interrogation room and how K.K tried to harm Sukoon ghar kids and because of that Aman helplessly agreed to work under K.K


Neil: Avni calm down.

Avni: We need to do something.

Neil: yeah. That’s why I’m planning to bail out the other 2 so that we can catch K.K . Only they can helps us.

Neeraj: bhai they’re working under K.K. Do you think they’ll help us?

Neil: they will.

Avni: But How?

Neil: I know what to Do. Now start the work.

Neeraj: Fine then.

Neeraj,Avni and Neil do the formalities to bail out Umesh,Dushyant and Aman.

Neeraj: Bhai Formalities are over. Now we can bail out them.

Neil: Okay. Neeraj , Let’s go to the cell where Aman, Dushyant and umesh are there.

Neeraj: okay Neil bhai.

Avni: I’ll come too.

Neil: ugh… okay.

Avni,Neil and Neeraj go to meet Aman,Umesh and Dushyant in the jail cell.

They see Aman,Dushyant and Umesh sitting inside the jail.

Neil signs the constable to open the jail cell.

The constable opens the jail cell. Aman sees Avni and gets up.

Aman: (Gets up) Avni.

Umesh and Dushyant get up seeing Neil.

Avni: Aman Bhai. Officer Neil told what happened in the interrogation session. I’m here to bail you out.

Aman gets relieved.

Umesh (to Aman) I’m happy for you.

Dushyant: At least you’re getting out of the jail.

Neil: (to dushyant & Umesh) Actually we’re bailing out you both too.

Umesh and dushyant get happy.

Umesh: Really you’re bailing out us?

Dushyant: (to Umesh) I told you that police will understand us right? (To neil) thank you so much officer.

Neil: hmm. Yeah. We’ll bail out you all. But ……

Aman,Umesh and Dushyant surprisingly look at Neil.

Dushyant: but?

Aman: Officer neil… what do you mean?

Umesh: Sir you’re scaring us. First you said you’ll bail us out and now…

Neil: (cuts Umesh in between) Hey don’t panic. I’ll bail out you all. But in one condition.

Dushyant: tell us sir we’re ready to do whatever you say sir.

Umesh: yes sir we’ll do whatever you say.

Aman: yeah Mr.Neil. You tell us what we should do.

Neil: fine then. If you 3 help us in finding that gangster K.K , I’ll bail you out.

After Neil says this Aman , Umesh and Dushyant see each other.

Neil: See we understood your helplessness and we’re trying to help you by bailing out you all. But in return you all have to help us too. So will you 3 help us in finding K.K?

Aman: sir. We’ll help you.

Umesh: yes sir. That K.K made our lives miserable. Now I want him to pay for this.

Dushyant: yes sir. We’re ready to help you.

Neil: (smiles) fine then. We’ll bail you out.

Aman, umesh and Dushyant get happy.

Neil: now let’s go to my room and think what should we do next

Neil,Avni,Neeraj,Aman,dushyant and Umesh go out from the jail cell.

Police station – Neil’s room.

Avni,Neil,Neeraj,Aman,Dushyant and Umesh are making plans to trap K.K

Neil: Now we need to find out how we can trap that K.K .

Avni: and I’ll help you with that.

All look at Avni.

Neil: you’ll help us?

Avni: (confused) yeah? That’s what I said. Why is there any problem?

Aman and Neil look each other

Neil goes near Avni.

Neil: Avni I think you should stay away from this problem.

Aman: Officer Neil is right Avni. K.K is dangerous. You should stay away from this Avni.

Neeraj: yeah. Even I think the same.

Avni: Huh? What do you mean by stay away? I can help….

Dushyant: (To Avni) madam, K.K is not only a gangster but he’s a womaniser too. He’s a very disgusting person. So I think it will be better if you stay away from this problem. You won’t be safe.

Avni: (rolls her eyes) oh god! Just because That Guy is like that it doesn’t mean that we should be scared of him and do nothing.

Neil gets up from the chair and goes near Avni

Neil: (rolls his eyes) Avni you’re getting us wrong. I mean when you’re not at all involved in this then why are you risking your life? We police are there….

Avni: That Stupid retarded K.K tried to harm me and my sukoon ghar kids and you’re asking me to keep quite?

Neil: you’re not going to be involved in this plan.

Aman: Avni listen to Neil. He’s right.

Avni: I won’t listen to you all. I want K.K to pay for what all he did. And I tell you I won’t spare that K.K.

Neil: Fine then! Do whatever you want! And yeah get ready to face the problem.

Neeraj: but bhai how can we take her! It’s dangerous!

Neil: we tried to convince her but she’s not listening. So let her do whatever she wants.

Neeraj: Ok fine. Now let’s discuss.

Neil: Hmm..Aman can you tell when where you all use to meet?

Neeraj: Is there any specific location where you all meet?

Aman: actually we keep changing the meeting location.

Umesh: but yeah whenever We sign a contract with international countries K.K will ask us to come to Rang Mahal.

Neil: Rang Mahal. ok I’ll tell the plan. Well We’ll let Aman Dushyant and Umesh go to the place where K.K and other members are there. We’ll insert a tracking device in their vehicle and track the location. After they reach we’ll go to his place in our police jeep and we’ll trap K.K and others.

Neeraj: Ok bhai.

Avni doesn’t like the plan.

Avni: This plan will be a big flop!

Everyone see Avni. Neil gets angry when Avni says this.

Aman: Avni What are you saying. Keep quite. Officer Neil knows what to do.

Avni: bhai this plan is so stupid. This will be a big flop

Neil: (in an angry tone) How’ll this plan flop? Tell me?

Avni: Mr.Neil seriously if you go there with your team wearing the police uniform and if you go there in your police jeep they’ll definitely escape seeing you all. And you won’t be able catch that K.K. So this plan will be a big flop.

Neil: (in an angry tone) Oh fine… then you tell. You know everything right. So tell .What can we do to trap those Gangsters?

Avni: Ah… let me think.

Neil: fine madam. Take your own time.

Avni stays silent and keeps thinking for while.

Neil: hmm… You have been thinking for a while …. tell what can we do.

Avni: Ah….give me some time.

Neil: (smirks) you can’t even think of a good plan. And you’re telling that my plan will flop. Now you Let us do our work and now you get out of my room.

Avni angrily stares at Neil

Neil: I said go out!

Avni is angry and goes out of neil’s room and the police station.

Avni: What does that Neil Khanna think of himself. Seriously he’s a Crack. His plan will definitely flop. And yeah I won’t spare that K.K. How dare he tried to harm my Sukoon ghar kids! I need to do something. But what can I do?

Avni keeps thinking.

Episode ends.

Precap: Avni says an idea to trap K.K but Neil doesn’t agree with her. But finally avni makes neil agree with her. Aman, dushyant and Umesh go to meet K.K .

I’ll try to post the next episode soon. Sorry for the short update. In upcoming episode you can see many AvNeil nok – jhok scenes . Sorry if you find the episode boring . I’ll try to give more interesting episodes further . And yeah I hope you all liked today’s episode . Please do read , like and comment if you liked the episodes and I request silent readers to read , comment , like . It’s a humble request .

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