Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 12)

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Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 11th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

I’ll mainly focus only on AvNeil story .

If you have missed the 11th episode here’s the link

Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 11)

And this episode is bit small . Sorry for that .

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1:
Chamko café

Neil is seen sitting on a bench and he’s waiting for Avni .

Neil : (sees his watch) now the time is 10:02 . This girl said we’ll be meeting at 10 . She’s insane .

Aman and Avni reach the chamko café .

Aman : What are you going to do here ? You said you wanted to go to the wedding right ?

Avni : Yes . But before that have to meet one person . Will You wait here or else will You come inside with me ?

Aman : Ugh ok I’ll come with you .

Avni and Aman enter the café . Neil sees Avni and Aman entering .

Neil : (to himself) finally that crazy girl Avni came here (sees aman) oh great … Aman Mehta is also here .

Avni sees Neil and goes near him

Aman is shocked to see Neil there .

Aman : (thinks) What The Heck ! ACP Neil Khanna ? Here again ?

Neil : (to Avni) now the time is 10:05 . You’re are 5minutes late . (To Aman) And you . you are Avni’s brother right ?

Aman : (nods ) yeah (thinks) that means Avni is here to meet Neil Khanna ? But why ?

Neil : I know . Hi Mr. Aman Mehta . I’m ACP Neil khanna .

Aman : (without eye contact)(tensed) Hi . (Thinks) oh god ! I need to leave this place right now .

Avni : Sorry . we got stuck in the traffic . And Wait a minute . How do you know my brother’s name ?

Neil sees Aman .

Neil : I know everything about Mr.Aman Mehta .

Avni : (confused) Are you both friends ? Do you know each other ?

Neil goes near Aman and puts his arm around him . Aman Seems to be tensed


Neil : Umm not really . But I know him .

Neil and Aman see each other

Neil : (thinks) now you can’t escape from me Aman Mehta

Aman : (confused and Avoids eye contact with Neil )Do you know me ? (thinks) what the hell is happenening here ?

Avni is confused seeing Aman and Neil’s behaviour

Neil : Anyways Let’s sit down

Avni : umm ok .

Avni and Neil sit down

Aman : (Tensed) Av..Avni I’ll leave I have some work

Avni : ugh ok…..

Neil : (cuts Avni in between) (to Aman ) Where are you going Mr.Aman Mehta ? Sit with us . We all need to discuss a lot tho .

Avni : But you said you wanted to discuss with me ?

Neil : Actually as your brother is here I want to discuss more with him .

Aman : (tensed) wi.. With me ?

Neil : yes with you . It’s all about you Aman Mehta .

Avni : (confused) huh ? About bhai ?

Aman : (thinks) oh god save me . I guess that stupid umesh Gupta told everything to police . I’m dead now . (To neil) about me ?

Neil : yes (Points towards the chair) Mr. Aman take your seat .

Aman : ugh ….

Avni : Bhai you better sit down . Or else he’ll keep troubling .

Neil stares at Avni .

Aman unwillingly sits opposite to neil .

Avni sits near Aman and stares at Neil and Aman confusingly .

Waiter comes to take the order

Neil : (to waiter) one coffee. (to Avni and Aman) Would you like to order something ?

Avni : (sees neil) (to waiter) Umm … one chocolate milkshake .

Neil : (to Aman) What about You Aman?

Aman : (to waiter) ugh….one coffee for me too .

Waiter : fine

The waiter goes

Avni : See Mr. Neil Khanna you said you wanted to discuss about something with me . And now your telling that you want to discuss with my Aman bhai too . And now you’re saying that it’s about him . What’s it ? it’s already late I need to go to my friend’s wedding .

Neil : you were the one who came late . Now let’s discuss about the case

Avni : case ? What case ? And what’s there to discuss with me ?

Neil : (points towards Aman) it’s about your sweet brother Aman Mehta . I’ll tell you everything .

The waiter comes with their order .

Neil , Aman take their coffee and they start drinking it and Avni takes her milkshake and she starts drinking it .

Aman is tensed and Neil sees him .

Avni sees Neil and Aman and drinks the milkshake .


Neil : (keeps the coffee cup on the table)

Neil stares at Aman .

Avni : (to neil) can you just say ?

Neil : yeah but before that I want you to tell that in Mumbai some gangsters are selling stolen bikes illegally .

Aman : (shocked )(thinks) My god . he knows everything ! (He takes the coffee cup and starts drinking)

Avni : (keeps the milkshake glass on the table) ok . what am I supposed to do ? Why are you saying all these to us ?

Neil : ok . I’ll directly come to the point ? We got an information that your brother Aman Mehta is involved in this illegal business .

Avni and Aman get shocked when Neil says this .

Aman & Avni : (shout) WHAT !

Aman starts coughing .

Avni : (to Aman) bhai are you fine ?

Aman : (nods) yeah ok .

People present in the café look at Avni , Aman and Neil

Neil , Aman and Avni see people staring at them .

Aman : (to the crowd) we’re sorry . (To neil) excuse me ? What do you mean ?

Avni : (to neil) Are you trying to say that my brother is involved in this ? No way .

Neil : Yes . Your brother Aman Mehta is involved .

Avni : you’re lying . Do you have any proof ?

Neil : we just got the information that your brother Aman Mehta and another guy named Umesh Gupta is involved with this gang .

Aman : (tensed) av … Avni …Don’t believe him He’s lying .

Avni : don’t worry bhai . I know you won’t do anything like that .

Aman : (To neil) excuse me . I guess … you … you are searching for another person and you trying to frame me thinking I’m involved in this .

Neil : no . I’m damn sure that you are Aman Mehta who is involved in this case .

Aman : (tensed) ye…. yes I’m Aman Mehta . But I have no idea about wh… what you are saying . I don’t know anything and I’m not involved with any of the Gangs and I don’t do any illegal activities . Why are you … you trying to frame me ? I don’t know anything !

Neil : I’m not interested in framing you Aman Mehta . I’m just doing my work . And yeah don’t pretend as if you don’t know anything .

Avni : don’t talk to my brother like this . He won’t do such things !

Neil : (signals Avni to stop talking) let me do my work and you keep quite miss Avni Mehta . (To aman) and you tell everything about the gang Aman Mehta .

Aman : (tensed) excuse me i … I have no idea about what you are talking . And yeah ho… how can you tell that I’m that same Aman Mehta whom you are talking about ? Many people have similar names . That doesn’t mean that I’m that same Aman Mehta whom you are searching for .

Neil : Hey stop knitting stories . I know you are involved in this case . If you don’t say anything I think I need to take you to police station

Aman : I’m not … I’m not…. knitting stories ACP Neil Khanna ! And I won’t come to police station . Why should I come there when I … I didn’t do anything ?

Avni : can you both stop !

Aman gets a phone call from dushyant  and gets tensed . he sees neil .

Aman : (thinks) Now why this dushyant is calling me now ? I’ll better cut the call or else this officer Neil will doubt me . I’ll call him afterwards .

Aman cuts the call .

Neil : What happened to you Aman Mehta ? You seem to be tensed .

Aman : nothing . I’ll come in a minute .

Avni : bhai What happened ?

Aman : (acts weird) I said nothing na . I’ll come .

Aman goes to washroom

Avni : why is bhai suddenly acting weird ?

Neil : See Avni , Your brother is behaving like this because he’s lying . He’s hiding some thing . And He is involved in that illegal business . That’s the reason why he’s acting weird ! I called you here to talk about your brother .

Avni : What is your problem ? Why are you troubling us ? My brother is not involved in any such things !

Neil : oh really ? Do you think your sweet Aman bhai is not involved in anything ?

Avni : I know him . He won’t do such things .

Neil : fine then . one day you yourself will come to know about everything .

Aman comes there

Avni : bhai let’s go . I should have not come here .

Neil angrily stares at Avni .

Aman : yeah .

Avni leave from that place .

Neil sees Avni going . Aman and Neil stare each other angrily .

Aman starts going but neil stops him

Neil : Aman Mehta

Aman : (turns around) What do you want to say now ?

Neil : your sister might believe in your lies but I won’t believe you . You are hiding something and you don’t want anyone to know about that . I even know that you especially don’t want your sister to know about that . I know that you’re involved …

Aman : (cuts Neil in between) (in an angry tone) I’m not involved in anything ! Is that clear ?

Neil : hmmm ….

Aman leaves from that place .

Neil : now I’m damn sure that he’s hiding something and he’s involved in this business . I need to catch him red handedly .

Neil too leaves from that place .

Scene 2:
Outside Sukoon house

Avni is thinking about Neil’s words

Avni : (thinks) that crack neil khanna is lying . My bhai can’t do like this .

Tara is seen waiting outside . Aman drops Avni outside the Sukoon house . And Aman goes .

Tara : finally you came

Avni : Hmm . Shall we go ?

Tara : yeah sure . And yeah stay here in Sukoon house tonight . Tomorrow is samrat’s birthday right ?

Avni : of course . And yeah when will they deliver the new bike ?

Tara : they delivered the Royal Enfield bike Just now . It’s behind in the garden.

Avni : great . we’ll attend the marriage and come soon . Samrat might return from college at 6pm . We need to make sure that he doesn’t notice it .

Tara : hmm yeah . Then we’ll present that bike to samrat tomorrow on his birthday .

Avni : yeah . We need to order his favourite pineapple cake too .

Tara : yeah . Now let’s go . We’re already late .

Avni and Tara leave for their friend’s marriage .

Scene 3:
Sukoon house

In the evening

Avni and Tara returns from the marriage and they order pineapple cake . Then they come to Sukoon ghar and enter  .

Kids are seen playing .

Avni : mowgli .

Mowgli : yes jaan didi ?

Avni : did samrat return from the college ?

Mowgli : Umm not yet didi . Samrat bhaiya didn’t come yet .

Tara : hey kids . listen to me now . tomorrow is samrat’s birthday right ? So you all know about the plan right ?

Kids : of course !

Mowgli : we even know about the bike which we all are going to give as a gift for samrat bhaiya . I won’t tell samrat bhaiya that it’s In the garden .

Samrat enters the house and hears mowgli .

Everyone get surprised seeing samrat and signal each other to not say anything to samrat .

Samrat : What’s there in garden ?

Everyone stare at samrat .

Samrat : (confused) why you all are staring at me like this ? Can anyone tell me what’s happening and what’s there in garden ?

Avni : Umm nothing .

Samrat : I heard mowgli saying that there’s something in garden and you all won’t tell me what’s there. You said something like that . Right mowgli ?

Mowgli : ugh … (lies) did I say something like that ?

Samrat : fine . I’ll go and check .

Samrat is about to go to the garden but the kids block his way .

Samrat : what’s wrong with you all ?

Saisha : samrat . (Lies) We were talking about the organic vegetables growing in our garden . And we know that you don’t like to eat radish. But we grew a radish plant in garden . And we didn’t want you to know about that . That’s why .

Kids : yeah yeah we were talking about that .

Samrat : eh ? Why would you guys talk about that ? Strange . Now I’ll definitely go and check .

Samrat starts going towards the garden but mowgli stops him

Mowgli : (to samrat) samrat bhaiya, samrat bhaiya .

Samrat : What do you want now ?

Mowgli : (holds samrat’s hand) tomorrow I have test in math . That too chapter 3 give and take . Teach me right now please .

Samrat : math test ? But that give and take chapter is easy right ?

Mowgli : samrat bhaiya it’s easy for you but now only I’m learning . Please bhaiya if you don’t teach me I’ll fail . Come now come now please please .

Samrat : ok ok I’ll teach .

Mowgli : thanks bhaiya !

Samrat : But wait ….

Mowgli drags samrat’s hand and he takes samrat to his room .

Avni and others get relieved .

Avni : thank god . Or else our surprise plan would have failed .

The kids are seen talking with each other .

Pinky : saisha didi you go and ask to jaan didi

Iman : yes saisha didi . Tara didi and jaan didi definitely agree with you if you ask her .

Tara : what do you all want ?

Saisha and other kids see Avni and Tara

Saisha comes near Avni

Saisha : jaan didi Actually ….

Avni : actually what ?

Saisha : tomorrow IPL match will start . After a long time Chennai Super Kings is going to play .

Avni : Hmm yeah I know . Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians .

Saisha : Tara didi , jaan didi can you book tickets for the match so that we can go to Wankhede stadium and watch the match ?

Avni : tomorrow ?

Saisha & other kids : didi please didi please please . We want to go there .

Pinky : tomorrow is samrat bhaiya’s birthday too .

Saisha : and he too loves cricket . And he’s a big fan of MSD . If we take him he’ll be more happy . And he’ll be surprised .

Kids : didi please didi please .

Avni : (smiles) ok fine .

Tara and Avni smile seeing the kids .

Avni : I’ll check and see whether the tickets are available or not .

Avni checks but it shows that all the tickets are sold out .

Avni : Sorry kids but all tickets are sold out .

The kids get disappointed .

Avni : ok don’t get disappointed . I’ll do one thing . I’ll ask my friend . He might help me .

Avni calls Vidyut .

Vidyut : (picks up the call) hello? Avni ?

Avni : Vidyut where were you these days ? And why didn’t you pick up my calls ?

Vidyut : actually …. never mind . You got married right ?

Avni : (rolls her eyes) actually …. I didn’t get married

Vidyut : (smiles) really ? Why ?

Avni : I ran away from my marriage ! Now I don’t want to talk about this again .

Vidyut : (gets happy) woah ! For the first time Avni Mehta took a right decision .thank god you didn’t get married .

Avni : you seem to be happy

Vidyut : of course .

Avni : I missed you .

Vidyut : Hmm .. me too . Anyways why did you call me suddenly .

Avni : actually Vidyut our Sukoon ghar kids want to go to cricket match and watch in Wankhede Stadium .

Vidyut : hey I’m going there tomorrow .

Avni : lucky you . But unfortunately tickets are not available .

Vidyut : Wait don’t worry I’ll get you . How many tickets do you want ?

Avni : ugh ….. 10..

Vidyut : ok then I’ll call you in 5 minutes .

Avni : fine .

Avni cuts the call .

Tara : what happened ?

Avni : my friend told that he’ll do something .

After some time Avni gets a call from Vidyut

Avni : hello .

Vidyut : well I talked to my friend and got you tickets . That too in VIP hospitality box.

Avni : (in a happy tone) WHAT DID YOU SAY ?

Vidyut : (smiles) got you tickets that too in VIP hospitality box .

Avni : (smiles) WHAT REALLY ?

Vidyut : (smiles) yes .

Avni : How did you manage to get ? And that to VIP box tickets

Vidyut : (laughs) Somehow I got .

Avni : Thanks  !

Vidyut : thanks ?

Avni : (smiles) ok fine . YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND !

Vidyut : (smiles) anything for you . So can I come to Sukoon house tomorrow and pick up you all ?

Avni : will you be fine with that ?

Vidyut : yeah of course .

Avni : then let’s meet tomorrow .

Vidyut : (smiles) bye .

Avni : Bye . (Cuts the call ) (smiles) I talked to my friend luckily we got tickets that too in VIP hospitality box .

Saisha : What ! VIP hospitality box ! Really ?

Avni : yes ! So we all are going to Wankhede Stadium to watch the match between Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians .

Kids get happy and all start jumping


Kids hug Avni and Tara

Tara : but don’t tell this to samrat now . Let it be a surprise .

Kids : okay !

Avni and Tara smile seeing the kids happy

Episode ends

Precap : Everyone wish samrat . Shweta is sad as it’s her and Prakash’s wedding anniversary day . Neeraj and Neil plan to leave her alone so that she can spend some time alone . Shweta and Avni meet again . Some one steals samrat’s bike .

Sorry for the late update I was busy with exams and my schedule And I was not in a mood to write ??? . If the episode is bad I’m sorry for that . I hope you all liked this episode and yeah silent readers do read , like and comment if you like the episode .

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