Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Recap: episode 1 to episode 21)

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And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

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I know it’s been a very long time since I updated my episodes. I know many would have forgot my story. So today I’m going to give a brief recap.

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And yeah now Enjoy and recollect the previous episodes ?
Recap: Episode 1 to episode 21
It’s Avni’s marriage. Dayawanti Mehta and Other Mehta family members are seen preparing for Avni’s marriage. Dayawanti mehta is very happy that her dear grand daughter is getting married. Aman , Avni’s brother comes there and they have a conversation.Aman is worried as he doesn’t know whether Avni willingly agreed for this marriage . Riya comes there and says that avni is getting ready and Asha is helping her . Ashish comes and says to Dayawanti that the groom’s family is on their way and they’ll be here any moment .

Then in Neil’s house it’s his birthday and his mom and brother Neeraj wish him . Neil doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday as something bad happened to him , his bro and mom Shweta on his 7th birthday . Shweta asks Neil to forget whatever happened 18years ago. Neil gets angry and goes out.

in the marriage hall Some kids are seen playing in the hall and they’re talking to each other . Kids fear that their Jaan Didi (Avni) will come to meet them or not in Sukoon ghar regularly after her marriage. Samrat and saisha assure the kids that Avni will come to meet them as usual . Saisha and samrat feel that Avni is not happy with her marriage .

The Sukoon ghar kids go to meet Avni in the bride’s room . Avni is looking beautiful in bridal attire . Saisha and samrat tell her that they know that she’s not happy with her marriage . Avni gets shocked when they say this . Mowgli too listens this and starts shouting in the room saying that Avni is not happy with her marriage . Riya comes there and hears this . She asks Avni why she’s doing like this . She tells she knows that Avni is doing this for Dayawanti . Avni says we can’t do anything . Saisha asks Avni to run away from the marriage . Riya thinks for a while and asks Avni to run away . Everyone leave from the room leave Avni thinking . The groom’s family arrive .

In Neil’s place Neil thinks about what happened in his 7th birthday. His father prakash and mother Shweta had issues and his father was being rude to them. So they parted ways. he feels bad . Suddenly DD calls him and asks Neil to come to police station as commissioner is calling him and his team for a meeting.

Avni runs away from her marriage. Meanwhile the groom’s family (Pareikh family) arrives there and Mehta family do the rituals. Groom Ritesh Pareikh his mom Neela parekh , his dad Manoj parekh and his grand father Hemant also comes there and they do the rituals. After sometime everyone come to know that Avni away from her marriage. Everyone get shocked and groom , his dad and grandfather ask Mehta family whether they have called them here to humiliate them. Neela is confused. Everyone are in shock. The guests talk badly about Avni and they leave. Dayawanti is unable to accept the fact that her dear granddaughter did like this. Suddenly Dayawanti gets heart attack and she collapses. Mehta family and Neela take Dayawanti to hospital. ashish is very angry with Avni.

Avni is walking in a sparsely populated area and she feels bad for running away from marriage. Suddenly a car is about to hit her. The car doesn’t hit Avni but she slips and falls down and hurts her head. She becomes unconscious. The person who was driving the car happens to be neil. Neil sees Avni and he helps and asks whether she’s ok. Avni scolds Neil for not driving properly and calls him “Crack”. Neil gets angry and both AvNeil have a nhok jhok. Avni then gets a call from Aman. Aman informs Avni that Dayawanti got heart attack and she’s admitted in hospital. Avni gets shocked and she runs from that place to meet Dayawanti in hospital. She forgets her bad in Neil’s car. Neil sees her bag and thinks how he’ll return this to Avni. He again gets call from DD and he goes to police station.

Avni goes to hospital and Mehta family members see her. Ashish gets very angry and slaps Avni. Avni cries. Asha and others scold Avni. Neela supports Avni and asks everyone to calm down. Avni cries and goes out from the hospital. Aman and Riya confront ashish and Asha for forcing Avni. Neela gets shocked when she learns that Avni was force to get married and that’s why she ran away. Neela supports Avni and makes Ashish and Asha realise their mistake. Everyone try to contact Avni.

Avni reaches Sukoon house and she meets Tara and other kids there. She breaks down in front of everyone. Kids and others try to console Avni and they cheer her up. She spends a good time with Sukoon ghar kids.

Tara and Avni have a private conversation. Tara tells Avni that some goons are troubling them. Avni asks Tara whether she informed police. Tara says she did inform the police about this problem. Suddenly they get a call from the goons and the goons threaten them. Avni asks Tara not to worry.

In police stations the commissioner asks Neil to handle the Sukoon house case with his team and he asks Neil and DD to go and interrogate them in Sukoon house. Neil agrees and starts the investigation.

In Sukoon house, Tara asks Avni to change her dress to casuals. Tara tells that she need to go out and buy somethings for Sukoon house And she asks Avni to accompany her. Avni says she’ll go and get those things and asks Tara to stay in Sukoon ghar kids as it’s not safe to leave kids alone in Sukoon ghar as they’re getting many threat calls. Avni leaves from Sukoon house to go to the market to buy the necessary things. Suddenly the light and the electricity goes off in the Sukoon house. Everyone wonder what happened. Suddenly the goons enter and everyone there get shocked. Tara hides behind the wall and texts Avni that the goons have come here and they’re trying to attack everyone. Tara gets caught by one of the goons. The goons tie up all the kids and Tara.

Avni is in the market and she sees Tara’s message and gets tensed. In the mean time. DD and Neil are going to Sukoon house but in the midway the car stopped and DD tells Neil that it will take some time to fix the car. So Neil tries to take a taxi. Neil and Avni take the same taxi and they see each other and get surprised and annoyed too. They have a nhok jhok. Finally Neil takes the taxi and goes and Avni gets annoyed.

The goons come there and attack the kids. The kids cry. And the goons plan to kill all the kids. Neil and his team comes there and saves them. Tara and other kids thank neil and other officers. Suddenly a goons pushes the officers and runs away. Neil goes behind them to catch them. After Neil goes Avni comes there and everyone get relieved seeing her and tell police officers especially officer Neil helped them and saved them from goons. Avni sees DD there, she thanks him and referred him as officer Neil. DD then says he’s not Neil and Officer Neil is out and he’s fighting with the goons. She says she wants to see Neil and wants to see where the goons are. DD says it’s dangerous and asks her not to go. Avni doesn’t listen and she goes out and DD follows her. Neil is seen fighting with the goons and Avni and DD see him fighting. Avni doesn’t see Neil’s face. Suddenly Neil gets stabbed by a goon he falls down. Avni goes and catches Neil and she’s surprised seeing Neil and she comes to know that he’s the same guy whom she fought with. The police catch the goons. Avni takes Neil to hospital. DD informs Shweta and Neeraj that goons stabbed Neil. They get tensed. DD asks them to come to hospital soon.

Avni and DD reach the hospital they admit Neil there. After sometime, the doctor comes and says that Neil is out of danger but now he has to rest. Shweta and Neeraj come there and ask how’s Neil. DD tells Neil is out of danger and Avni is the one who saved Neil. Shweta and Neeraj thank Avni.

In the mean time Dayawanti regains consciousness and everyone go and meet her. She asks about Avni. Everyone get tensed. Ashish asks Aman and Riya to contact Avni.

In the hospital where Neil is admitted, Shweta goes to pharmacy to buy medicine in pharmacy and there she meets prakash who happens to be shweta’s husband , Neil and neeraj’s dad. They get surprised seeing each other. Shweta gets sad and remember what prakash did to her , Neil and Neeraj. Shweta and prakash have a conversation. Neeraj comes there and sees prakash. He doesn’t talk to prakash and he takes Shweta to the room where Neil is resting. Prakash follows them and sees Neil. Neil gets angry seeing prakash and acts rudely with him. Avni sees this and scolds Neil for acting rudely with his father. Neil behaves very rudely with Avni and asks her not to interfere in his family issues. Avni leaves from that place. Neil then learns that Avni saved him. He regrets for behaving rudely with her.

Avni goes to the hospital where Dayawanti is admitted. Ashish and Asha feel sorry for what they did and they apologise to Avni. Avni goes and meets Dayawanti. She and Dayawanti have a conversation.

Neil is discharged from the hospital, Shweta and Neeraj take him to home.

At night, in Mehta mansion Avni tells Aman and Riya what all happened in one single day.

The next day Neil says he’s going for work. Shweta asks him to rest but he doesn’t listen. He goes to police station. He gets a new case about bikes being sold illegally by some gangsters. Umesh Gupta, one of the gangster in the group is caught by the police. Neil asks DD to collect informations about this case.

Dayawanti gets discharged. Avni and others wait for Dayawanti. She sees Aman talking to someone in phone and asks the person to meet him. Avni asks Aman with whom he was talking. Aman lies. Avni suspects Aman and asks him to tell the truth. Aman scold Avni and acts rudely with her. Avni gets angry seeing Aman’s behaviour. Everyone are glad as Dayawanti returned home. Aman tries to talk to Avni but she’s angry with him. Aman apologies to Avni and after sometime Avni forgives Aman. Aman promises Avni and Riya that he’ll take them for trekking. Avni and Riya get excited. Aman asks Riya and Avni to get ready as he’s going to take them for shopping. Riya and Avni become suspicious seeing Aman’s behaviour. Aman again calls the person and asks him to meet him in the mall. Avni, Riya and Aman go to the mall.

The police get information that Aman Mehta is involved in this case and they collect information about him and they track him. They come to know that Aman is going to meet someone in the mall. Neil’s team go to the mall. They take Umesh Gupta along with them.

In the mall Aman goes somewhere leaving Avni and Riya in a shop.

Aman gets call from dushyant, who’s one of the gangster and he learns that one of their colleague, Umesh Gupta got arrested by ACP Neil Khanna’s team. And he even learns that Neil’s team is trying to track him. Aman gets tensed and tried to leave from the call.

Avni goes and buys 2 ice creams and some more things to eat. But she collides with someone and one of her ice cream falls. The person with whom Avni collided happens to be neil and AvNeil again have a nhok jhok there. Aman sees neil and Avni fighting. Neil calls Avni as “crazy”. Avni says she has a name and her name is “Avni Mehta”. Neil says he doesn’t care about her and both of them keep fighting. Avni calls Aman and refers him as “Aman Bhai” and tells what neil did. Neil picks the ice cream from the ground and asks Avni to eat it. Avni in anger spreads the ice cream on Neil’s face. Aman stops Avni. Neil gets furious and tells that he’s “ACP Neil Khanna” and she’s messing with a wrong person. When Neil refers him as ACP Neil Khanna Aman gets shocked and he behaves weird and takes Avni and Riya out of the mall. Neil gets suspicious seeing Aman’s behaviour. Neil’s colleagues teases him. They leave from the mall.

Neil reaches home and thinks about Avni’s behaviour towards him. He even remembers Aman acting weird after he said he’s a police officer. He then remembers Avni referring her brother as “Aman Bhai” and Avni saying that her name is “Avni Mehta”. Neil realises Avni’s brother is that same Aman Mehta whom he was searching for. He tells DD about this. Neil says he wants to talk to Avni about this. He gets Avni’s number from DD and tries to contact her.

In Avni’s house , Avni is also frustrated thinking about what happened in the mall. She decided to talk to Vidyut and tell what all happened with her today. But again she’s unable to contact him. So she calls reyhanaa (her colleague) and asks her about Vidyut. She says Vidyut is out of station and she says Vidyut has got a new number and she’ll ask him to talk to her right now.

Neil calls Avni.

Avni gets a call from unknown number. She thinks it’s Vidyut and she receives the call and tells what all happened with her and she bad mouths about Neil to neil himself thinking she’s talking to Vidyut. Neil then gets angry and tells she’s talking to him, Neil Khanna. Avni then realises it’s not Vidyut. Neil asks Avni to meet him in the chamko café tomorrow at 10am.

Next day Avni goes to meet Neil. Aman too accompanies her. Neil gets surprised seeing Aman and Aman is super shocked seeing Neil. Neil tells about the illegal bike case which he’s handling and tells her brother is involved in this. Aman and Avni confront Neil. Aman and Neil have an argument. Neil tells that he’ll prove that Aman is lying to her.

On samrat’s birthday eve Avni and Tara buy a royal Enfield bike for samrat as a surprise. And other Sukoon ghar kids request Avni to take them for IPL match tomorrow as it’s samrat’s birthday. Avni agrees but they don’t get tickets. Now she again contacts Vidyut and now finally Vidyut receives the call. Vidyut is happy as Avni’s marriage broke but he doesn’t say that. They have a casual conversation. Avni asks Vidyut to help her book tickets for IPL match. Vidyut says he’s going there tomorrow and he gets them tickets. The kids get happy.

In midnight everyone wish samrat and they present the bike and the IPL match tickets to him. Samrat gets very happy. Saisha tells tomorrow everyone should get jersey as they’re going for CSK vs MI match tomorrow. Everyone say they support CSK. So everyone decide to buy yellow jerseys.

In Khanna mansion It’s Shweta and Prakash’s wedding anniversary and Shweta is sad thinking about that. Neil comes there and they have a conversation. He asks her not to think about that Man (prakash).

The next morning Neeraj and Neil plan to leave Shweta alone for sometime so that she’ll feel ok. Shweta goes out.

Avni and Sukoon ghar kids go for shopping. Avni gets call from Tara and she says she’s going to her mom’s place as she’s not well and she can’t come for the match. Avni and kids ask her to take care and they’ll miss her. They wonder who will come with them for the match. They collide with Shweta in the streets. Shweta and Avni get happy seeing each other. Kids wonder who Shweta is. Avni tells the kids that Shweta is Officer Neil’s mother , the officer who saved them from the goons. Shweta thanks Avni for saving Neil. She says she wants to do something for them. Saisha asks Shweta to accompany them for the match. Shweta first hesitates. Avni and other kids request her a lot and then she agrees to come.

Shweta, Avni , Sukoon ghar kids and Vidyut go to Wankhede Stadium to watch the match. Shweta and Avni enjoy a lot and they dance whenever their favourite team scores. The TV shows them.

Neil and Neeraj are also watching the match in TV and they’re shocked to see their mom in a cricket match along with Avni. They see that their mom is enjoying a lot. Neil and Neeraj feel bad for leaving Shweta alone. After the match Avni , Sukoon ghar kids and Vidyut drop Shweta in her house. Shweta requests Avni to come to her home for few minutes. Avni agrees and meets Neil and Neeraj. Avni says it’s already late and she’ll come here any other day. Shweta tells Avni that she’s always welcome here and she asks Neil to drop Avni home.

Neil drops Avni at Sukoon house and tells Her that her brother is lying to her. Avni doesn’t believe Neil. Neil leaves.

At night 2 unknown people who’s wearing mask in their face come to Sukoon house and steal the bike.

The next day samrat others find that the bike is missing. They search in the nearby places but they’re unable to find it. Samrat becomes sad. Avni thinks about Neil and tries to file a case. She goes to police station to meet Neil.

Dayawanti leaves to rajkot and everyone asks her to take care.

Neil gets surprised seeing Avni and asks her what happened. Avni tells everything to neil. Neil gets shocked and tells her brother and the other gangsters might be involved in this. Avni gets angry and asks Neil not to talk bad about her brother as he’s not involved in this case. Neil asks her to tell the details of the bike. Avni tells it’s a new bike and they didn’t get the registered number for it. Neil tells it will be bit difficult to find it but he’ll try his best. He asks Avni to tell whether there’s any mark in the bike so that we can identify it. Avni tells samrat’s name will be painted in it. They go to Sukoon house for investigation and to find some clues. Neil again tells Avni that he feels like Aman is behind all this. He asks Avni to contact Aman. Aman doesn’t pic her call. She calls Aman’s wife Aishwarya and asks whether Aman is with her. Aishwarya says Aman is not with her. Avni gets tensed. Neil tries to convince Avni that Aman is lying to her but she doesn’t agree. Neil then plans to drop Avni home.

While going to police station Avni sees 2 people wearing mask driving samrat’s bike. Neil follows them. They try to run away but neil and DD catch them. They remove their masks. The thieves happen to be Aman and dushyant. Avni gets shocked seeing Aman and she slaps Aman. Aman tells he was helpless to all these work. The police arrest Aman and dushyant. Avni apologise to Neil for not believing him. Avni goes home and she’s shocked to see Aishwarya there. Avni tells everyone that Aman is arrested as he was involved in an illegal business. Everyone get shocked. Aishwarya panics and she goes to police station to meet Aman. Avni follows her.

The police doesn’t let Aishwarya meet Aman. Neil and Avni tell Aishwarya that Aman was doing this illegal business under gangster K.K. Aishwarya feels bad. Neil let’s Avni and Aishwarya meet Aman and Aishwarya scolds Aman. Aman tells he and his colleagues dushyant and Umesh were forced to do this and no one gave the, chance to explain. Avni asks Neil to give them once chance to explain. Neil agrees and gives them a chance. Neil asks Aman , Umesh and dushyant why they were doing this job under K.K . Aman and Dushyant tell everything to neil how they were forced to do this job . Aman and dushyant give an information about some thing about how they were trapped by gangster K.K . Hearing that Neil gets shocked . Neil understands That they were helpless. Neil tells about this to Avni .

Next day Avni comes with lawyer who happens to be Neeraj to release Aman . Dushyant , Umesh and Aman ask Neil to release them . Neil agrees but puts a condition they they have to help them in trapping K.K. They agree to it. Avni says she’ll help them in trapping K.K Neil refuses but Avni doesn’t listen. Neil tells an idea to trap K.K but Avni tells this idea will flop. Neil gets angry and asks Avni to go out of the station.

Avni goes out of the station. She calls Vidyut and asks him to pick her up. She Sees two people who were in disguise of lord rama and hanuman who’re smoking seeing them she gets an idea.she then plans to involve vidyut in her plan as he’s a famous personality. Vidyut refuses but he helplessly agrees with Avni. Avni tells about her plan to neil’s team. at first they stood back to execute it later everyone agreed except neil , then neeraj made neil agree. avni was happy.avni asked aman to made a phone call telling him that they got a foreign client who want to buy bikes for their films. After the call Aman tells that a member in that gang named biswaas told that K.K agreed and tells them that K.K is ready to meet them at 12 noon. neil asks everyone to be present on 7am the next morning.

Recap from episode 1 to 21 ends
Precap for episode 22: Next morning, AvNeil argue about the costume and character. Everyone go to Raang Mahal.

I hope now you all remember the episodes. And yeah now definitely I’ll post the episode on this Sunday.

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