Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 22)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 21st Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil..

Today’s episode is very short. Sorry for that.

And yeah I’ll start AvNeil love story after sometime . But I’ll try to make it soon .

Note: I can only give 1 or 2 episodes per week. One on Weekday and another one on any other week day or weekend (I’ll tell about that in the end).

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Enjoy the episode.


Scene 1:
Mehta mansion

It’s night.

Everyone seem to be tensed as Avni didn’t come home yet.

Ashish: (tensed) Avni went out in the morning. She said she’s going to police station. But till now she didn’t come home yet. I don’t know why she even went there.

Asha: (in a worried tone) I’m so worried. I’ll call Avni now.

Ashish: yeah. Call her and ask where she is.

Asha calls Avni. Avni receives the call.

Avni: (receives the call) Hello? Ma?

Asha: (tensed) Avni where are you? You said you’re going to police station and you left home in the morning and you didn’t come yet and ……

Avni: (cuts Asha in between) ma,ma relax. I’m just 5 mins away from our house.

Asha: Ok Ok. Come soon. Bye.

Avni: bye mom.

Avni cuts the call.

Avni and Aman reach the Mehta mansion.

Avni: Bhai come on let’s go in.

Avni starts to walk but Aman stops her.

Avni turns around and sees Aman.

Aman nods no.

Avni: (confused) bhai What happened? Come on let’s go.

Aman: (nods no)(in a sad tone) I’m not coming Avni. I don’t want to come home.

Avni: (rolls her eyes) now what happened?

Aman: I don’t know how everyone will react seeing me.

Avni: what do you mean by how everyone will react? Bhai everyone will be very happy as you returned home.

Aman: It’s not that Avni. You just don’t get it. Like after all these problems, I don’t know how everyone will react seeing me. I think everyone will be disappointed after what I did. Mom, dad , Aishwarya and other ……

Avni: (cuts Aman in between)(holds Aman’s hand) Aman Bhai, I understand you. I know you’re worried. At first when I ran away from my wedding , You all were so angry with me. But you all understood me after knowing the reason behind why I did all these right? Like that everyone knows that you were helpless to do this work. So everyone will understand you.

Aman: (smiles a bit) I hope so.

Avni: (smiles) now come on. Let’s go in bhai. No one knows that you’re now out of the jail and now you’re coming to home along with me. So let’s go to home now. Everyone will be surprised and they’ll get happy seeing you back again.

Aman: (smiles) Ok…. but still..

Avni drags Aman and goes and stands in front the doorstep. Avni is about to ring the doorbell but Aman starts going out again. Avni sees him and holds Aman’s hand.

Aman: Avni leave me I don’t want to come home. I can’t face anyone. Mom, dad, Aishwarya and all hate me.

Avni: who said everyone hates you?

Aman: I know hates me after what I did.

Avni leaves Aman’s hands.

Avni: (rolls her eyes) Bhai don’t act like a kid. And yeah No one hates you. As I told before, everyone will understand you.

Aman: but I can’t..

Avni: (cuts Aman in between) you’re coming with me bhai.

Avni again takes Aman with her and they stand in front the doorstep. Aman goes and stands behind the nearby wall.

Avni rings the doorbell.

Inside Mehta mansion.

Asha and ashish are waiting for Avni.

Ketan comes there and sees Asha and ashish in the hall.

Ketan: (to himself) Bhai and bhabi here in hall? (Sees the clock) that too in this time?

Ketan goes near Asha and ashish.

Ketan: (to ashish and asha) Bhai , bhabi what happened? Usually you both will be asleep in this time and now you both are awake? Is everything fine?

Asha: ketan, Avni went out at the morning and she didn’t come home yet. I’m so worried.

Ketan: did Avni call and tell anything?

Ashish: yeah just now she called and told us that she’s on her way and she’ll come home in 5 minutes.

Ketan: (rolls his eyes)(smiles) then why’re you worrying? Our child Avni will be here soon. Don’t worry.

Suddenly the doorbell rings.

Ketan: (smiles) see. I told na. Bhabi , ashish bhai , I think Avni has come.

Asha: I’ll open the door.

Asha goes and opens the door and sees Avni. Ketan and ashish too follow

Asha: Avni seems like you don’t like to come home these days.

Avni: Ma it’s not that. I want to tell …..

Asha: (cuts Avni in between) If you don’t like to stay in home you can tell me….

Avni: Ma first listen to me….

Asha: (cuts Avni in between) why are you always troubling me!

Avni: I’m not troubling you! And yeah let me talk first!

Ketan: Bhabi why’re you scolding Avni.

Asha: I’m scolding her because she’s always troubling me.

Ashish: (rolls his eyes) Asha, stop shouting at Avni and let her talk.

Asha: Ok fine! I’ll let her talk. Now tell Avni. Why were you late?

Avni: (smiles) I was late because I wanted to bring someone back to our home again.

Ashish,asha and ketan get confused.

Ashish: (confused) Someone to our home?

Ketan: who’s that person beta?

Asha: Is anyone of your friends going to stay here?

Avni: (smiles) You all know him so well. I thought you all would guess. But you didn’t. Fine I’ll bring him here. He’s waiting out.

Avni goes out and sees Aman behind the wall. She signals Aman to come. Aman nods no.

Avni goes near the wall.

Avni: (to Aman) Bhai. Everyone will be happy seeing you. Please come na.

Aman hesitates but avni takes Aman along with her. Asha, ashish and ketan gets surprised and shocked seeing Aman.

Avni: (smiles) here. I wanted Aman Bhai to come home again. So I brought him home.

Asha: (shocked and confused) ah… ah …. Aman beta?

Ashish: (shocked and confused) Am…Aman? You.. you… you were in jail and we were trying to bail you out but unfortunately we didn’t get a lawyer. Then how…..

Avni: dad we finally got a lawyer and I bailed bhai out from the jail. And bhai was proved innocent that he was forced and threatened to do this illegal business under a gangster.

Ketan: (confused) I don’t understand. Avni be clear in what you’re speaking. Tell us what happened.

Avni tells how Aman and his colleagues were trapped by K.K and how Aman refused at first. Avni says how K.K sent goons to Sukoon ghar to harm the kids and blackmailed Aman that he’ll kill his family. And how he was forced to do this work. Ashish, asha and ketan get shocked knowing the reason.

Aman gets very sad. Ashish, asha and ketan see him.

Ashish goes near Aman. Aman sees him.

Aman: (in a sad tone) dad… I’m … I’m sorry.

Ashish hugs Aman.

Avni, asha and ketan smile seeing ashish and Aman.

Ashish and Aman break the hug.

Aman: dad I’m so sorry dad. I was helpless…

Ashish: (cuts Aman in between) don’t tell anything. We all just came to know how helpless you were and we judged you a lot. We’re sorry.

Aman: (nods no) dad don’t be sorry .

Ketan goes near Aman and pats him and Asha goes and hugs Aman.

Ketan: (to Aman) I’m so glad that you’re back. And we’re happy that you have been proved innocent.

Asha: we all missed you so much bachcha. Especially Aishwarya , she was so worried about you.

Aman: (smiles a bit) I missed you all too. Where’s Aishwarya?

Asha: she’s resting.

Aman: oh ok. I’ll meet her tomorrow.

Ashish: Aman now tell me. why did you hide about this problem from us?

Ketan: Yeah Aman. Why did you hide? We would have helped you na?

Aman: ketan kaka, I thought I’m mature enough to handle this alone and I didn’t want you all to involve in this ….

Ashish: Aman you think you’ve grown so old that you won’t even tell us anything?

Aman: dad I didn’t mean …..

Ashish: (cuts Aman in between) you could have told us Aman. No matter how much ever you grow, you’re still a child for us.

Asha: yeah bachcha.

Ketan: Aman from now on if you have any problems or if you want to share anything with us you can definitely tells us and we’ll definitely help you.

Aman smiles.

Avni: (smiles) Ok Ok. Now let’s go in . And Mom we didn’t eat anything since afternoon. I’m so hungry.

Aman: yes mom even I’m hungry.

Asha: (smiles) Ok I’ll make poha now. Now come in.

Everyone go inside.

Scene 2:
Avni’s room and Neil’s room.

After eating, Avni goes to her room. She gets things ready for tomorrow’s plan. She takes a note pad and writes something regarding tomorrow’s plan. After completing all her work , She lies on her bed and she sleeps.

Suddenly Aman comes inside her room and he seems to be tensed.

Aman: (tensed) Avni…

Avni sees Aman and she gets up and sits on her bed.

Avni: bhai? What happened?

Aman: (tensed) that’s … I just now got a call from dushyant and Umesh . They told that biswaas called them and told something.

Avni: (confused) biswaas? Now who’s that?

Aman: he works under K.K. we made a call to k.k and this guy received the phone and I told him about that foreign clients so that we can trap him right. he’s the same guy who told me that K.K wants to meet us at 12noon. Remember?

Avni: (confused) yeah I do. But what happened?

Aman: he called dushyant and Umesh and told them that K.K wants to meet his foreign clients , I mean you and other officers at 8am.

Avni gets shocked.

Avni: (shocked) WHAT! (Gets up from the bed and stands) 8am?

Aman: (tensed) Yeah. But we and officers decided to meet everyone only at 7am. And now K.K is asking us too meet us at 8am. That’s why I’m tensed.

Avni: (tensed) but he asked us to….. (in an angry tone) that K.K is really an idiot. Now we can’t do anything . How can we inform others…..

Aman: (cuts Avni in between) Avni don’t say like that. And this is not the time to lament. We need to do something.

Aman: (tensed) you’re right. we need to do something bhai.

Aman: Avni don’t get tensed.

Avni takes a deep breath.

Aman: relax. And now let’s do one thing. Now you call Neil and inform him about this.

Avni: Officer Neil? Call him now? That too this time? I don’t want to call him. You know how he shouts at me whenever I talk to him and if I call him that too at this time , he’ll become so angry like a monster.

Aman: but what can we do? We have to inform Neil and his team. If we don’t inform them then we won’t be successful in executing this plan. Just call him.

Avni thinks for few minutes.

Avni: you’re right bhai. I’ll call officer Neil now.

Avni calls Neil.

In Neil’s room Neeraj and Neil are talking. Neil seems to be pissed off. Shweta comes there and sees them.

Shweta: (to neil and Neeraj) Tillu, Dillu (Neeraj ?) you both are still awake? What are you doing? And Tillu , you seem to be pissed off. Are you ok?

Neil: ugh … I’m fine mom. Just thinking about case.

Shweta: Ok fine. Tillu is busy working on his case. And Dillu why’re you still awake?

Neeraj: mom I’m helping bhai.

Shweta: (rolls her eyes) Now the time is 12am already. Can’t you both sleep soon at least for one day? Nowadays You both stay wake all night and sleep only at 3 or 4am.

Neil: ma… we have a lot of things to do.

Shweta: yeah I know.

Neeraj : ma we don’t waste our time. We’re working on a case.

Shweta: but still. Sleep on time. Now I’m going to sleep. Good night.

Neil & Neeraj: Ok Mom. Good night.

Shweta leaves.

Neil thinks about everyone praising Avni in police as she suggested a good plan.

Neil: (thinks) why did I think about a good plan before. Now everyone are listening to that crazy girl and not me!

Neeraj sees neil

Neeraj: bhai?

Neil: (keeps thinking)

Neeraj: BHAI!

Neil: (sees Neeraj) Huh? What?

Neeraj: bhai, since you came from police station you seem to be pissed off. Can you tell me what happened?

Neil: (sees Neeraj) Me? Pissed off? I’m not. I’m just thinking about this K.K’s case.

Neeraj: oh. Yeah tomorrow afternoon I,You,DD,That Aman mehta’s sister Avni and Music director Vidyut are Meeting K.K in disguise right?

Neil: (sees Neeraj and nods yes) Mhm. yeah.

Neeraj: I hope everything goes fine.

Neil: Neeraj, I know I have said this again and again. But I think Avni should stay away from this. It’s not safe.

Neeraj: Bhai I understand …. but she’s helping us to solve this case. So I think she should come with us.

Neil: But…..

Suddenly Neil phone vibrates.

Neeraj sees Neil’s phone vibrating and sees the name “Crazy girl” flashing on Neil’s phone.

Neeraj: (to himself)(smiles) Crazy girl? Who’s this? Bhai.

Neil: what?

Neeraj: your phone is vibrating. (Shows the phone to neil) “Crazy girl” is calling you.

Neil: (to himself) Crazy girl (rolls his eyes) give the phone to me. That’s Avni.

Neeraj: (widens his eyes) (smiles) What! crazy girl is Avni? (laughs) you saved Avni’s number as crazy girl? Bhai She’s such a good person , she’s helping us and you call her mad?

Neil: You don’t know her. She’s a mental. And I don’t know why she’s calling me and disturbing.

Neeraj: Crazy? Mental ? she seems to be normal for me. She’s a free spirit and seems to be a kind hearted person.

Neil: I don’t understand why she tried calling me now.

Neeraj: well you can call her again and ask why did she call you now.

Neil: I’m not going to call.

Neeraj: bhai , What If it’s something important regarding that K.K’s case? Do call her and ask what’s the matter.

Neil: Umm… Ok fine.

Neil calls Avni. And Avni receives the call.

Neil: Hi Avni. Did you call me now?

Avni: Yes Officer Neil. I want to tell you something and it’s very important.

Neil: is everything fine?

Avni: Actually no.

Neil: what happened?

Avni: actually bhai got call from one of that K.K’s gangster group. That guy said that now K.K wants to meet us at 8am not at 12noon.

Neil gets shocked.

Neil: WHAT!

Avni: Yes. I don’t know why that retarded K.K is doing like……

Neil: Avni relax.

Avni: (tensed) Ok. But tell what can we do now? My mind is not working now, you suggest some ideas please please please….

Neil: (cuts Avni in between) Wait Wait Wait…… stop talking. Let me think!

Avni: Ok.

Neil: I’ll call you after 5 minutes.

Avni: Ok.

Avni cuts the call.

Aman: What happened? What did Neil say?

Avni: Officer Neil said he’ll think and he’ll call me in 5 minutes.

Aman: ok. We’ll wait for his call. And yeah you call Vidyut and tell him about this. He’s also helping us right. So inform him now.

Avni: Ok bhai.

Avni calls Vidyut.

Vidyut is seen sleeping in his room. He suddenly hears the ringtone. He takes his phone.

Vidyut: (to himself) Avni? At this time? (Receives the call) Avni?

Avni: yes it’s me Vidyut. Were you sleeping? If yes I’m so sorry for disturbing.

Vidyut: (rubs his eyes) ugh actually yeah. But no need to be sorry. But usually you don’t call me at this time. Is everything fine?

Avni: Vidyut you’re helping me and police in that Bike Robbery case to catch that retarded gangster K.K? And he told that we’re meeting him tomorrow at 12noon? Remember?

Vidyut: (yawns) Yeah.

Avni: Vidyut, I know you’re feeling sleepy but please listen to me carefully.

Vidyut: (rubs his eyes) yeah … yeah…. I’m listening. (Yawns) Tell me. And yeah I remember everything. Tomorrow I’ll be on time at 7am. ok?

Avni: there’s a change now. Now that K.K wants to meet us at 8am.

Vidyut: (confused and shocked)Wait What? (Gets up from his bed) 8am? But it was…

Avni: (cuts Vidyut in between) yeah I know.

Vidyut: did you tell about that to officer Neil?

Avni: yes I did. He said he’ll think and call me in few minutes.

Vidyut: Ok fine. You don’t be tensed. After Neil calls you, you call me and tell if there’s any changes. I’m ready to help.

Avni: Ok Vidyut. I’ll call you later. Bye.

Vidyut: Bye.

Avni cuts the call. She waits for Neil’s call.

In Neil’s room

Neeraj: bhai is everything ok? What did Avni say.

Neil: (nods no) K.K wants to meet us at 8am.

Neeraj: (shocked) what! But we’re supposed to go to Raang Mahal and meet K.K at 12noon….

Neil: yeah but now he’s asking us to meet us 8am. I told you.

Neeraj: now what can we do?

Neil: Neeraj you do one thing. You call DD, suketu , and others and inform them about this and ask them to come near police station. Tell them it’s important. And I’ll call Avni. We all need to meet right now.

Neeraj: Ok… but meeting now? That too this time?

Neil: we have too meet. It’s important. I’ll call Avni and talk to her brother right now.

Neil calls Avni.

Avni: Hi Officer Neil.

Neil: Avni, is Aman beside you?

Avni: yeah bhai is with me now.

Neil: Avni can you give the phone to Aman? Or else can you put your phone in the speaker phone.

Avni: ugh yeah.

Avni puts her phone in the speaker phone.

Avni: I did. Now tell. What can we do. As I told, K.K…..

Neil: (cuts Avni in between) I know. I informed my team about this. And did you tell about this to that music director Vidyut?

Avni: yes I did.

Neil: Ok. And Aman are you there?

Aman: yes. I’m listening.

Neil: Aman , Avni I know it’s midnight and it’s too late but we have no other option. We all have to meet now.

Avni and Aman see each other.

Avni: Now?

Neil: yeah Near the police station.

Aman: Umm… fine we’ll come.

Neil: fine then. And Avni bring those things.

Avni: (confused) things?

Neil: (rolls his eyes) you said you’re going to take the responsibility to make arrangements for this disguise thing and all. Can’t you understand such a small think you dumb girl!

Avni: (gets pissed off) Listen. I don’t want to start the argument now.

Neil: Seems like you don’t remember anything and haven’t prepared anything.

Avni: I remember and prepared everything!

Neil: Ok fine. Now take everything and come here. We don’t have time. Let’s meet near the police station. Come soon.

Avni: Should I ask Vidyut to come?

Neil: ugh no need. Just ask him to come near police station tomorrow at 5am.

Avni: fine, bye.

Avni cuts the call. She now calls Vidyut again.

Vidyut: (receives the call) Avni? Did officer Neil say anything?

Avni: yes yeah. He asked all the officers , me and Aman Bhai to meet him right now.

Vidyut: So should I come….

Avni: (cuts Vidyut in between) ugh no need. He asked ask you to come near police station tomorrow at 8am … oops sorry… 5am.

Vidyut: Ah man. I have to wake up early then. Ok fine. Good night. Bye.

Avni: Bye Vidyut.

Avni cuts the call.

Avni: I’m really tensed now…..

Aman: (cuts Avni in between) Avni we don’t have time to lament. Now you take all those things which are required and come. Let’s go before someone sees us.

Avni: (takes the things) Bhai, you hold some things.

Aman: (takes the things from Avni) Ok. We need to go out soon.

Avni: If mom or dad sees us, they won’t let us go out. So let’s start going.

Avni and Aman silently leave the house.

Scene 3:
Meeting place – near the police station.

Neil and Neeraj are waiting there. DD, suketu , Jaspreet, kamal , Nishant come there and salute seeing Neil.

Dushyant and Umesh too come there.

Neil , Neeraj and others wait for Avni and Aman.

Neil: this girl is never on time. She’s such a slowpoke.

Neeraj: bhai… let’s wait na. She’s the one who’s going to bring all the necessary things for disguise. So let’s wait.

Avni and Aman come there with the necessary things. DD sees them.

DD: Neil … finally miss Avni and Aman Mehta came.

Neil sees Avni.

Avni: (keeps the things down) Finally I and Aman Bhai came here. And I’m sorry for being late…..

Neil: (rolls his eyes and stares at Avni) I have a doubt. Have you ever been on time once in your life? Always late and delaying! You slow poke!

Avni: (stares Neil angrily) (in an annoyed tone) Listen! I’m not in a mood to argue.

Neil: neither me. So let’s start the work.

Avni: fine then. You tell. What should we do now?

Neil: everyone listen. We don’t have time now. At first K.K asked us to come and meet us at 12noon. But now he’s asking us to come and meet him at 8am. Well Raang Mahal is far away from here. So We all , that is me, Neeraj , DD and Avni planned to go in disguise and music director Vidyut will be with us but he’ll not be in disguise. It’ll be better if we get the necessary things for disguise now from Avni so that we can get ready at home and meet everyone here at 5am and then start to Raang Mahal. And then we can execute the plan. Are you all ok with this.

Officer: we agree with your plan.

Avni: for the first time. I’m going to agree with your plan.

Neil: (stares at Avni) don’t start again. And yeah except DD , Aman, Neeraj , Avni you all other officers can go home now and be here tomorrow at 5am. Dushyant and Umesh even you can go home and rest. Don’t be late.

Suketu,Jaspreet,kamal,Nishant: Ok sir.

Suketu,Jaspreet,kamal,Nishant, Umesh and dushyant leave from the place.

Neil: (to Avni) And yeah now give us the costumes.

Avni: Ok. Well we’re going to disguise like foreigners . So (takes a paper out from her bag) I’ll give the costumes according to the characters.

Neeraj: (confused) characters?

Avni: yeah.

Neeraj: oh … I see.

Avni: So I’ll tell who’s going to dress like whom. I’ll tell who’s going to play which character. So I’ll be the heroine…..

Aman & Neil: (cuts Aman in between) Wait .. WHAT!

Everyone stare at Avni.

Neil: what did you say? You heroine?

Aman: Avni I tell you…. Nothing can be worser than that! You heroine ? Seriously?

Aman starts laughing. Avni stares at Aman and Neil.

Avni: (sees Aman laughing) excuse me? (Sees aman) Bhai stop it!

Aman is still laughing. Avni slightly hits Aman on his arms.

Avni: (slightly hits Aman on his arms)I said Stop laughing bhai!

Aman: ok relax. (stops laughing)

Avni: (turns towards Neil) and you. You have any problem if I act like heroine or…

Neil: (cuts Avni in between) anyways you’re not going to listen if I say something. So do whatever you want.

Avni: fine then. And Officer Darshan will be acting like hero. (Takes the hero’s costume and gives it to DD)

DD: me ? Hero? (Smiles) I’m ok with my role.

Avni: (smiles) good. And Mr.Neeraj you’ll be playing as the director. (Gives the director’s costume to Neeraj)

Neeraj: Hmm… Ok.

Avni: And Mr. Neil. You’ll be the villain. (Gives the villain costume to neil)

Neil sees the costume. He takes out the Afro wig from the bag. He’s not happy with his role.

Neil: (in an annoyed tone) what nonsense! No way! I’m not going to disguise myself as villain. That too I won’t wear this Afro wig!

Avni: mr. Neil you can’t do this. Only this character is left. And you have to wear that Afro wig. You’re the villain and I tell you it’ll suit you well….

Neil: (cuts Avni in between) now way I’m not going to do this role and that’s final! Do you get that!

Neeraj: bhai it’s just a character. Why’re you taking it so seriously?

Avni: mr.neil that’s not fair. You can’t disagree.

Neil: No means no!

Aman: Avni don’t force Neil. (To neil) neil you can do one thing. You can exchange your role with DD or Neeraj.

DD: yeah that’s a nice idea. Neil sir we can exchange our roles.

Avni: (smiles) yeah Mr.neil you be My Hero then.

Everyone looks surprised especially Neil when Avni asks Neil to be her hero.

Neil: (confused and gives a weird expression ) Your hero?

Avni: (realises what she said) ah Never mind. I mean you can play either Officer Darshan’s role or your brother’s role or my role too.

Neil: (Gives a weird expression) your role? No thanks. (To neeraj) Neeraj can we exchange our roles? Will you be fine with that?

Neeraj: yeah bhai I’ll be fine.

Neil and Neeraj exchange their roles.

Aman: So neil will be playing as director.

Avni: and Mr. Neeraj will be playing as the villain.

Neil: hmm yeah. So let’s get ready soon and meet here again at 5am. And Avni don’t be late again.

Avni: I’m not late! It’s just you’re coming soon! And I tell you I’ll be here on time no… I’ll be here before you come here.

Neil: let’s see. Anyways let’s go now. It’s too late.

Neeraj: See you all tomorrow.

Aman: Bye all.

Avni: fine.

Everyone leave from that place.

Episode ends.

Precap: Everyone go to Raang Mahal in disguise. K.K enters. Aman, dushyant and Umesh meet K.K.


Sorry for not posting the episode. I had issues with my TU account. Now it’s resolved.

I hope you all liked the episode . And sorry if it was boring And I won’t drag it , I’ll try to end it soon . I think I should end it. I’m disappointed as I’m very irregular. Sorry for that. And silent readers do leave your feedbacks .

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      Thanks for commenting ?

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