Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 18)

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Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 17th Episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil.

I can only give short updates . Sorry for that ..

If you have missed the 17th episode here’s the link

Enjoy the episode


Scene 1:
Police station

Aman and Dushyant are taken to police station .

They see umesh Gupta who was their colleague in robbing the bikes , who is now in jail .they get shocked seeing umesh .

Suketu comes near Aman and dushyant and he takes their mobile and their belongings from them and keeps it in the locker .

Suketu : (in an angry tone) (to Aman and Dushyant) You both sit down there . Neil sir will be coming and he’ll question you both .

Aman and Dushyant See each other and they sit down .

Dushyant : (to Aman) What can we do now Aman ? No one are willing to listen to us .

Aman sees DD .

Aman : (to dushyant) we were helpless . We need to tell them the reason . (To DD) sir please listen to us once ….

DD : (cuts Aman in between ) (in an angry tone) Keep quite until Neil sir comes and explain everything to him .

Aman gets disappointed .

Neil comes there and He Sees Aman and Dushyant sitting down .

Neil : (to DD) DD go and open the lock up . And bring that umesh Gupta here .

DD : ok sir .

DD opens the lock up and brings Umesh Gupta out . Umesh Gupta sees Aman and Dushyant .

Neil : (goes near umesh Gupta) See them (points towards Aman and Dushyant) he’s Aman and he’s Dushyant . You might know them . They’re involved in the same illegal business in which you were also involved right ?

Umesh looks at Aman and dushyant . He sees neil . He stays silent

DD : (to umesh Gupta) Hey you ! Neil sir is asking you something . Were Aman Mehta and this dushyant involved in the bike robbery and were you working under That gangster K.K ?

Umesh stays silent .

Neil : (in an angry tone) I guess you won’t tell anything . Fine then . (Puts his arm around Umesh Gupta) DD Let’s give our special treatment to Umesh Gupta in jail . You and others take this umesh Mehta to lock up again and give him as many lashes until he says everything to us .

Neil takes his hand away and sees Umesh . Umesh Gupta gets terrified when Neil says this .

DD : (smirks) ok Neil sir .

DD is about to take Umesh Gupta to lock up again .

Umesh : (terrified) ok …. ok fine ! Don’t do anything to me ! Plea … please … please …. I’ll … I’ll say ….. I’ll say …….. Yeah . They were my colleagues and we were asked to rob the bikes by K.K sir’s order .

Aman and Dushyant see each other helplessly .

Neil : so it’s now confirmed that these two are criminals . (To kamal and nishant) kamal , nishant come here .

Kamal and nishant come there

Kamal & nishant : yes sir ?

Neil : now take Aman Mehta and this dushyant with you and put them behind bars together with Umesh Gupta .

Aman and Dushyant get shocked .

Kamal and nishant take Aman Mehta and dushyant .

Dushyant : sir we’re not criminals . Please listen to us ….

Aman : Mr.Neil try to understand us please …. please give us a chance to explain . We were forced and helpless to do this job . Trust me

Neil : Aman , We May try to understand you . but law does not . you both are criminal in law’s eyes . And you both were caught red handed . All the evidences are against you both .

DD : Neil sir is right . You both were involved with gangster K.K in an Illegal business . You both did a big mistake . so you both deserve this punishment .

Neil and DD arrest Aman and Dushyant .

Neil : Kamal , put them in lockup and prepare papers against them .

Kamal : yes sir . I’ll prepare the soon .

Kamal leaves .

Aman and Dushyant are behind bars .

Neil : (to DD) DD , We need to find where this K.K is staying . And yeah K.K and his gang members should not come to know that we caught Aman Mehta and dushyant . Or else we won’t be able to find them .

DD : Ok sir .

DD goes

Aman : (thinks) I hope Neil Khanna gives us one chance to explain so that we can prove that we were helpless to do this job . God . Save us .

Aman feels bad .

Scene 2:
Mehta mansion

Avni enters the house .

She’s shocked to see her aishwarya bhabi in Mehta house .

Avni gets tensed .

Avni : (tensed)(thinks) aishwarya bhabi ? Here ? Seems like she came here to meet Aman Bhai ! But what will I tell her now ?

Everyone are seen enjoying and happy as aishwarya came home after a long time .

Asha sees Avni near the door .

Asha : hmm …. finally she’s home . (Goes near Avni) how long will you take time to come home ?

Deeksha : Avni , We all were waiting for you . Now see your bhabi is here after a long time .

Ketan : yeah finally Avni you too came home .

Ashish : Avni where were you ? We were waiting for you for a long time .

Avni sees aishwarya happily talking to everyone . Aishwarya sees Avni and gets happy .

Aishwarya : (smiles) Hey Avni !

Aishwarya comes near Avni and hugs her . Avni is tensed

Avni : (gives a fake smile) hi bhabi (sees aishwarya’s belly) how’s your health ? And how’s baby ?

Aishwarya : (smiles and hold her belly) I’m absolutely fine and the baby is also fine .

Avni : bhabi how did you come here suddenly ? And what’s the reason ?

Aishwarya : Hmm . Yeah I forgot to tell you . I wanted to meet my stupid husband Aman . And As I said Nowadays he doesn’t even come to meet me . Even I got bored sitting idle at my home . That’s why I came here . And why ? Should I not come here ?

Avni : bhabi this is your house too . You can come here anytime .

Aishwarya : (smiles) Ok Avni . And yeah where’s Aman ?

Avni gets tensed

Riya : yeah where’s Aman ? We didn’t see him in home since morning

Hetal : Aishwarya Beta you better call Aman . Then we might know where Aman is .

Avni : (tensed)(thinks) What will I tell them ? And what will I tell to aishwarya bhabi ? She won’t be able to take it if she comes to know that Aman is under police custody . She’ll panic .

Aishwarya : yeah . I’ll call Aman .

Avni : No bhabi . Don’t call bhai .

Aishwarya : (confused) why ? I’ll better call him and ask .

Avni gets tensed

Aishwarya tries to call Aman but Avni takes aishwary’a phone .

Aishwarya : (confused) Avni what are you doing ? Why did you take my phone ? I want to talk to him . Give my phone back

Asha : Avni what are you doing ? Why are you acting like this .

Riya : Avni why did you take aishwarya’s bhabi phone ? And why are you not letting her talk to Aman ?

Avni : You can’t talk to him right now bhabi . I mean even though if you call he won’t pickup .

Aishwarya : What are you trying to say ? Do you know where Aman is ?

Avni doesn’t answer .

Asha : Avni just tell . Where’s Aman ?

Avni : (tensed) I know where bhai is . And I can’t tell you about that .

Aishwarya gets suspicious seeing Avni’s behaviour .

Aishwarya : Avni what do you mean by you can’t tell ? Please tell . Is everything fine ?

Ashish : Avni . Now you should tell where Aman is . Please tell .

Avni sees everyone .

Avni : (tensed) ok fine . I’ll tell . But please don’t panic . Aman Bhai is in police station and He’s under police custody .

Everyone get shocked when Avni says this .

Asha : (shocked) WHAT !

Ketan : (shocked) Aman is in police custody ?

Aishwarya : (shocked ) (laughs) (goes near Avni ) Avni it’s not the time for joking . Tell where Aman is !

Avni : aishwarya bhabi I’m saying the truth . Aman Bhai is in caves road police station and he is under police custody as he was involved in an illegal business .

Everyone are super shocked when Avni says Aman is involved in an illegal business .

Ashish : (shocked) Aman ? Under police custody ? Why would he get involved in illegal business ? I think there’s s misunderstanding . He can’t do such stuffs .

Asha : (shocked) No . I can’t believe this . My son Aman can’t do such things.

Aishwarya panics .

Aishwarya : (panics) No ! This can’t be true . Aman can’t do this . He won’t do such cheap stuffs .

Avni : bhabi that’s the truth . Even at first I didn’t believe but police caught him red handed . I even saw that .

Aishwarya : no . As ashish papa said even I think there’s definitely a misunderstanding . Avni you said Aman is in caves road police station right ? I’m going there to meet Aman now . And I’ll even talk to police and prove that My husband is innocent .

Aishwarya leaves the house . Everyone tries to stop her

Avni : bhabi please stay here .

Hetal : Aishwarya don’t go beta please listen to us .

Aishwarya doesn’t listen to anyone and she takes an auto rickshaw and she leaves the house to meet Aman in Caves Road police station .

Deeksha : wow . Wow . Wow . I don’t know what’s happening in this house . At first Avni ran away from her marriage . And now Aman is under police custody as he was involved in illegal activities . I wonder what Riya will do after this .

Hetal and ketan stares at deeksha when she comments about Riya .

Ashish gets angry but he keeps quite .

Ketan : (in an angry tone) Deeksha can you stop talking now ?

Deeksha : thank god ma went to rajkot . If she comes to know about this I tell you she would have definitely got another major heart attack .

Ashish : (in an angry tone) (shouts) CAN YOU SHUT UP DEEKSHA !

Deeksha gets scared when ashish shouts at her .

Deeksha : ashish bhai I was just …..

Ashish leaves from that place .

Avni : I need to do something . I’ll better go to police station now .

Asha : (tensed) I’ll also come with you . Aishwarya went there alone . And I want to meet Aman too .

Avni : no ma you be here . I’ll bring bhabi home soon .

Asha : (tensed) okay

Avni too leaves the house and she goes to police station .

Scene 3 :
Police station

Aishwarya comes to the police station .

Aishwarya tries to go near jail but 2 lady Constables stop her . Aishwarya gets annoyed .

Lady constable 2 : excuse me madam who are you and where are you going ?

Aishwarya : I want to meet my husband Aman now . Let me in .

Aishwarya tries to go in but the lady Constables block her way .

Lady constable 1 : we can’t let you in mam

Lady constable 2 : you need to wait .

Aishwarya : What do you mean by I cannot go in ? Let me in !

Aman hears aishwarya’s voice

Aman : (thinks) Aishwarya ? Here ? How did she come to know that I’m here ? Avni might have told her.

Lady constable 1 : mam you’re not supposed to go near the jail cell without permission

Aishwarya : (annoyed) Let me meet my husband now ! Right now !

Lady constable 2 : mam you please try to understand . You need to get permission to visit if you want to meet someone who’s in jail .

Aishwarya : (annoyed) I don’t need anyone’s permission to meet my husband ! Let me go in ! I want to meet my husband Aman !

Aishwarya again tries to go in but the lady Constables stop her again .

DD sees this and hears Aishwarya saying that she’s Aman mehta’s wife .

Lady constable 1 : Madam please be patient .

DD : (to himself) Aman mehta’s wife ? Here ?

DD goes near Aishwarya .

DD : (to Aishwarya) mam Is there any problem ? What do you want ?

Aishwarya sees DD

Aishwarya : (in an angry tone ) problem ? Yes ! You people are not letting me to meet my husband Aman Mehta .

DD : oh you’re Aman mehta’s wife . mam if you want to meet your husband you need to get permission from ACP Neil sir . He’s the one who’s handing Aman Mehta ‘s case . So please wait .

Aishwarya : Ok fine ! Call your officer Neil and Give me the permission .and I won’t leave the station until you make me meet my husband .

DD : fine mam . I’ll call Neil sir . You talk to him .

DD enters neil room

DD : sir Aman mehta’s wife is here .

Neil : Aman Mehta’s wife ?

DD : yes sir . She’s saying that she won’t leave the station until we let her meet Aman Mehta .

Neil : Does she know that her husband is involved in an illegal business ?

DD : I don’t know about that sir but seems like she knows that Aman Mehta is in jail . You come and talk to her please .

Neil : Fine . I’ll come there .

DD : Ok .

Neil : (thinks) I think Avni informed her family members about Aman Mehta . I need to call Avni and tell her that her bhabi is here .

DD goes out .

Suddenly Neil gets a call from Avni .

Neil : (in call) hello ? Avni ? I just thought of calling you now .

Avni : (tensed) Mr. Neil Khanna , I’m coming to police station now . my bhabi came to know that Aman Bhai is under police custody . My bhabi got shocked and she left the home and she took a auto rickshaw to meet bhai in police station .

Neil : yeah I know . She’s here . DD said that your bhabi not listening to anyone and she won’t go from the station until she meets your brother .

Avni : ok I’m outside the station now . I’ll come in .

Neil : fine then . Come in .

Avni : okay .

Avni cuts the call and she enters the police station .

She sees Aishwarya in the station.

Avni : bhabi ?

Avni goes near Aishwarya .

Avni : bhabi What are you doing ?

Aishwarya : I want to meet Aman and police are not letting me meet him . I won’t go from here until I meet Aman .

Avni : bhabi I understand . But rules are rules . We need to get permission and only meet Aman Bhai .

Aishwarya : I don’t care about that ! I won’t move , eat or do anything until I meet Aman .

Avni : bhabi please don’t do that . Now please don’t strain yourself . It might affect your health and baby’s health too .

Neil comes sees Aishwarya

Neil : (goes near Aishwarya) Excuse me ? You’re Aman mehta’s wife right ?

Aishwarya : (sees neil) Yes . I’m Aman mehta’s wife aishwarya .

Neil : I’m ACP Neil khanna .

Aishwarya : (in an angry tone) oh so you’re The one who arrested my husband . And yeah why did you put him behind bars when he didn’t do anything ? He’s innocent !

Neil : mam please stay calm . And please sit down . Your husband is behind bars because he was involved in an illegal business under a gangster . We got 3 guys arrested from The gang . Your husband was one of them .

Aishwarya : (in an angry tone) no way ! He can’t do this !

Neil : unfortunately he was involved in this illegal business . He was caught red handed . Avni saw this too .

Avni : (in a sad tone) yes bhabi . Officer Neil is saying the truth . Aman Bhai stole bike from Sukoon ghar , the orphanage we run . He’s doing this illegal business under someone .

Aishwarya is super shocked .

She stumbles but Avni holds her

Avni : bhabi are you ok ?

Aishwarya : (In shock) No ! You both are lying . Aman can’t do this . He can’t …… he can’t … he can never do this to me …..

Aishwarya is in tears . Neil and Avni feel bad seeing Aishwarya in this state .

Avni : (in a sad tone) Aishwarya bhabi please don’t cry .

Neil : Avni , please make your bhabi sit on the chair .

Avni : yeah .

Avni makes Aishwarya sit . Aishwarya cries a lot .

Neil : Aishwarya mam I know it’s hard for you to accept the truth . But Please try to understand .

Aishwarya : (in tears) I never thought Aman would do such a cheap thing . I hate myself for trusting him . He’s such a cheater .

Aishwarya cries a lot .

Neil : Aishwarya mam please don’t cry . Have some water .

Neil gets Aishwarya a glass of water .

Aishwarya : (in tears) no I don’t want it .

Neil : mam you’re pregnant and please don’t stress yourself . You need to take care of yourself . Please drink a glass of water at least .

Avni : bhabi please .

Aishwarya : No I don’t want .

Neil : mam please ?

Avni : please bhabi ?

Aishwarya : (nods yes) fine .

Aishwarya drinks water .

Avni : bhabi I understand your feeling . Even I felt so cheated when I got to know about Aman Bhai . I felt betrayed .

Aishwarya : Officer neil please let me meet Aman once . Please . Please . I want to talk to him .

Avni : even I want to meet Aman Bhai .

Neil : ok Aishwarya mam , Avni . You both can meet him . But You can meet Aman Mehta only for few minutes . Is that Okay ?

Aishwarya : (wipes her tears) yeah fine . I’m okay with that .

Neil : (To the lady Constables ) take both of them to the cell where Aman Mehta is . And yeah they can only be there for few minutes .

Lady Constables : yes sir .

Lady Constables take Aishwarya and Avni to the cell .

They see Aman in jail with 2 more guys (Umesh Gupta and Dushyant)

Aman sees Avni and Aishwarya and gets up .

Aman : Avni , Aishwarya .

Lady constable 1 : (to Aman ) hey you . You only have few minutes to talk with your wife and sister . Make it soon .

Aman : (nods yes) ok .

The lady Constables go

Aman : (in an angry tone) Avni why did you tell Aishwarya about all this ?

Aishwarya : (in an angry tone) why are you shouting at her Aman ? You did the mistake and why are you yelling at her .

Aman : Aishwarya ….

Aishwarya : (in an angry tone) And yeah you wanted to know how I came to know about this right ? I came to Mehta mansion to meet you but I couldn’t find you . Avni came there after sometime and she seemed to be tensed . We asked her does she know where you are . She got more tensed and she was not telling where you are . Finally we made her say where you are . We came to know that you’re arrested .

Avni sees Aman .

Aman : Avni , Aishwarya …. Listen to me once …… I was helpless to do this …..

Aishwarya : (cuts Aman in between ) aren’t you ashamed of doing all these Aman ? I never thought you would do some cheap work like this . You’re such a liar and a cheater .

Aman feels bad and He hangs his head down as he’s feeling ashamed .

Aman : just listen to me once …. I want to say ….

Avni : (cuts Aman in between) bhai you know how much bhabi cried now ? Why did you do this to us ? Why did you lie to us ?

Aman : (shouts) can you both listen to me ? Why no one are trying to understand us ! Even police didn’t even ask us why we did this work ! We were helpless to so this work under that gangster K.K .

A constable comes there

Constable : (to Aman) hey you ! Don’t raise your voice !

Aman : I’m sorry .

The constable leaves from that place .

When Aman says police didn’t interrogate Him and he was helpless to work under gangster K.K Avni starts thinking .

Avni : (thinks) why police didn’t interrogate bhai and they directly put them in jail ? And why bhai was again and again saying he was helpless . I need to talk to ACP Neil Khanna about this .

Aishwarya : Whatever it is you did a mistake Aman . You could have told us or ashish papa or ketan kaka . We all would have helped you .

Lady constable comes there .

Lady constable 2 : Madam , time is over . You both need to leave from this place now .

Avni : (to the lady constable) ok mam .

The lady constable goes

Avni : (to Aman) anyways . we’ll try to get a lawyer and bail you out . (To aishwarya) Now let’s go bhabi

Aishwarya : yeah let’s go home now .

Avni and Aishwarya are about to leave but Aman stops them .

Aman : Avni , Aishwarya …..

Avni and Aishwarya turn around and see Aman

Aman : I know you both are very angry with me but trust me I was helpless to do this job .

Avni and Aishwarya doesn’t say anything .

They come out . Avni sees Neil doing some work .

Avni : (to aishwarya) bhabi you sit here . I’ll come in 5 minutes .

Aishwarya : Ok but where are you going ?

Avni : I want to talk to officer Neil . I’m planning to bail out bhai . So I want to talk to him regarding this .

Aishwarya : Ok fine.

Aishwarya sits in the chair .

Avni goes near Neil

Avni : mr. neil ….

Neil turns around and sees Avni behind him

Neil : yes Avni ?

Avni : can you come aside ?

Neil : (confused) for what ?

Avni : actually I want to talk to you .

Neil : okay ? Say ?

Avni : actually I’m planning to bail out my brother .

Neil : oh yeah I wanted to talk to you about this too . I’m sorry Avni but You cannot bail out your brother .

Avni : Why ? What’s the reason ?

Neil : actually the court is closed today . You can only come tomorrow with the lawyer and bail your brother out .

Avni gets shocked and disappointed at the same time .

Avni : (shocked and disappointed) What ! Isn’t there any other way ?

Neil : there’s no way Avni . I can’t help .

Avni : (disappointed) oh …. and yeah I wanted to ask you something .

Neil : yeah ? Ask ?

Avni : I and Aishwarya bhabi Met Aman Bhai in jail . He said no one didn’t interrogate him . Is that true ?

Neil : We don’t put anyone behind bars before interrogating them . We give everyone a chance to explain .

Avni : But he said you all didn’t let him explain even once .

Neil : actually I didn’t interrogate Aman .

Avni : (confused) huh ? What do you mean ? You’re the one who said you won’t put anyone behind bars unless you give one chance to let accused person explain ? Then why did you put my brother behind bars without interrogating him ?

Neil : Avni I meant I was not there in police station while other officers were interrogating Aman . Wait , I’ll call DD (Calls DD) DD come here .

DD comes there

Neil : DD you know that I was not here to interrogate Aman Mehta and dushyant . Did you , suketu , kamal , and others who are in our team interrogate them ?

DD : Sir I’m sorry but we thought you interrogated them . So we didn’t interrogate him .

Neil gets surprised and shocked at the same time . Avni is also shocked .

Neil : (shocked) DD . How can we be so careless . You know we need to give a chance to explain to those who accused right ? How did you forget about that ?

DD : sir I’m sorry .

Avni : (in an angry tone)(to neil) why you people are so careless ! And you neil Khanna …. can’t you do any work properly ?

Neil : (signs Avni to stop talking) stop it . I’m talking to DD . I know we were careless but now I know what I’m doing . Now We’ll now give Aman Mehta a chance to prove himself . So keep your mouth shut .

Avni stares at Neil

Neil : (To DD) ask Aman Mehta , Dushyant and Umesh Gupta to come to the interrogation room when we call them .

DD : okay sir .

DD goes .

Neil : now we’ll give your brother Aman a chance ! And yeah tomorrow come with the lawyer if you want to bail your brother out .

Avni : okay . I’ll come tomorrow .

Avni goes and she leaves the police station with aishwarya .

Neil : (thinks) Now I need to interrogate Aman and dushyant make them tell all the informations which they know about K.K and his gang . I need to find this K.K soon and arrest him .

Episode ends .

Precap : Neil asks Aman , Umesh and dushyant why they were doing this job under K.K . Aman and Dushyant tell everything to neil how they were forced to do this job . Aman and dushyant give an information about some thing about how they were trapped by gangster K.K . Hearing that Neil gets shocked . Neil understands That they were helpless. Neil tells about this to Avni . Next day Avni comes with lawyer to release Aman . Dushyant , Umesh and Aman ask Neil to release them . Neil agrees but puts a condition .

I’m extremely sorry for not posting the episode . I was very sick for the past few days . Now I’m better but I still have fever . And sorry . I know that today there were no AvNeil nok – jhok . But in upcoming episode you can see many AvNeil nok – jhok scenes . Sorry if you find the episode boring . I’ll try to give more interesting episodes further . And yeah I hope you all liked today’s episode . Please do read , like and comment if you liked the episodes and I request silent readers to read , comment , like . It’s a humble request .

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  24. Pavithra1616

    Fantastic dear.. Superb!Update soon..

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