Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 14)

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Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 13th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . I can only give short updates but I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry .Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

And I’ll mainly focus on AvNeil

If you have missed the 13th episode here’s the link

Episode 13

Enjoy the episode



Scene 1:
Wankhede Stadium and Khanna mansion , Neil’s room

In Neil’s place

Neil and Neeraj are watching match

The chennai Super Kings takes a wicket and ishaan kishan is out

Neeraj and Neil : oh my god ! Ishaan kishan is out !

CSK song plays and Tv shows Shweta and Avni dancing .

Neeraj takes a pizza slice and keeps it in his mouth . Neil takes the juice and starts drinking

He sees the Tv showing Shweta and Avni dancing .

Neeraj and Neil sees this and get shocked .

Neeraj : (pizza falls from his mouth) (shocked) WHAT !!!!! I WAS RIGHT ! THEN THAT LADY IS NONE OTHER THAN ……

Neil : (spits the juice) (shocked) WHAT DID I JUST SEE IN TV !

Neeraj and Neil see each other and they stare at the tv

Neil & Neeraj : (facing each other ) THAT’S MOM !!

Neil : when did she start watching cricket !

Neeraj : Mom !!!! That too cricket and dance !


Neil and Neeraj and shocked .

Neeraj : (confused) And yeah what’s mom doing with that girl .. what’s her name Ahanaa no … anya no….

Neil : (stares at the Tv) Avni !

Neeraj : Hmm Yeah ! What are they doing together ! Anyways let’s watch the match .

Neil and Neeraj watch the match but Neil keeps thinking about Shweta and Avni .

In the stadium

After 20 overs Mumbai Indians Score is 165 – 4 . To win the match Chennai Super Kings Need 166 runs

Now CSK are batting

After 3 overs the score is 16-0

Now Hardik Pandya bowls to Shane Watson but he gets bowled . First wicket falls


Avni : What the hell ! Watson is out !

Shweta : no worries no worries . Today CSK will win . I’m with you Avni beta . We’ll support CSK.

Avni : you are the best Aunty

Shweta and Avni hug

Vidyut : I can see who’s gonna win . And it’s going to be Mumbai .

Avni : (stares at vidyut)

Vidyut : (laughs) What ?

Avni : Whatever ! CSK will only win

CSK is playing they score runs but still Many wickets keep falling .

In Neil’s place

Neeraj enjoys the match seeing Mumbai Indians playing well . Neil is lost in thoughts .

Neeraj : woah woah woaaah ! It’s damn sure that Mumbai is going to win bhai

Neil keeps thinking about Shweta and Avni .

Neeraj : bhai ?

Neil : (keeps thinking)

Neeraj : BHAI ?

Neil : (sees Neeraj) Huh ? What ? Mumbai are batting right ?

Neeraj : bhai now they’re bowling .

Neil : huh (sees the Tv) Oh yeah . What’s the target ?

Neeraj : 166 is the target .

Neil : oh … And seems like CSK are doing a good job . They’re bowling well now . Hardik Pandya is bowling well

Neeraj : bhai ! Now Mumbai Indians are bowling and they’re playing well . And Hardik is in Mumbai team not CSK !

Neil : (sees the Tv) huh ? Oh yeah . I forgot

Neeraj : bhai What happened ?

Neil : Umm nothing . Let’s watch the match .

Neeraj : Yeah .

Neeraj enjoys the match .

Neil thinks about Shweta dancing with Avni

Neil : (thinks) After a long time Today I saw mom enjoying a lot . I guess I did a mistake by ignoring her and leaving her alone .

Neil feels bad

In stadium

Avni : (tensed) (makes a sad face) Seems like chennai will lose today

Vidyut : that’s what even I said ! You start supporting Mumbai . Today Mumbai will only win

Avni : but I still have hope that bravo will do something

Now CSK are playing well . It’s the last over . CSK is about to win .

Avni , Shweta & kids : (fingers crossed)

Vidyut : Oh god ! Mumbai should win today

Suddenly bravo gets out .

Vidyut : Yay !

Avni & Kids : oh no !

Shweta : No worries kids . We still have a chance to win .

Avni : I hope so

At last Kedar jhadav comes and hits six . CSK wins the match

Vidyut : oh no ! Mumbai lost ! How !

Avni , Shweta & kids : YAYYYYYY !!! CSK won !

Avni , Shweta and kids hug . Tv shows them again .

In Neil’s house

Neil is sitting on the sofa . Neil is still thinking about Shweta and Avni . Both Neil and Neeraj are watching the match .

Mumbai Indians loses the match .

Neeraj : oh god ! CSK won ! That was unexpected ! I thought Mumbai Indians would win

They again see Shweta and Avni hugging in tv .

Neeraj : (smiles) Bhai … see na … after a long time I’m seeing ma like this .

Neil too sees the tv

Neil : hmm ….yes Neeraj .

Neil takes the Tv remote and switches off the Tv and goes to his room

Neeraj : What happened to bhai now ?

Neeraj too follows Neil and goes to his room .

Neil goes to room and sits in his bed and he’s sad. Neeraj enters Neil’s room

Neeraj : bhai What happened ? Why did you switch off the Tv?

Neil : we did a mistake Neeraj .

Neeraj : (sits on Neil’s bed) What mistake did we commit ?

Neil : we thought if we leave mom alone she’ll be fine but no . We were ignoring her . We did a mistake by leaving her alone . We were wrong . We didn’t care about mom .

Neil goes out from his room leaving Neeraj confused .

Scene 2:
Out of the stadium , road and Khanna mansion

After the match Vidyut takes Avni , Shweta and kids in car .

Samrat : great that CSK won today . This is my best birthday ever .

Avni : yeah . I’m so happy now .

Vidyut : they won because of bravo !

Avni : No ! Because of the team work !

Vidyut : no use of explaining this to you . Next match they’ll definitely loose .

Avni : Let’s see . Now we should drop Shweta Aunty in her house .

Vidyut : yeah . Shweta Aunty where should we drop you ? Where do you stay

Shweta : Khanna mansion . Leave me in Road Number 4 Prarthana Society, Motilal Nagar I, Goregaon West .

Avni : that’s very near to shastri Nagar too. just 5 minutes away .

Shweta smiles seeing Avni . Kids feel sleepy . Mowgli sleeps in saisha’s lap

After sometime they reach Khanna mansion .

Shweta comes out of the car .

Shweta : (to Avni) thanks beta . Why don’t you come to our house now ?

Avni : now ! (Sees her watch) Aunty it’s already late and your sons might feel …..

Shweta : no worries beta . And you even said shastri Nagar is very near right ?

Avni : but ..

Shweta : please ? At least for sometime ? Few minutes at least ?

Avni : (smiles) ok Aunty . But kids are tired ….

Vidyut : no worries . We’ll wait .

Avni : no . Take them to Sukoon house vidyut . (Gives the Sukoon house key to Vidyut) I’ll come soon .

Vidyut : ugh okay . And what about you ? Kids will go and sleep inside then how’ll you enter the house ?

Avni : I have another key . Don’t worry . I’ll come soon

Vidyut : Ok .

Vidyut takes kids to Sukoon house .

Kids get down from Vidyut’s car .

Samrat : Vidyut Bhaiya you go to your home . I and saisha will take care .

Vidyut : you sure ?

Saisha : yes .

Vidyut : (smiles) you kids have become more responsible . Here take the key and be careful .

Vidyut gives the key to saisha

Vidyut : Bye kids

Kids : Bye Vidyut Bhaiya !

Vidyut leaves .

Samrat : (to kids) Now See we enjoyed a lot Now we need to go straight to bed and sleep . okay ?

Kids : okay !

Saisha opens the door and all go inside .

In Khanna mansion .

Shweta and Avni enter Khanna house .

Neeraj and Neil see Avni and Shweta entering the house

Shweta : Hey Neil , Neeraj

Neeraj : hi mom (to Avni ) hi Avni

Avni : Hi

Shweta : Avni (points towards Neil) he’s my son Neil and (points towards Neeraj) and that’s my son Neeraj , Neil’s younger brother .

Avni : oh .

Neil stares at Avni . Avni too sees neil .

Neil : mom where were you ? You didn’t tell us you were going to cricket match !

Shweta : Avni and I met in a shop and she requested me a lot to come with her . And I was fine with that so I went to watch the match .

Neeraj : and mom when did you start going to cricket matches ?

Neil : and Do you like cricket ?

Avni : What ! You both don’t know that Aunty is a crazy fan of cricket !

Neil & Neeraj : (confused) oh really ?

Neeraj : we even saw you in Tv .

Shweta : really ! You know what Neil , Neeraj ? I enjoyed a lot today ! After a long time I watched cricket that to in Wankhede Stadium . I’m so happy now ! All thanks to Avni .

Shweta hugs Avni .

Neeraj and Neil smile seeing Shweta a lot

Avni breaks the hug

Avni : (smiles) we did enjoyed a lot . (To shweta) and Aunty it’s already late . I’ll come some other day .

Shweta : no problem beta . You are always welcome here . I’m so glad that you came to our house for sometime on my request . Because of you I enjoyed a lot after a long time .

Avni : Ok Aunty . Bye . See you soon .

Avni is about to go but Neil stops her .

Neil : Stop .

Avni : (turns around and sees neil) Yes ?

Neil : it’s too late and too dark . I’ll drop you .

Avni : Umm Actually no thanks . I can go by myself . Shastri Nagar is just 5 minutes away from this place .

Neil : but still . I’ll drop you .

Avni : I said na . I’ll go by myself .

Shweta : (to Avni) beta actually it’s indeed dark . So please ?

Avni : Aunty …

Neil : (takes the car key) I’m waiting out .

Neil goes out .

Shweta : please beta . I want you to go home safe .

Avni : (smiles) fine Aunty . Bye .

Neeraj & Shweta : Bye Avni .

Shweta : take care beta . Bye .

Avni goes out the house and sees Neil standing near the car .

Avni goes near the car and stares at Neil .

Neil : Sit inside the car .

Avni : (in an angry tone) I Know !

Avni opens the car door . She sits inside and she slams the car door .

Neil gets angry

He opens the car door he sits in the driving seat and he closes the door .

Neil : Don’t break the door . And yeah where do you want to go ?

Avni : Sukoon ghar , shastri Nagar .

Neil : fine .

Neil starts driving the car .

Both stay silent and they don’t talk to each other .

They reach Sukoon ghar .

Avni gets out of the car . Neil too gets out of the car .

Neil stops Avni

Neil : Avni .

Avni : (stops and rolls her eyes) Now what do you want ACP Neil Khanna ?

Neil : Listen our meeting didn’t go well . And I , you and your brother had an argument too . I just want to tell …

Avni : (cuts Neil in between) please stop it . I don’t feel like talking to you . You were framing my brother knowing that he’s innocent .


Avni : If you say that again I’ll ….

Neil : You’ll What ? What will you do ? Avni try to understand . Trust me I’m saying the truth !

Avni : why should I trust you ? And yeah instead of trusting you I’ll trust my bhai because I know he won’t do such things .

Neil : (in an angry tone ) You are doing a big mistake by trusting your brother . Why don’t you get that Your brother is lying ! He’s involved in this case …

Avni : oh really ? How can I believe you ? Do you have any proof against him ?

Neil : We got information ….

Avni : (cuts Neil in between ) Neil Khanna please don’t say this again and again that our department got this and that information . I’m asking about the proof . Do you have any proof to prove that my bhai is involved in this illegal business ?

Neil stays silent

Avni : I know you won’t answer . And I even know my brother won’t do such things . Now don’t trouble me and my brother again for god sake ! Now I’m going .

Neil : fine then . Go . You know what When you come to know about this or anything happens you’ll definitely come to me .

Avni stares angrily at Neil and she goes inside Sukoon house

Neil : She trusts her brother Aman a lot but he’s lying to her . I’ll expose that Aman Mehta in front of you one day .

Neil sits inside his car and he leaves

Scene 3:
Sukoon ghar

It’s dark and no one are in the road .

2 unknown people who are wearing black dress and their faces are covered .

They silently enter Sukoon ghar and go to the garden and see samrat’s bike .

They go near

Person 1 : I can’t do this . I just can’t . Not this at least.

Person 2 : Hey you know what will happen with us if we don’t do this right .

Person 1 : but I just can’t .

Person 2 : look … we have to do . Even I’m helpless as you are . If we don’t do this you know what will K.K do .

Person 1 : (stands helplessly )

Person 2 : now let’s take this bike

Person 2 takes a bunch of keys and tries it on bike to open the lock . After many attempts he managed to open the lock using one key from the bunch .

Person 2 sits on the bike and he starts the vehicle

Person 2: hey come on let’s go before anyone sees

Person 1 : (stands there)

Person 2 : Arey Come na ! Let’s go

Person 1 sits on samrat’s bike behind person 2 and person 2 drives the bike and they leave .

Scene 4 :
Sukoon house

Next morning .

Avni is in kitchen . She’s searching something and she’s talking to Asha in phone

Asha : (in call) Avni , yesterday morning you came home and left soon . After that you didn’t even come home even for dinner . are you going to come home or not ?

Avni : ma see yesterday it was samrat’s birthday and we all went to stadium to watch IPL match .

Asha : okay . But I want you to come home by afternoon .

Avni : ok bye mom .

Asha : Bye .

Avni cuts the call .

Avni : Oh My god . There’s no milk .

Samrat comes inside the kitchen

Samrat : what happened Jaan Didi ?

Saisha and other kids too come there

Avni : milk is over .

Samrat : that’s it ? I’ll go and get it from the market .

Avni : Will you ?

Samrat : of course . And yeah now I have my own bike . I can go by bike and get milk from the market .

Avni : (smiles) ok but come soon .

Samrat : ok Jaan Didi .

Samrat goes to the garden . He’s surprised to See that his bike is not there .

Samrat : where’s the bike ?

He searches in the nearby places

Samrat : it’s not there ….I’ll go and ask Jaan Didi .

Samrat goes inside Sukoon ghar again

Avni sees samrat

Avni : (sees samrat) what ? You came so soon ? And where’s the milk ?

Samrat : Didi where’s my bike ?

Avni : (confused) huh ? Bike ? It’s in garden ?

Samrat : no didi it’s not there .

Avni : What ! What do you mean by it’s not there ?

Saisha comes there

Saisha : What happened ? And what’s not there ?

Avni : Samrat is saying that his bike is not there in garden .

Saisha : Huh ? Then where’s the bike ? It was in the garden right ?

Samrat : saisha you said you wanted to drive the bike right ? Did you take it somewhere ?

Saisha : Huh ? Why would I take it ? And at last even I saw that in the garden .

Avni : let’s go and check

Avni , saisha , samrat go out and search for the bike but they’re not able to find it .

Avni : i searched . But I couldn’t find it

Samrat : oh god then where’s my bike !

Saisha : Seems like someone stole it .

Avni , samrat get shocked

Avni : WHAT !

Saisha : seems like that Jaan Didi . Some one stole samrat’s bike .

Samrat feels bad

Samrat : I lost my birthday gift .

Avni : don’t worry samrat we’ll find it .

Samrat is sad and goes inside the Sukoon house .

Saisha : Jaan Didi . Samrat is feeling very bad . Now what can we do ?

Avni : We need to find his bike saisha .

Saisha : But how !

Avni thinks of Neil .

Avni : Now we can only do one thing .

Saisha : What’s That ?

Avni : We need to go to police station and file a complaint regarding this .

Saisha : yeah Jaan Didi . You’re right . now let’s go . I’ll ask samrat to come .

Avni : Hmm Ok .

Saisha goes in .

Avni : (thinks) now I need to take ACP Neil’s help to find samrat’s bike . He’s the one who can help me now

Episode ends

Precap : Neil and Neeraj apologise to Shweta . Avni comes to police station to meet Neil and file a complaint . Neil gets surprised seeing Avni in police station .

I’ll post the Next episode on 14th April

Sorry for the late update . i have one more exam on 13th April . I was busy reading and my schedule And I was not in a mood to write ??? . If the episode is bad and boring I’m sorry for that . I hope you all liked this episode and yeah silent readers do read , like and comment if you like the episode .

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