Meri Sasu Ma 23rd July 2016 Summary

Pari comes to the school.Girls laugh seeing Pari and Bunty Selfie. Pari asks why are you laughing? Pari sees the photo and is shocked. One member of the staff comes and scolds Pari and.Pari cries and sadly leaves from there.

Maa Saab comes to buy slippers for Pari. Shopkeeper says I want money.Maa Saab asks him to take pickle as she doesn’t have money. Bunty comes and pays for her and takes the pickle and gives her the slippers.Maa Saab says thanks, this is the second time you have helped me.
Pari comes back home. Shashi questions her regarding her uploaded pic with the guy and badmouths about Pari. Pari requests her to stop. Pari ‘s father says that I trust my daughter. Shashi starts with her taunts again. She finally says I will believe when the guy will come and say that he and Pari have no relation.

Pari comes to Bunty ‘s place and again Bunty insults and taunts her. She leaves from there. Arpita meets with a small accident. Pari sees this and takes Arpita to her home and gives her first aid. Arpita says I will inform my brother. She calls Bunty and says that I am at Pari ‘s mam place. Bunty thinks Pari has involved my sister also too.

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  1. Without pearl show is boring

  2. I hate this new story line although there is a disclaimer saying you don’t agree with these practices I still feel you are encouraging the practice of men who treat women like nothing

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