Meri Saasu Maa 5th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari is taken in arms, by bunty, who happily informs that he got a job, as a manager in a construction company and they are all overjoyed. he promises that he shall fulfill all of her dreams now. they start cribbing about where would maasa stay, as he wants to shift to company flat, while pari says that maasa wont leave this house, and they have to keep maasa with them. bun ty too agrees, and they start discussing. maasa gets tensed thinking that she cant afford to be a reason for tiff, between pari and bunty. she decides to leave the house, and leaves back a letter for her. Later, when pari wakes up, she finds a romantic I LOVE YOU, kept for her, in rose petals, and a note saying that she shall forever be his. she rushes down to find maasa, and then finds the letter, wherein maasa expresses her concerns, about how she doesnt want to ruin their marital life together. she is devastated. bunty comes and reads the letter too. they swear that they shall find maasa. kamlesh and chhaya stand tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Bus Stop
Kamelsh, bunty and pari arrive at the bus stop, and reprimand maasa for leaving like that, and they together decide that they shall never go anywhere without her, and wherever she goes, they shall come along. maasa hugs them both.

Scene 3:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari and bunty get maasa home, and say that they know who was behind her sudden disappearance. chhaya sits tensedly. she then hurriedly goes to maasa and begs for apology, and maasa readily forgives. then she declares pari and bunty’s marriage yet again, with all rituals. she leaves. kamlesh and chaaya get ready in preparations. pari is taken aside by bunty, who tries to romance with her, while she is nervous that someone might see. he asks her if she happily consents to the marriage. she smiles, blushes and leaves.

Bunty waits at the altar while pari descends with the ladies, and seeing her breathtaking beauty, he is taken aback. the marriage ceremony starts. Pari and bunty marry with all the rituals, while all celebrate and bless them. maasa and pari get overwhelmed and hug each other, saying that they couldnt have asked for a better daughter and mother respectively in their life.


Maasa is living with pari, and a gentleman turned bunty, along with their cute little daughter, and kamlesh with chaaya. then later, she sits atching the promo of Sanyukt, the latest show on tv, and hopes that just like their family, this teleserial too gets the same love of its audiences. she wishes the show well. The screen freezes on the happy family’s face.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Chalo ab sare khush ho jao! No bad comments, okay? No need to bash Sid cuz the series got over and now all are looking forward to the new show. To all those who got disappointed after they got to know that Pearl won’t be returning, I know how you guys feels but please don’t blame another actor for that. It’s not Sid’s fault.
    Coming to the episode, well I didn’t watch the whole of it but did some of the parts where Bunty applied the sindoor and Maa Saab was smiling looking at them. That kinda makes me happy thinking that atleast Maa Saab and Pari are together even if Sattu isn’t there..
    Great to know that Bunty got a job and turned out to be a gentleman, well who didn’t expect that to happen? After all every story has a happy ending and this one too had one.
    Let’s all just hope that the new serial turns out to be as popular as all the others. The promos seem quite interesting and the track is kinda similar too. You know this serial was originally about a girl finding her mom, in her Sasu Maa. Similarly, the new serial is related to family too. Hope for the best! ??

    1. Yes , alisha you r rite but director also wrong who kick out pearl without any reason because pearl love hiba and spent free time together.

    2. Alisha ji nobody like bunty because he take sattu place .Bunty body language is so poor.sattu 100percent better than bunty.


    Finally show is over…. after sattu left the show it lost its charm but yes they never side tracked the theme – of finding mother in mother in law….

    1. SHRADDHA mam you are rite pearl is a charm of show and very bad part of this show is that pearl is not part of last episode. Even msm team who shoot all the episode does not show even single pic of sattu

    2. SHRADDHA Mam pearl is charm of the show .u all knows when pearl this show rep falls down and people lost interest and very bad part is that msm team who shoot all episodes does not show even single pic of sattu in last episode. Kyunki sattu ji na pari aur maasaheb ko milaya tha


      Ranveer Peral pics were shown…. in little glims….

  3. For some reason the zee tv usa when they aired that last episode they edited the last scene of where they show a promo for the new serial sanyukt I just saw that part showing online when I went on the internet. Does anybody know why zee tv usa channel cropped that part off any reason for that.

  4. Jada

    Boring ending for a really good show 🙁

  5. Meri Saasu Maa was marvelous family serial. I really enjoyed this show. Very good and happy ending.Thanks to the team and Good Bye MSM.
    I will be missing MaaSaab.

  6. Love u bunty

    1. Hate bunty uncle

  7. Pearl please come back soon

  8. Ohh soo butiful gone miss pari n team

  9. We all miss pearl bhai

  10. Pearl bhai nu bahut miss kar rahe ha ase

  11. Please pearlie come back soon only for fans who miss u so mu ch

  12. I can’t believe u gals and guys take serial’s so seriously…. Feeling bad..scolding actors…wats all this….grow up all

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