Meri Saasu Maa 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Bandhavgarh Resort
As shivpal places the knife around maasa’s neck, all are aghast. but they are stopped just in time, when the police arrives in. roop tries to steahtily sneak out, but pari holds her back, and slaps her tight, and provocates her to ask why was she hit. when she does, pari explains tht its for the numerous insults, and infame that she put sattu, maasa and te family theorugh. roop begs to be left as she was merely an artist for money, but pari gets them both handcuffed and led out. maasa and pari celebrate their victory.

The next morning, pari, sattu and maasa discuss amongst themselves about their plan coming to a culmination with the result that they wanted and thats to expose shivpal’s true character. Pari and sattu exclaim to maasa, as to how they were successful in finally putting shivpal to justice, by unravelling the truth about bandhavgarh. he says that their work here is over now. maasa says that there is still one work left and thats to get pari married to sattu, here after which they shall leave. they smile while pari blushes. then the bahus and sons come extremely apologetic and how they were trapped by shivpal’s lures. maasa lashes at them, and says that she wants to throw them out, but being family, she cant, but they wont be allowed to attend the wedding of pari and sattu, and asks them to leave for home immediately. they are aghast. pari begs her not to, as they are younger, and being pologetic, they should be forgiven, by her. maasa points out the difference between them and pari, as to how they rebuked pari, but still she sides with them. they stand embarassed. she permits them to attend the marriage, but bewares them not to try anything. they vehemently promise her the same.

By the evening, as all are ready for the marriage, pari’s family too arrives for the wedding. then pari descends drssed as a bride. she takes her place at the aisle. then the rituals start, while sattu and pari romantically eye each other, as they start remembering their moments together right from their first meeting. after the gadhbandhan and the kanyadaan, they start taking the pious circles around the fire. all clap and cheer with much gay and happiness. then sattu dons the mangalsutra around his neck, as she eyes him overwhelmingly. then he also dons the vermillion on her forehead, making their lifetime for eternity. all get emotional, while pari’s eyes swell with tears at her happiest dreams coming true. all clap. sattu and pari only have eyes for each other, while maasa an granny eye each other emotionally. the priest proclaims them man and wife. then the couple takes blessings from granny, who wishes them the best of luck, and now its time to go back to the house, where several others ritual await. then they take maasa’s blessings, and others too. sattu eyes pari and then extends his hand, and she places hers in his, as they both eye each other and they start their new phase of lfie, as maasa blesses them. The screen freezes on their happy faces.

Precap: Sattu takes pari by the hand, and asks her to come close, while she says that everyone is waiting. he asks her to let them wait, as he is with his wife. she says that people are waiting on the bus to get back. he asks her to let them hold on. she gets nervous with anticipation of whats to come. she asks what if maasa came. he draws her close to him, while she is shy as she retreats away. he pulls her close to him, and then lowers his lips while she closes her eyes in shyness.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Amazing… Maa Saab won.. Kudos… Happy with the victory… And double happy with the sattu and pari marriage ?

  2. Great episode!!

  3. at last this shivpal and roop’s chapter end very good

  4. Cute episode!! I wish Pari did not make Maasab forgive those horrible sons and bhabhis tho ???

  5. Wonderful serial. Maasaab, Pari & Sattu awesome. Lucky thing that this show never drags like Kumkum Bhayga………

  6. this is the best serial I have ever seen in zee TV
    wonderful guys by you are the best

  7. Finally good win over evil . Not like in kt,kb ,ek tha,yeh vaada raha and santoish

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