Meri Saasu Maa 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
The widows find pari married, and then resignedly leave, when bunty shuts them saying that pari isnt a widow, but his wife. meanwhile, all are aghast and shocked, to realise what just actually happened. chaaya reminds kamlesh, that this house is becoming a mad house and asks him to speak up. kamlesh says that this is the best thing to have happened, as pari’s life is settled now. an enraged pari slaps him tight across his face, while he is shocked. Pari asks how dare he do this. bunty says that this is the first time, a new bride has done this to her husband. she asks how could he do it on a whim, and if he even understands what he did. he says that it was well thought, but if she doesnt want, then he can erase it too. she stops him and jerks his hand away. Pari asks if he thinks this is a joke, and says that she cant believe what kind of a man he is. she rushes off from there. bunty stands tensedly. Maasa goes after her. Bunty follows her.

In her room, PAri is distraught, as she realises what happened to her. maasa bangs on the door, but she doesnt listen. he comes and asks if he needs to break the door. maasa tells him that pari shall break and collapse if he comes on too strong. he gets tensed, and takes her blessings. He leaves to return back to the police station, as promised, after having hugged her. he then apologises for what happened, and maasa asks him not to, as the time is inoppurtune, but this is the best thing that he could have done for pari. maasa tells him that she doesnt know if they have a future, but what he did today, distanced him from pari immensely. he leaves. he starts imagining a happy life with pari, while she is spalled, remembering how she had her happy marital days with sattu. she breaks down into inconsolable tears, as she eyes herself in the mirror, and clutches tightly at sattu’s pic. she apologises, saying that she had sworn to be his all life, and doesnt know what happened and how. she says that only he has a right on her. she rushes to the almirah, with the picture, and then finds her mangalsutra, which he had personally selected for her, and amde her wear it, and that she cant do with anyone else. she continuously apologises to him, feeling lost and alone. she gets berserk and distraught. she gets angry at bunty for doing this forcibly on her. maasa asks her to open the door. she is about to wipe if off, when maasa enters the room, and intervenes and stops her from doing so. she asks pari to stop fighting fate and destiny, and how she needs to accept the truth of her life. she tells pari that merely wiping it off, shall not be able to finish its existence for her. Pari says that her forehead is only for sattu. maasa says that sattu is dead, and pari needs to realise it too. pari ask what does she want, that she shoul replace him with bunty, who knows how to get, rather than love. Maasa vehemently denies, and reminds that she is a teacher and foremost a woman, who can change him, and whatever happened today, was destined, and she couldnt have changed it. Pari feels the vermillion, and then says that if bunty’s company is destined to be, then so be it, and she shall change him totally.

Later, maasa comes and finds chaaya busy in the kitchen. she asks whats going on. chaaya says that she is preparing for the rituals, that follow pari’s marriage. maasa likes it, and also gives in her input, and then talks about she is going to the market for shopping. they promise to manage the house till then. maasa is searching for pari, and wonders where she went.

Scene 2:
Location: Guptaji’s hideout
The widows comes and return the money, to guptaji, saying that they run a pious institution, and since pari is married now, there isnt anything they can forcibly make her do. guptaji is frustrated that his plan got ruined. the widows’ leader asks him to stay shut, and then leaves. guptaji fumes and says that bunty has totally ruined the plan, and asks the goons, to get kamlesh, as if he nabs him, then he can control the situation, and if he isnt available, then the wife should be kidnapped.

Scene 3
Location: Police Station
Bunty is surprised as he is told that someone has come to meet him. he is boggled. he finds kamlesh coming in. kamlesh thanks him for what he did for pari, but says that it isnt enough. bunty is curious. He reminds him what all happened with Guptaji. Bunty is shocked to hear this. kamlesh is tensed as he expects more, but bunty assures that he shall revert back to his old ways. kamlesh reminds him that gupta is evil, but bunty is least bothered, saying that only the lord scares him. he asks kamlesh to take the ladies and keep them in a safe spot. kamlesh comments that he feels that sattu has retuened. bunty says that he too finds him as the elder brother. they hug and then kamlesh leaves. bunty swears to teach guptaji a lesson.

Bunty is super excited as he finds pari having come for her bail, and is totally boggled. he comes to her, while she finishes the formalities. he asks her if she accepted him, as her husband, and forgave him too. he says that he finds it unbelievable. Pari says that she shall respond back to all of his questions, once they are back home. she smiles at him and he is super excited, as he says that he shall wait. the screen freezes on Bunty’s happy face.

Precap: In the presence of family members, pari and bunty commence with the marriage rituals, while the priest completes all rituals, and declares them man and wife. then pari says that she wishes to say something, and asks if he actually wants to take her to the home, where she has already stepped in as the bahu, as his wife. she says that she wont step in the house like that. she says that she maybe his wife, but she shall be his life partner only when he complies to her requests. she asks him if he accepts her tyerms. all are tensed. bunty eyes her stoically.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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