Meri Saasu Maa 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
Pari is shocked to find sattu standing behind her, and he casually takes the phone, teasing her and then gives it to her. she is relieved that he didnt hear anything. they however do enter into a verbal arguement, wherein each tries to outdo the other. finally he leaves. while pasing through the kitchen, he finds maasa almost toppling over and then handles him. she asks whats he doing here. he teases her and tells. she fumes, while she says that she shall not allow him to do anything to her daughter. he too warns her and leaves. Later, bunty waits for the tea to arrive. pari fumes thinking that she shall make him a tea of a lifetime. she comes with the tea tray served for him. she tells that she made lemon tea, instead of milk tea, as the milk had gotten spoilt. he drinks and is barely able to conceal the expression. he drinks it all down, while she resignedly fumes. she goes in, while he goes to fresehn up his face after that.

While working in the kitchen, pari is oblivious of bunty’s presence, who walks in with sugar container. bunty imposes himself on pari in the kitchen, trying to get in close, and struggling to get free. he makes her feed him sugar, and says that he likes giving surprises just like she likes, and bends down over her but she pushes him away. he smirks and is amused. maasa comes just then and asks whats he doing here. he says that he is here to make snacks, and gives an indirect answer. after a series of heated arguements, he leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Bunty’s residence
Later, in the night, pari stealthily sneaks in and gives arpita her admission form. but he finds it and burns in into ashes, as pari fumes angrily. arpita cries distraught and apalled. she tries to plead, but he shuts her up, saying that she should save them for marriage, and sends her in to retire for the night. she resignedly leaves. he asks pari then, whether she would leave, or wants to spend the night here. she asks if he thinks he shall be able to intimidate them, and says that a burnt paper, meant ruins for arpita’s career. he says that this is what happens to girls in their family. she tells him to get rid of his narrow thinking, as one day, he would finish off. he chides with her, while she says that she shall do everything to assure arpita studies ahead. but he retorts back, saying that he shall not change. he says that he shall not spare her if she tries to intervene. she says that arpita is her student too, and talks about the importance of girl education, and she wouldnt allow him to stop his sister from studying. he chides with her yet again, and says that he shall ruin her life, if she tries to interfere in arpita’s.

Scene 3:
Location: Pari’s residence
shashi and others are busy placing the goddess’ idol for a mata ki chowki, and is ensuring decorations and preparations. pari comes in and shashi asks where was she. she says that she went for school. she finds meher talking to someone flirting with him, over the phone, and wonders who is it. she then goes in to find maasa’s hands blistered with work, and she applies ointment, and then sends her off to rest. while working, pari finds meera coming, and taking a pic of hers, and chiding with who is talking to her on the phone. pari snatches the phone and finds that its bunty, and asks him to stay away from her sister. he chides and teases with her, while meera fumes too. he taunts her of jealousy. pari retorts back, while meera gets to know that he is coming in the evening and she can talk then. pari is shocked. bunty thinks that he is coming. pari asks meera, and she sys that she did call him. pari gives her the phone and walks away. meera fumes.

Later in the evening, bunty arrives and gives everyone gifts, while casually flirting with meera and shashi. he then hands one to pari, forcibly asking her to take it. Bunty comes to pari and says that wounds are only able to be solved by more pain, and thats what this gift shall do, sting and give her more pain. Pari is aghast. but she is more concerned as she finds arpita coming in the disguise of a woman having come for puja. while he turns around to see her, pari keeps him busy intentionally pricking the thorn in his hand. she gets hassled, and then meera comes and tries to take him in, for medicine. as he is being taken away, he finds pari hurriedly going away. As pari and arpita begin to move out, bunty gets an idea, and eyes them going, tensedly. then he also eyes an anklet lying on the floor, recognising it as arpita’s. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: as the girls hide in a store room, locking it from inside bunty comes and starts hollering at the locked door. inside, pari assures arpita that she shall definitely take her tomorrow for her entrance test. hearing the kocnk, finally pari opens. he comes in asking what was she hiding. she doesnt respond. he pins her against the wall and asks. she is tensed as she closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Msm getting more bore please close this serial

  2. Jada

    Storyline not so intriguing anymore… Why make Pari get involved in these peoples business

  3. Why no more interesting roles for Maasaab? Bring back Sattu and get Maasaab with her family.

  4. Now the story became new and looks like not suitable with the title “Meri Saasu Maa” Not interesting at all. Maasaab acting so dull.

  5. Jada

    July 28 update plz

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